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Arresting cops disguised as FedEx courier

Are courier delivery service companies aware they are being used by the PNP?
Last Friday, a staff of the Daily Tribune called me up to inform me there was a FedEx delivery man at the office looking for me as I have a package I have to personally receive. As the “delivery man” was in a rush, our office staff just took a picture of the tracking receipt of the package and asked for the delievry man’s name and contact number, which he all sent to me through messenger.
The tracking receipt was clear, there was a money transfer for me and it was addressed to our office care of our editor-in-chief and publisher, Ms. Ninez Cacho Olivares. What I cannot understand is who would send me a money transfer.
I then dialed the number our staff gave to me and talked to the guy at the other end of the line, the supposed delivery man. I asked him who was the sender of the money transfer but he said he had no idea as the sender’s name is inside the package which he could not open. He asked me to meet him somewhere in Manila that day but I said I was not available that time. So he instead suggested we meet on Monday.
To be honest, I was not comfortable with meeting the “FedEx” man. I was really not expecting any money transfer from anyone. So, I consulted a friend who suggested I bring someone with me during the meeting to serve as witness in case something unexpected arises.
Anyway, came Monday and the “delievery man” asked if we could meet at the Meralco office along España. I told him I was coming from Quezon City so I asked him if we could meet halfway but he said he could not as he had other deliveries to make. To make the story short, we agreed to meet at his suggested place.
As I was there first, I had the chance to see this man in FedEx uniform arrived. After buying a glass of gulaman, this delivery man talked to a girl, who then moved several feet away from him. He then called me up to ask me where I was and how could he recognize me. Finally meeting face to face, he admitted he was a cop assigned at the Warrant Section of the Manila Police District and they had a copy of my warrant of arrest for the libel case I was slapped with in Makati. It then dawned on me that he could not risk going beyond the Welcome Rotunda as he would not dare encroach on the territory of the Quezon City Police District.
Anyway, when informed he was with his team and they were to arrest me, I told him that I have already posted a bail for that particular case and that the arrest warrant had already been lifted. He asked me for a copy of the order and fortunately, I have one with me that time.
Now, it was time for me to do the asking. First, why did they have to resort to deception? The answer was they don’t want to burn the operation (Wow! As if I was a bigtime criminal on the loose.).
Second, is FedEx aware they are being used in this kind of operation? No answer.
Third, what were their names and where are their identifications? The man in the FedEx uniform suddenly disappeared and only his team leader was left with me to answer my queries.
So, I asked the team leader what would have happened I haven’t brought a copy of the order lifting the warrant with me? He said they would verify with the court. And that is where I argued with him intensely.
I told him the warrant was issued February 13 and we posted bail the next day, February 14. They are claiming they received the copy of the warrant by mail only last Friday, March 2.
Now, if they are saying they will verify with the court if I had not had with me a copy of the order, then they could have done the same when they supposedly received a copy of the warrant last Friday. Why bother setting up an operation when they could have verified much earlier?
They were supposed to serve the warrant on me at our office last Friday, the day they supposedly received a copy of the warrant. But the warrant also includes the name of my co-accused, my publisher Ms. Cacho Olivares. Why didn’t they serve her the warrant then? It seemed they were only after me. I just can’t help but wonder, did they receive the warrant by mail or somebody else furnished it to them?
And why the rush to serve the warrant? Receiving it on Friday and serving it right away? Haven’t they forgotten there is a momorandum of agreement between the Philippine National Police and the National Press Club regarding the serving of warrants against media practitioners?
And why the deception? Actually, a friend told me of a same incident wherein the cop had to pretend he was from the LBC, coming up with a complete uniform and a tracking receipt just like what this cop did to me. But in her case, she did not have a copy of the lift order that time so she was allegedly forced to shell out P25,000 to avoid arrest. Is this act legal?
And are the the courier delivery service companies like FedEx and LBC aware they are being used in questionable operations such as these? Those operations were not of national security interests.
This is something PNP chief Director Ronald dela Rosa has to look into if he is sincere in cleaning their ranks of scalawags.
Also, the courier delivery services companies like FedEx and LBS must make known their stand on police operations like these.
If they are not aware, they should file their own protests and investigate their personnel as to how these cops were able to secure complete sets of their company uniforms and tracking receipts.
And by the way, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to NPC President, Paul M. Gutierrez of the People’s Journal for taking up my cause. Thank you so much.

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