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JLL has been named number one real estate investment advisory firm in Asia Pacific for the seventh consecutive year by Real Capital Analytics (RCA), an independent body that monitors real estate transaction volumes worldwide.
According to RCA, JLL has achieved the highest value of investment deals in Asia Pacific, a total of $26.8 billion in 2017, accounting for 29.8 per cent of total market share. Out of the seven asset types included in the ranking, JLL took the top spot in five categories – office, retail, apartment, development site and hotel.
“It’s an honor to be recognized by RCA for the seventh time in a row. We’re also thrilled to have moved up to first place in the office sector this year – testament to the great work done by the teams across the region,” says Stuart Crow, head of Asia Pacific Capital Markets, JLL. “We’d like to thank our clients, whose trust in us has allowed us to reach this landmark. We will continue to work closely with them to achieve their goals.”
He adds: “2017 saw a number of mega-deals in Asia Pacific, highlighting a strong interest in the region’s high potential. This is a positive indication that demand from global investors is set to increase so we look forward to some significant deals this year.”
JLL Philippines country head Christophe Vicic highlights that here in the country, JLL remains to be known as the leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management. The Hotels & Hospitalities sector meanwhile, represents a fast-growing opportunity for JLL in the Philippines. “Our track record for office  leasing speaks for itself. It’s only fitting that  that  regionally, JLL is on top.” He adds, “We’ve always seen hotels and hospitality as an area with much potential, and with this achievement, we’ve cemented our place as the best company to foster that growth  in the Philippine market.”
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Zip it Sonny

Saturday, 24 March 2018 00:00 Published in Editorial

The itinerant Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV who can’t decide if he’s a legislator, a spy or a yellow attack dog, tried his hand at being a legal expert in his latest privilege speech with disastrous results.
Trying to keep the pressure up against President Duterte in his decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC), Trillanes said the presidential move would require the concurrence of the Senate.
In his bluster, Trillanes questioned the validity of the “unilateral declaration” while at the same time brandishing a Fidel V. Ramos Executive Order which he said did not require treaties to be published as a rebuttal to Rody’s claim that the Rome Statute that created the ICC does not apply to the country since it did not satisfy the publication requirement.
He then told his peers that the withdrawal would need the concurrence of “two-thirds of the total number of senators”.
Unless that happens, “the withdrawal of Mr. Duterte in the ICC is void from the start,” Trillanes said.
He even cited Section 21, Article VII on the matter of the concurrence of two-thirds vote of all senators.
Senate President Koko Pimentel apparently had enough of Trillanes’ pontification and decided to shoot down the wannabe constitutionalist who suffered a hard crash landing.
Pimentel stated simply that no such provision exists in the Constitution as what Trillanes claims.
Trillanes would not know the difference since it is hard to imagine him to have read the Constitution from start to end in between his being an annoyance to Rody. He merely acceded to Koko’s view.
Trillanes, however, would not give up and insisted that the Senate’s nod for treaty withdrawals is stated in the Constitution “by implication.”
Trillanes went on with his inanity as he claimed framers of the 1987 Constitution overlooked a lot of things “which probably explains why there is no provision that requires Senate concurrence for withdrawals from treaties.”
That assertion merely sank Trillanes further into perdition.
Pimentel rebuttal was crisp saying that if it’s not in the Constitution then it’s not meant to be there.
“It’s dangerous to always assume what we want to read in the Constitution. If it’s not there, then it is actually omitted by the framers of the Constitution,” Pimentel said.
On the day of his disastrous privilege speech, Trillanes also filed a resolution seeking to protect himself from the inciting to sedition charges regarding his statement before the Senate that soldiers may shoot Rody if his hidden wealth is revealed. The allegation of hidden wealth, however, has not been proven by Trillanes.
To that Pimentel said the immunity can’t be absolute.
Trillanes, however, is used to having his vain pretensions get the better of him such as in his classic clash with former Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile over the South China Sea crisis.
Trillanes then was found to have been assigned as a backchannel negotiator to China sent by Noynoy.
The mission was shrouded in secrecy but was brought out in the open during an exchange on the Senate between him and Enrile who read notes from former Philippine Ambassador to China Sonia Brady.
Enrile bared that Trillanes acted as “double-agent” to China amid the territorial dispute with the Philippines over the South China sea based on the Brady notes. Enrile then called Trillanes a “fifth columnist” or a traitor.
Trillanes usually trips on himself during times when he appears cornered that his duplicitous acts are about to be exposed.
The rabble rouser in the senator is apparently the source of much of the trouble he faced and will continue to face including the next time he faces the electorate.

International Rugby Festival on

Saturday, 24 March 2018 00:00 Published in Sports

The San Lazaro Leisure Park in Carmona, Cavite comes alive today as 24 foreign and local teams in five divisions of varying skill levels face off in the 30th staging of the Manila 10s International Rugby Festival.
Rugby players of all shapes, age and sizes fly in from all over Asia, Oceania and the United Kingdom to converge at the SLLP's 100-meter patch of grass to compete side by side their Filipino counterparts over a weekend of fun and social 10-a-side rugby.
“It is dubbed by ESPN as the best social rugby tournament in the world,” said tournament Director Max Chicken Stewart.
Cup 2017 champions Singapore Barbarians and and Shield titlists Tokyo Gaijin won't be around to defend their titles, but the RFC Eagles (Plate), the Taipei Baboons (Bowl) and the SCC Growlers(Veterans) are raring to protect theirs in the tournament presented by the Nomads Rugby.
The Ibons and the Manila Samurais start off the heavy 35-game schedule at 9 a.m., before fellow Group A teams Subic Sharks and Tush Burkeyz square off at 9:14 a.m.
The 27-game quarterfinals, semifinals and finals are scheduled on Sunday.
Other teams in the mix are the Taipei Baboons, SKF Mavericks, Manila Carabaos and the Manila Hapons of Group B; Seoul Survivors, Clark Jets, Bush Turkeyz and Albay Bulkans of Group C; Manila Nomads, Makati Chiefs B, Cebu Dragons and Pot Bellied Pigs of Group D; B2Gold Larrikins, Eagles RFC, Makati Chiefs A and RMDK Tigers of the Cup Division; and Extinct Volcanoes, Fiji Golden Oldies, SCC Growlers and Taiper Silverbacks of the Veterans Category.
The Manila 10s was the first-ever rugby tournament held in the Philippines and has come a long way since it was first held in 1989 at the Nomads Sports Club in Merville Park, Parañaque, where then Club president Albert Robert put out a directive for all the sports sections to hold a special event to celebrate their 75th anniversary.
It started as a way for the local, and then only, rugby club in the country, the Manila Nomads to play rugby at a competitive level without having to tour regularly.






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