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No satisfaction

Friday, 02 February 2018 00:00 Published in Editorial

So what did the yellow beacon Human Rights Watch (HRW) have to say with the filing of murder charges against three police officers for the alleged summary execution of 17-year-old Kian Loyd delos Santos during an anti-drug operation on August 16 in Caloocan City: “a rare instance.”
Last January 29, the Department of Justice (DoJ) panel of prosecutors, led by Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Tofel G. Austria, found probable cause to indict before the Caloocan City Regional Trial Court Police Officer 3 Arnel Oares, PO1 Jeremias Pereda, PO1 Jerwin Cruz, and police asset Renato Perez Loveras alias ‘Nonong’ for murder and planting of evidence under Section 29 of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 and Section 38 of the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act.
HRW’s Phelim Kine said the filing of the charges was “a rare instance in which the Philippine justice system has taken genuine steps to prosecute anyone for killing suspected drug users and dealers during President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, launched in June 2016.”
It is not hard to imagine the next action would again be branded as a rare event by Kine as a result of his fixed view of Rody.
Kine in a typical manner said the handful of previous prosecutions of police personnel implicated in the thousands of alleged drug war killings have not resulted in convictions.
He cited Philippine National Police (PNP) chief director-general Bato dela Rosa reinstating 18 police officers facing homicide charges in the 2016 killing of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr.
He said the reinstatements were made despite compelling evidence that the officers committed “premeditated murder” since Espinosa had surrendered to the police following public accusations by Duterte that he was a drug trafficker.
Kine then issued his own conclusion that accountability for drug war killings “has been hobbled by the refusal of the PNP and the Philippine government to allow for an independent inquiry of those deaths.”
Dela Rosa has dismissed calls for such an investigation as “legal harassment” and said the demand “dampens the morale” of police officers. He also said that last August, Duterte vowed to pardon and promote any police personnel implicated in unlawful killings.
Kine was particularly riled at Foreign Secretary Alan Cayetano whom he accused of making statements that are “blatant falsehoods to whitewash the anti-drug campaign as lawful and rights-respecting.”
Cayetano recently excoriated HRW “for skewing real numbers” on the deaths associated with the campaign against illegal drugs and its allegation the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) which he heads is mounting a strategy of distraction on the war on drugs.
Cayetano said HRW has been “misleading the international community by making it appear that the Philippines has become the Wild, Wild West of Asia where we just kill people left and right.”
HRW has been harping on 12,000 deaths in the course of the administration’s war against illegal drugs which were also labeled as extrajudicial killings (EJK).
The New York–based group in citing the figure in its World Report 2018 said Duterte has responded to increased criticism of his anti-drug campaign by impugning, harassing, and threatening critics of the government and human rights defenders.
“Since the “drug war” began on June 30, 2016, Duterte and his officials have publicly reviled, humiliated and, in one instance, jailed human rights advocates. Sen. Leila de Lima, the president’s chief critic, has been detained since February 2017 on politically motivated drug charges,” it added.
Kine and the yellow mob’s path, of course, always converges in the conclusion in which Kine cited the need “for a United Nations-led investigation to help provide accountability for all drug war victims, including Kian Lloyd delos Santos.”
And as always, appended on the bottom of Kine’s rambling is HRW’s come-on about “Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world.”
HRW is so irrepresible when it comes to Rody for precious reasons.

Yellow influence should end

Thursday, 01 February 2018 00:00 Published in Editorial

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is missing its priority as a government agency, apparently as a result of the yellow influence in its ranks.
On the Dengvaxia scandal, it warned public officials against politicizing the issue on the inquiry into the government’s anti-dengue vaccination program.
The CHR said in a statement that public officials should refrain from causing “further public anxiety with premature statements about anti-dengue vaccine Dengvaxia that are not backed by scientific evidence.”
“It is to the best interest of the children and their families that this issue be insulated from political noise that distracts from providing genuine and durable solution to the problem at hand,” the statement read.
The statement is odd since it would have been more appropriately issued by the Department of Health (DoH) in reference to the “scientific” element in the Dengvaxia investigation and the main personalities being accused of irregularities in the government contract with French pharmaceutical firm Sanofi Pasteur are yellow kingpin Noynoy and his Cabinet members mainly former Health Secretary Janet Garin.
The CHR statement was puzzling since no such statements appealing for non-politization of the war on drugs with the wrong figures being generated by the opponents of Rody both here and abroad regarding the allegations of extrajudicial killings (EJK).
The CHR said in its statement said the Dengvaxia issue deserves the government’s utmost attention given that the future of the nation depends on the children’s welfare.
The statement only serves to obfuscate the current efforts to seek accountability on what is turning out to be a high-level fraud that risked the lives of 800,000 Filipinos mostly children.
“Executives of the DoH (Department of Health) during the Aquino administration are now subject of an investigation in connection with the immunization of children with anti-dengue vaccine Dengvaxia. While DoH is presumed to have the sincerest intentions in fulfilling its mandate to protect the people through a policy that seeks to prevent all kinds of illnesses and diseases including dengue, there have been lapses in the implementation,” it added.
The CHR appears to have advanced an assessment about the presumption of regularity that Noynoy usually invokes to defend his questionable past actions including his involvement in the Mamasapano debacle and the anti-dengue vaccine mess.
The “sincerest intentions” of the former officials, however, are precisely being questioned based on the outcome of the recent Senate hearings on the Dengvaxia mess where indications showed that that the P3.5 billion contract for the vaccine for use in a mass immunization was rushed during the last few months of the Aquino administration and months prior to the May 2016 presidential elections.
“The CHR recognizes the efforts of the DoH to heighten surveillance and monitoring activities on all 830,000 vaccinated children. The government ought to undertake all possible measures to prevent further exposing the vaccinated children to risk,” read the CHR statement.
In effect, the statement was urging that the government redirect its focus to the monitoring of the vaccinated children from determining accountability.
Rody had lashed out at the rights agency after insisting that its probe allegations of abuses in the military operations to retake Marawi City from Islamic State (IS) allies.
While admitting that it has not recorded any rights violations since Mindanao was placed under martial law in May 23 last year, it said that it wanted to look into allegations of military abuses.
Rody said he would not allow security personnel to be investigated and would rather have CHR abolished.
Rody said he was the one who implemented martial law and is taking full responsibility for all military actions.
“When the time comes, the CHR, its office here, you are better abolished. I will not allow my men to go there to be investigated. Remember this Human Rights Commission, you address your request through me because the armed forces are under me and the police are under me. So if you question them for investigation, you have to go to me first,” Rody said.
The CHR, as it operates, appears more focused on shielding the previous yellow regime, thereby perpetuating selective justice.

Guerrilla tactics

Wednesday, 31 January 2018 00:00 Published in Editorial

President Duterte made a solid connection between European money and the communist movement in that massive funding from organizations in Europe is being funneled to legal socialist fronts which eventually ends up with the armed revolutionary movement called the New People’s Army (NPA).
Rody said that with an investigation, he is sure that money laundering will be established in the dealings of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) fronts which he said will be used to take down the communist organizations that are hiding behind the cover of being human rights groups.
Europe is where the communist movement first took root and obviously, the first choice of CPP chairman Joma Sison to seek asylum in his flight from the Philippine government.
The EU-CPP relationship is thus complementary as the EU with its financial might offers a mantle of protection to the CPP fronts by imposing strings to the provision of aid which would be the observance of strict international norms on human rights.
Such protection commitments guarantee the legal fronts to be safe from government intervention.
Rody added that the money laundering trail can also be found in the collection of “revolutionary taxes” from big agricultural, mining companies and other businesses.
Rody has branded the CPP-NPA a terrorist organization and the Department of Justice (DoJ) has filed this with the Supreme Court to legally establish Rody’s proclamation.
Rody’s grudge against the CPP-NPA which he tried to win into striking a peace deal with the government goes beyond dirty money but what he termed as the habit of some guerrillas “abusing men’s wives.”
When they go to the barangay, they touch the legs of wives. See how vulgar then they get their money. Why? Because they feel that they are superior. What makes them superior is in their minds? Guns?, he asked.
Rody who had close relations in the past with the Left said it is the legal fronts which collect taxes from businesses before funds are delivered to the NPA for the purchase of ammunitions and guns.
“You legal fronts, listen to me. We are not stupid. I was also handling an organization of the Nationalist Alliance for Justice, Freedom and Democracy which is Karapatan now,” Rody said.
Let us stop fooling each other, he said.
To local businesses which have co-opted the CPP-NPA-National Democratic Front (NDF) in the payment of so-called revolutionary taxes, Rody warned that the government has the mandate to also run after them.
He warned companies giving money to the NPA of being shut down by canceling their permit, for instance.
He even identified those giving money to the NPA rebels which are mining firms and banana plantations.
“I’ll tell (Natural Resources) Secretary (Roy) Cimatu to cancel it (environmental permit). You are funding an organization which is bent on destroying my country, our country,” he added.
To the NPA rebels, he said the “order is to crush. A synonym of that is destroy. And a collateral of that sentence is you destroy. And if you have to kill, do it because the human rights (groups) if this country falls, cannot help us,” he said.
Rody’s rejection of EU aid running in the millions of dollars or euros is parallel to the duplicity that leftist groups are practicing, which is mostly professing fighting for civil rights while at the same time setting aside portions of what they get from European groups to keep the armed revolution going.
The problem foisted by the CPP-NPA-NDF on Rody and Filipinos is an armed rebellion that hides behind civil rights protection whenever their members are cornered while European groups apply pressure on the government.
The same tactic is being employed by the yellow mob in its failed guerrilla operations to oust Rody.






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