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An offering to Allah

Opposition legislators painstakingly argue that the recently-passed law extending martial law (ML) over Mindanao is unconstitutional, because the said basic charter permits ML only if it is based on an “actual” rebellion or invasion taking place, and since Marawi had already been liberated, as declared by President Rodrigo Duterte — meaning: that the rebellion had ceased to be actual — the ML extension has ergo no constitutional basis.
This writer disagrees.
The fact — that the ISIS-assisted group of the Maute family, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters and Abu Sayyaf lost the battle in Marawi City, followed by PDu30’s declaration of said city’s liberation — does not mean that the state of rebellion stopped. The rebels’ regrouping and conscription activities continued in numerous other areas of Mindanao, and they have not stopped since.
The Moros’ culture of war
As explained in previous articles, a war normally consists of numerous battles, and Marawi was only a battle; and there had been other smaller battles between government forces on the one hand and, on the other, the Moro National Liberation Front, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the BIFF and other splinter groups.
Let it thus be always borne in mind that battles are the Moros’ way of life; that their guns, rifles and explosives are more precious than their wives; that anti-Christian Islamic indoctrination of their boys begins at the youthful age of 7; and that some are made to “graduate” as fully armed warriors as early as age 10.
For the fundamentalist-Islamic menfolk in our country, it’s been such an assaultive culture since time immemorial!
Down the decades, standard military and police operations had failed until the recent ML-backed victory was achieved five months after the Marawi battle started on May 23, 2017 — thanks to martial law!
Opposition to ML extension
And now, petitioners would want ML stopped in Mindanao, motivated as they are by partisan interests, rather than by a patriotic duty to ease a lingering battle malaise in that island, via a year’s extension of ML beginning January 1, 2018.
They would, in effect, choose to wait for another devastating Marawi-like battle to flare up before welcoming an ML extension!
They don’t care if such a flare-up might lead to a more destructive and more financially-crippling conclusion with government forces at the losing end.
This sort of “initial combustion” cannot be allowed to take place if Mindanao is to be saved from being irretrievably separated from the republic by a new formidable enemy.
While conventional military and police operations would be puny in foiling IS-backed onslaughts, martial law has the track record to do a Marawi repeat elsewhere. But this need not be the case if ML were permitted to continue in order to arrest the rebels’ ongoing regrouping and conscription activities.
ISIS-backed rebellion
To this day, in fact, the rebellion has grown stronger with financial and manpower aid coming from the resourceful ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)...inarguably the most devious and dangerous enemy of Christians and Judaists! And these yellow critics would dare to condemn the extension of Martial Law despite the horrifying shadow of a new enemy being cast across the island.
But wait! Let’s not be taken by the jaundiced suggestion that the Chief Executive and the Senate majority “acted with inordinate haste” and succumbed to notions of “fairytale-ish” ogres and phantoms.”
For the realities that now confront Mindanao, nay, the entire nation, are much too grim for our yellow friends to accept, hence, their hallucination that all is so well that ML extension is not needed.
Yes, they whistle in the dark, and whistling in the dark is a symptom of a fear that their power is fast slipping away. Oh, one particular reality is very embarrassing.
Embarrassing reality
This reality is the cognizance that the framers of the 1987 Constitution wrote ML provisions in paranoidal overreaction to the ML imposed by Ferdinand E. Marcos, so much so that they deleted the ML phrase “in imminent danger thereof” from the 1935 basic charter — thus making more restricted the president’s power to declare ML, apart from limiting its duration to not more than sixty days.
Well, in a way, they cannot be blamed for this because they didn’t foresee the emergence of the evil specter of Islamic Jihadism, of public places being bombed by unknown persons, of innocent Christians and Jews being beheaded because they didn’t worship Allah — alas, of not knowing if your Moro friend will use your blood as an offering to Allah! Ronald Roy
(09186449517, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., @ronald8roy)


  • Southernman

    Notre Dame is a Catholic school runs by Marist Brothers.

    I do not consider Abu sayyaf and ISIS as Muslim jihadists but they are CRIMINALS and TERRORISTS deserve to die!

    Southernman Friday, 05 January 2018 08:07 Comment Link
  • Southernman

    Notre Dame is a Catholic school runs by Marist Brothers.

    I do not consider Abu sayyaf and ISIS as Muslim jihadists, they are criminals and terrorists but deserve to die!

    Southernman Friday, 05 January 2018 08:00 Comment Link
  • Southernman

    It is unfair and malicious what the writer says that as early as 7yrs old, a Muslim youth is indoctrinated to be hostile to other believers.

    I and many Muslim leaders now, have studied from kindergarten to high school and most to colleges at Notre Dame may it in Jolo, Cotabato, Gensan, Marbel. We are in harmonious and good relations with our Christian and Chinese (Buddhist) classmates. And our parents are good if not best in our neighbors and friends if other religions. As a Muslim, my parents never, never, never INDOCTRINATED as what the writer written.

    My in-laws who got married to a christians from Albay and Tarlac but with no INDOCTRINATION happened. Why? The children have mixed religion: Catholic and Islam. The wife and husband still remain Christian (Catholic) until now.

    Sad to say, when my nephews/nieces still at very young age of 5, they were told not to go out from the house by their Lolas because there are moros out there to kidnap and k___... This is the way their Lolas to frightened the children.

    At that instant, we told the children, don't you know your papa and mama are Moros (Muslims).

    I wish the writer to correct his article. Or maybe, if he had heard some are indoctrinated the writer shall not generalize.

    PEACE Brother Ronald!

    Southernman Friday, 05 January 2018 07:33 Comment Link

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