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PCC not a bureaucratic layer — exec

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) has denied criticisms that its  another “layer” to the bureaucracy as the body’s reviews are perceived to further delay government approval on projects.
According to PCC, its main duty is to promote fair market competition to give the public the best service.
“PCC’s duty (is) to promote fair market competition in the Philippines so that there can be more options and better quality goods for Filipinos,” the commission’s spokesperson Leni Papa told the Daily Tribune.
The agency issued a press release saying its not letting its guard down regarding the row between the Manila Water Co. and the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board.
In its first amicus curiae brief filed before the Supreme Court on December 19, 2016, PCC asked the Supreme Court to nullify PCAB’s nationality requirement in its current licensing scheme for contractors in the construction industry.
The PCAB-MWCI case was elevated to the high court just weeks before the Philippine Competition Act was passed in July 2015.
In its position submitted to the SC, the PCC emphasized that its the primary state agency on competition issues and the competition law that figures prominently in carrying out the state’s policy of promoting free and fair competition in all commercial and economic activities.
Papa said the agency was not created to add headache to investors or any private firm intrested to do business in the country.
PCC got the ire of certain private firms when it commented about the 700MHz project involving Globe and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.
“We do not see PCC as another bureaucratic layer as we have closely coordinated with different government agencies to avoid duplication in our requirements and processes,” Papa said.
PCC is not attached to any government, thus it can be considered independent. “(It is an) independent quasi-judicial agency,” Papa added.       

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