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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

CJ’s fate sealed

Tuesday, 20 February 2018 00:00 Published in Commentary


With more witnesses the House justice committee has gathered for hearings on the impeachment complaint lodged against Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno, no amount of spins from her legal camp can change the evidence being presented by the resource persons.
Sereno fate appears to be sealed. She will be impeached by the House, after which a Senate trial will begin.
This time around, however, unlike the House prosecutors in the Corona impeachment trial at the Senate, the 2018 House prosecutors will be well prepared to prosecute the case against Sereno, as it must be admitted that a lot of information was squeezed out from the resource persons by the congressmen with their incisive questions, which says a lot, compared to some Senate hearings, where the intent of the accusers is not to get at the truth of the issue but to destroy the Duterte administration, of course, with the invaluable help from the yellow and anti-Duterte media.
Step by step, it is being bared that Sereno certainly perjured herself many times over in her statements contained in her answer to the charges leveled against her by impeachment complainant, lawyer Larry Gadon, the latest of which is her blatant lie over the amount she supposedly paid by way of taxes.
From incisive questioning from Rep. de Vera, the Bureau of Internal Revenue provided amounts of taxes paid to the BIR which contradict the amounts Sereno claimed in her answer through a statement to the House justice panel. That was clearly yet another lie. Yet Sereno’s legal camp has the gumption to claim that Gadon committed perjury. But not in the case of Sereno, even when the evidence proves she did?
Earlier, it was bared before the House panel that she had also manipulated the Judicial Bar and Council—obviously, with the imprimatur of the yellow president, Noynoy Aquino, to get her on the list, despite the fact that she should have been disqualified as she obtained a low garde of 4 in her psychiatric and psychological exams, which under the rules of the JBC should have disqualified her. However, her name was still included by the JBC in the list to be submitted to the then president. And she dismissed the medical experts when she assumed the top High Court seat adn the chairmanship of the Judicial and Bar Council.
More to the point, since Sereno’s legal team keeps on claiming that Sereno, despite her not having provided the JBC the required Statements of Assets Liabilities and Networth (SALNs), she was proven to have succeeded in getting the JBC to state that Sereno had “substantially complied” with the JBC requirements for applicants to the SC top post, despite the fact that she failed to provide her complete SALNs and despite the fact that this Sereno letter seeking the JBC’s nod to state that she had “sufficiently complied with” was never shown tot the JBC panel.
Worse, Sereno even got away with submitting three SALNs, two of which were unsubscribed, which means that these unsubscribed SALNs were manufactured and and had false entries. Otherwise, if Sereno had her two SALNs subscribed, as the other one was, what is stated in them should be the truth, else, she would be committing perjury, as she did in her affidavit reply to the impeachment charges against her.
Sereno is in enough trouble as things stand, and the hearings aren’t over yet.
It’s bad enough when lawyers are found to have falsified their, or their clients’ affidavits, yet here is a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who actually had the temerity to come up with at least two SALNs that were intentionally left unsubscribed for her not to be sued for perjury,
But she also thought that she could get away with her affidavit-reply to the allegations leveled against her by Gadon—all of which she said are riddled with lies, even when the House clearly ripped her arguments apart, piece by piece.
Her spokesmen always release statements to the effect that Sereno committed no impeachable offense, as if what her legal camp says is proof that she cannot be convicted as she committed no impeachable offense.
The problem with her legal camp’s statements, in defending Sereno is that Sereno and her lawyers appear to believe that the people can be convinced by their statements rather than the proof that is being laid bare in the House justice hearings.
They must think so low of the intelligence of the Filipino people.
However Sereno seems to have TV media behind her, as none of the TV channels bother to carry the House hearing live, although live streaming is available in their Websites.
Stil and all, with more evidence being brought forth by resource persons, Sereno’s fate is virtually sealed.
She should think of resigning, rather than be convicted by the Senate.
She may have the yellows rooting for her in the trial, but that would really be something, since it was the yellows who convicted then Chief Justice Renato Corona, despite having no evidence to prove the charges against him, and all they had by way of evidence was illegally obtained as well as manufactured by the yellow Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio-Morales.


Insidious moves vs Rody

Monday, 19 February 2018 00:00 Published in Commentary

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales who embarrassed herself and her office by passing off fabricated bank documents as genuine bank accounts of President Duterte,tried to save face when the Solicitor-General, Jose Calida, made public the fact that the Ombudsman had already terminated and closed the Duterte family bank accounts which Sen. Antonio Trillanes said held at least P2 billion in transactions.
The insidious trick the Ombudsman played laid the blame of the Duterte bank accounts probe termination on the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) which she said refused to provide the Ombudsman the bank accounts of Duterte.
However, Morales had to do more face saving, by claiming that the same case against Duterte on ill-gotten wealth, can be revived in the future, when new evidence is presented. And where Trillanes, Morales’ partner, takes up where she leaves off.
Given the fact that it was Morales herself who had confirmed that the fabricated bank statements shown to the media by her Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Carandang came from AMLC, Morales, Carandang and Trillanes were clearly on this scheme to destroy President Duterte.
Morales knew, after the AMLC had officially denied that those documents shown were not provided by the AMLC, that she had no option but to come clean with her lies of the council having provided her with the bank transactions of Duterte and his family members.
But despite virtually admitted that she lied and that she had no proof at all against the President, she wanted to ensure that through a different forum, Duterte would still be destroyed and hounded by the yellow mob’s allegations of Duterte having billions stashed in his bank accounts.
Knowing that the probe was over at the Ombudsman, it is now Trillanes’ turn to keep up with the baseless claims as yet another probe has been demanded by Trillanes in the Senate, dumping the blue ribbon panel chaired by his bête noire Sen. Richard Gordon and preferring to have the probe conducted by the chair of the banks and finance panels, Sen. Chiz Escudero, who appears willing to get the probe going, even when he and the rest of the senators certainly know that the probe won’t get anywhere—not when the probe is supposed to question the AMLC officials on their refusal to provide the Ombudsman with the bank records of Duterte and family.
Two days earlier, Trillanes provided the media the clearly fabricated bank records of Duterte’s partner, Honeylet, along with the alleged bank account documents of Duterte, which were copies of the same manufactured bank documents Trillanes had earlier circulated to the media before the presidential elections.
It is of course, Trillanes and evidently his partner, Morales, as well as the entire yellow mob, who want to ensure that the probes against Duterte on the same old theme keep on going, through yet another probe which will go nowhere, especially this planned probe against the AMLC.
So what makes anybody believe that this would be an honest to goodness probe? And what makes them think that the AMLC would provide the bank documents that Trillanes claims has been denied by the AMLC to the Ombudsman?
A Senate subpoena for the AMLC to produce the bank accounts of Duterte? A Senate arrest and detention of the AMLC officials who refuse to answer questions? For the probe’s senator-members to portray the AMLC as guilty, as senators did when they cited in contempt the frat member who kept on invoking his right to remain silent for reasons of self-incrimination, which rights it has to be stressed, were never respected by the senators? To keep on destroying President Duterte?
This won’t happen, because the AMLC and even the private banks have all the right to deny the senators, especially Trillanes and any government officials’ bank accounts transactions when there is no permission to do so from the owner of the accounts.
Trillanes knows this, which is why he insists on Duterte issuing a bank waiver, to prove his claims that Duterte has P2 billion in his bank accounts.
Isn’t this crazy? Trillanes alleges that Duterte has billions in his bank account, but he wants Duterte to prove it. Even a moron knows that he who alleges, must prove his allegations.
But no, not with the legal ignoramus who goes by the name of Senator Trillanes.
It will be best for the Senate to kick him out of the Senate. He is a Senate embarrassment.

A de facto CJ?

Sunday, 18 February 2018 00:00 Published in Commentary

That’s a pretty novel take offered by a congressman who is a former appellate justice of the Supreme Court.
Leyte Representative Vicente Veloso is the vice chair of the House justice committee that is currently holding impeachment hearings to determine probable cause against Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno.
Veloso was a guest of an early morning TV show Friday. He was quoted as saying in that interview that President Duterte can recall Sereno’s appointment after she failed to submit most of her Statement of Asset, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) for the past 10 years when she applied for the position in 2012.
The vice chairman of the House committee on justice and former appellate court justice said “the most” that Sereno could claim was that she had been a “de facto” chief justice.
He went on to say that the members of the Supreme Court cannot dismiss her. There should be a case but let her go to court and challenge the action of the President if the President recalls the appointment,” Veloso said.
Like I said, it is a novel theory and has never been tried before.
The closest that was done by a president to ensure the ouster of a constitutional official, who can only be impeached, was done by then sitting president, Noynoy Aquino, who wanted then Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, an appointee of then president Gloria Arroyo, ousted quickly. Aquino then threatened her with impeachment and conviction if she did not resign. She was forced to resign, rather than be convicted by the Senate.
Ousting the Ombudsman was done in a roundabout way. But Aquino got what he wanted, as he kept the Ombudsman’s seat warm for retired associate SC justice Conchita Carpio Morales, a yellow ally and protector of Aquino.
If the novel theory from Rep. Veloso is tested and proves to be legitimate and constitutional by way of eliminating Chief Justice Sereno whom Veloso says is not a de jure CJ but a de facto one, then perhaps President Duterte can also kick out Ombudsman Morales for her brand of selective justice.
Morales, however, has just some four months to stay in her office, as she would have to retire by July this year, which is why despite impeachment charges filed against her, this cannot be worked on by the House justice panel as the same panel has been busy holding hearings on the impeachment charges against CJ Sereno, for determination of probable cause.
Still, for all that she had done to destroy the reputations of some many politicians, filing cases that are being dismissed by the Sandiganban and the Supreme Court, then protecting all the yellows, especially her yellow patron, Noynoy Aquino, she has been virtually slapped down by the High Court for dropping the reckless imprudence resulting in homicide charge filed against Aquino. She would likely be forced to charge Aquino with homicide.
An even bigger injustice Morales committed was to make it appear that President Duterte still has a “live” case on his alleged ill-gotten wealth of some P 2 billion, despite the case’s termination, as she claimed that the charges against Duterte can be revived with new evidence.
She claimed that the documents came from the Anti-Money Laundering Council, even when she knew damn well that the documents were fabrications as they came from Sen. Antonio Trillanes, which she passed off as genuine AMLC documents.
But the AMLC officially denied that it had provided the Ombudsman with these documents and that they were fake bank documents.
Morales then came up with a statement saying that the case against Duterte was terminated and closed. She said this much too late since this case was terminated in November this year.
However, being the vindictive yellow Ombudsman, she had to say that while the case against Duterte was closed and terminated, this could still be revived if new evidence surfaces.
Morales knows that she can’t revive the case even if she wanted to, because she’ll be out of the Ombudsman’s Office soon.
But by saying this, she gave Trillanes the opportunity to seek a Senate hearing in getting the AMLC to explain why it refused to provide the Ombudsman with the bank accounts and bank statements of Duterte and family.
He again circulated copies of his fabricated bank statements, to again get the Senate hearing going.
We have news for Trillanes. There is no justifiable reason for the AMLC to provide the Senate with such documents, and for that matter, any bank statement which cannot be released without the permission of the owner.
It’s all being done for black propaganda by one senator who has lost all credibility.






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