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Singaporean ‘caring business’ eyes RP for growth

Coming from a poor family in Singapore, Jackie Ho has to stop schooling at a young age of 15 and started working early to pursue his dream.
With little education, Jackie knew that he has to work really hard to achieve success. He managed to pull himself out of poverty and invested in multiple properties before the age of 30.
He earned his first pot of gold through his career as a real estate agent and sales trainer. Until today, he has successfully trained more than a thousand agents and helped them achieved financial freedom.
Knowing that he has the resources and knowledge. Jackie knew that he can provide greater impact to the community and that’s the reason he founded Bompipi. Com in 2015.
Bompipi.Com is a social enterprise that started off as an online marketplace which aims to lighten the monthly expenses on groceries shopping for every household with a unique cash rewards system.
Through its successful innovations, Bompipi.Com has been awarded by SingTel an estimated P1 million for being the winner of SingTel Future Markers.
SingTel is the largest mobile network operator in Singapore and the company wholly owned by Globe Telecom which is a major telecommunication firm in the Philippines.
Together with his partner Woon Ming, they will be bringing their advocacy “Bompipi Cares,” a whole new initiative into the Philippines. Bompipi Cares is a social enterprise which reaches out to the families which need urgent assistance to pay for the huge medical expenses for their loved ones who are stricken with debilitating illnesses.
In a space of four months since its launch in July 2017 in Singapore, Bompipi Cares has raised and given out an estimated of more than P7 million for these needy families. Jackie and Woon Ming understand that in order to better contribute to the needy, they should bring this initiative to the neighboring countries.
It is Jackie’s and Woon Ming’s fervent wish to expand their reach in caring for these families by collaborating with other social conscious businesses and organizations in Philippines.
Their targeted audience are poor families in the Philippines with medical issues that require financial assistance to treat their illnesses.
“Fate has allowed Jackie Ho to meet “Lucky,” a seven-year-old boy who is suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa in the Philippines. He saw how much pain the boy have to go through everyday due to the blisters all over his body and having to bleed profusely due to the open wounds with frequent blood transfusion to the boy. It is so saddening and heart wrenching for Jackie that he then raised a campaign through Bompipi Cares to provide financial assistance for Lucky’s medical treatment.
Through this, Jackie realized that with the resources that he have established together with Woon Ming, they could create greater impact for the poor in the Philippines.

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