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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Too much, too soon

Sunday, 31 January 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

The rise in pre-polls surveys of then candidate Jojo Binay for the second top slot in 2010 elections from a cellar dweller status at the start of the campaign period to having the biggest count kick a few weeks before the polls, then finally winning at the vice presidency is now being made an example for the survey cellar dwellers of today, who are, at this time, the official Liberal Party (LP) administration party standard bearer Mar Roxas and Rodrigo Duterte, the PDP-Laban presidential bet.
Grace Poe, independent, had, like Duterte at the start, very, very high ratings, which should have been a red flag for them, since there is no way for these high ratings to go down then perhaps, slowly rise again.
In Duterte’s case, his numbers, through a “coached” survey question to respondents, hit the high 40’s in the pre-poll ratings, then went on an expected downtrend, which was being attributed to his foul mouth and his cursing of Pope Francis.
Currently, the presidential surveys put him as a fourth placer, even lower than Mar.
Duterte now realized that the drop in his numbers is of course his cursing of the Pope, which is why he is now saying that he will be going to the Vatican to seek the Pope’s forgiveness. There is, however, doubt that he would do so, since he is not known to keep his word.
At the start, there were supporters who went all out for Duterte and his tough talk on killing suspected criminals, drug pushers and vowed to bring about peace and order in just six months. He also talked about changing the form of government to a federal form of government.
However, as time passed, with nothing new for him and his runningmate Alan Cayetano to say but the same thing over and over again, without presenting its programs and platforms, save for killing suspects within the six months of his presidency, the novelty of a Duterte presidency has worn off, which probably explains why his numbers have dropped drastically in surveys.
Duterte is no longer a novelty, and it may prove difficult for him to be a frontrunner, given a three month official campaign.
And with the official campaign period kicking off very soon, there may be not enough time for Duterte to build up an organization and network of local officials who could help ensure his win in certain districts.
As of now, he and Cayetano appear to just be going around and not entirely covering the provinces, then go into courtesy calls to local officials, but it is clear that these officials they visit aren’t quite their backers. The tandem merely has as its audience some students, which hardly represents a genuine political network.
Mar Roxas has the LP organization, as of now, although there is talk of the LPs being divided in their choice of presidential candidate.
Then too, there is talk of a group in Malacañang, the so-called Samar group that is working against the candidacy of Mar and supporting the bid of Grace Poe, much like what the same group did in 2010, when Noynoy’s support groups were divided, with one group working for the candidacy of Binay, while the other, for Mar.
Talk has become louder concerning Poe being the “secret” presidential candidate of Noynoy, to the extent of Noynoy using his clout to influence the Supreme Court Justices in ensuring the candidacy of Poe, despite her not being a natural born citizen and one who lacks the 10-year residency required of a presidential candidate.
Mar’s numbers are rising in surveys, and Poe’s numbers have dropped. She attributes her drop to her disqualification cases now being heard by the high court but there are some political observers who think it is more than just the disqualification cases against her candidacy that are pulling down her numbers. Her having turned her back on the Philippines and her betrayal of the country while pledging absolute allegiance to the USA, then, for convenience, renounced her US citizenship to pledge allegiance to the Philippines only because there was a job offer from Noynoy for her to head the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board and only pledge allegiance to the Philippines in an affidavit before a notary public, merely bared in her treatment of renouncing and acquiring citizenship for convenience and done in a very cavalier manner which reeks with her lack of patriotism to the country, the flag and the Constitution.
Still, nothing is certain in the case of electoral races in this country.
The only thing certain is that Noynoy will finally be out of Malacañang by June 30. And good riddance too!

Noy’s corrupt administration

Saturday, 30 January 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Oops. There goes Noynoy’s honest and straight path his government claims to tread.
So what was all that Yellow Noynoy administration talk of daang matuwid when clearly, it is not just the Filipinos who say that the Noynoy government is not treading the straight and “righteous” path, and is one of the most corrupt, as shown by Transparency International (TI), where it showed that corruption in 2015 worsened in the Philippines, under the stewardship of Noynoy.
The Philippines’ score worsened to 35 from 38 in a scale where 0 is labeled “highly corrupt” and 100, “very clean.” Relative to other countries, the Philippines ranked 95th out of 168 countries and territories.
The Philippines scored 35 out of a possible 100 in the global corruption survey. That, in any language, is a horrible failing grade.
Not surprising really, if one goes by Noynoy and his Liberal Party’s (LP) yellow mantra of “where there are no poor, there is no corruption.”
Look at how many poor families there are in this country that grew even more under the Noynoy administration.
And look how much corruption has grown in government under Noynoy Aquino.
To think that with that TI label slapped on the yellow administration and government of being corrupt, Noynoy, his anointed LP bet, Mar Roxas and his secret presidential bet, Grace Poe, along with all those yellow allies of Noynoy in the Senate and the House, have the nerve to  call their political foes corrupt!
The spokesman for the daang matuwid team has the chutzpah to even state that the reason for the government’s “corrupt” tag is due to the corruption of Vice President Jojo Binay, despite the fact that he is out of Noynoy’s administration, and has been stripped of the various offices he once headed.
The reason Binay is still part of the government is that he is an elected vice president and this title cannot be stripped from him by Noynoy.
Daang matuwid spokesman Barry Gutierrez conveniently misses out on what TI said about stamping out corruption, which deals with  stamping out the abuse of power, bribery and  not shedding light on secret deals.
So who has been abusing power? Are they not the appointees of Noynoy and Noynoy himself who have beem abusing power? Who has resorted to bribing the representatives and senators to have a sitting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court impeached and convicted and on non-impeachable grounds, if not the head of the straight path that in reality is a very crooked path. Who has entered into secret deals and midnight deals, if not Noynoy and his aides in Malacañang?
His propaganda says Noynoy is honest. But if he, the leader of the nation, and the head of his administration and government, were truly honest, he would not countenance any corrupt acts of his subalterns and Cabinet secretaries.
Yet even as complaints have been lodged  against his aides, he protects them through his puppet Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio-Morales, who does not lift a finger to charge any of them. Instead, Noynoy and his puppet Ombudsman quickly charge Noynoy’s political foes with plunder and have them arrested and jailed.
The country under Noynoy, is among the worst in Asia in corruption, the TI global survey data showed. And in the Southeast Asian region, the Philippines now ranks fifth — from rank three in the previous report, now being surpassed by Thailand and Indonesia which ranked 76th and 88th, respectively, in the global survey.
With the 10 notches drop in the corruption index, making the Philippines one of the most corrupt in Asia and Southeast Asia, where should the finger of blame be pointed?
Certainly not at Noynoy’s political foes, who are detained and who have no power with which to abuse. Who has ensured the prostitution of the so-called independent and democratic institutions, such as the Office of the Ombudsman, which agency is being utilized by Noynoy to protect his allies from prosecution and for this office headed by his puppet to persecute and prosecute his political foes; to the Commission on Audit that is used to audit on a selective basis, with allies never audited fully or audited at all; to the Anti-Money Laundering Council that is being used to destroy the non-allies of Noynoy by coming up with audits of bank accounts of foes that would be lumped together to portray the foe as having accumulated ill-gotten wealth, but the same agency never does any audit of the bank accounts of Noynoy’s allies.
Even the judiciary, the Senate and Congress, among other prostituted agencies of government, have been prostituted to the max under the Noynoy administration. They all obey the voice of the master--Noynoy.
So who else did prodtitutionof agencies and corrupt acts if not Noynoy and his Malacañang aides?
And people still think that Noynoy and his allies are so pure that they are not corrupt at all?
Only the stupids would buy that and their color is yellow.

For shame, Sereno

Friday, 29 January 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Both Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno and junior Justice Marvic Leonen have been plugging for Grace Poe, to the extent of Sereno, being the top judge in the Supreme Court who strongly stated that foundlings (really meaning just Poe) should be deemed a natural born citizen without the need to prove her status as a natural born Filipino, which translates to her, and Leonen calling on the SC justices for the court to amend the Constitution via a decision favoring Poe.
Such a move coming from Sereno, a chief justice of the SC, and Leonen who tried to get the SC to do the same thing through a tear jerker plea for sympathy for Poe’s eligibility for the presidency, is grossly disgraceful, being SC justices who are mandated by the sovereign Filipino people to uphold and defend the Constitution, and not for the court to amend the Charter through an SC ruling.
But let us say that the majority justices of the SC prove to be highly vulnerable to President Aquino’s political clout over some of the justices, many of whom appear to be beholden to him for their appointments to the SC, and amend the Constitution through a ruling making Poe, said to be the secret presidential bet of Noynoy,  a natural born Filipino, how then do these same justices justify Poe’s lack of residency?
Poe’s counsel, Alex Poblador, argued that as Poe is a natural born Filipino, she no longer has a residency problem, since all her life was spent in the Philippines, except for 14 years when she lived abroad.
Not quite that easy, since Poe had renounced and abjured absolutely (kinasuklaman) the Philippines and its flag to become a naturalized US citizen, whose obvious domicile intent was the USA, and not the Philippines.
As a matter of verifiable fact, when she claimed to have returned to the Philippines to establish her residency in the country, she was still an American citizen in 2005, and did not even bother to secure a certification of Philippine residence for aliens.
In 2006, she sought dual citizenship status, but did not renounce her US citizenship, which translates to her 10 years and 11 months as a Filipino resident highly questionable, especially since she wrote down in her senatorial certificate of candidacy as six years and six months in 2012 stay, which is a material misrepresentation committed by her when she claimed to have resided in the country for 10 years and 11 months for her CoC for the presidency.
Moreover, even as a dual citizen in 2006, Poe is still short by two months. If, on the other hand, Poe’s count on her 10-year residency requirement starts in 2010, when she merely took an oath of allegiance before a local notary public, but still did not renounce her US citizenship, since this occurred sometime in 2011, and was officially delisted by the US state department as a US citizen in 2012, she would be short of the residency requirement by some four years based on her 2010 oath for convenience, as she was offered the chairmanship of the censors board.
And if her move to give up her US citizen status in 2011 is considered, she still lacks even more years to meet the requirement of a 10-year residency and even more years, if her official delisting is the start of her residency in the country.
As SC Justice Del Castilo pointed out during the first orals, a dual citizen cannot become the president of the Philippines.
It should be clear enough to the justices, as it was to the Commission on Elections, and the petitioners, that there was  clear material misrepresentation committed when Poe changed her years of residency in the country from her senatorial CoC, then made aware of the fact that Poe would not meet the constitutional requirement for residency in the country, she wrote 10 years 11 months in her CoC for the presidency and came up with that tale of having returned to the Philippines in 2005 with the intent to reside in the country for good.
In an Inquirer multi-media meet, it appeared as though Poe realizes the residency problem she is in before the SC, as she was quoted as having said that should the SC rule that she failed to meet the 10-year requirement to run for the highest position in the land, she would not be able to join the May presidential race, but evidently would try again in 2022, that is, if the SC rules that she is a natural born Filipino foundling.
If not, she is out of the Senate and as she put it, it would be “tragic and sad” if this happens.
Why tragic? All this DQ problem she has today she brought upon herself, for giving up her Filipino citizenship and acquiring US citizenship and for her being overly ambitious to seek the presidency.
As for her “sadness” at being disqualified on her not being a natural born Filipino, she said that she not only offers  “my situation to the SC but also “the situation of hundreds of thousands of foundlings who are in the same plight.”
That’s pure BS and drama. If her heart reallyd bleeds for foundlings, why the heck then did she not file a bill within the almost three years in the Senate to protect the foundlings?
Poe said she will exhaust all legal means possible should she lose the disqualification cases at SC. But isn’t the SC the last possible legal means? Or is she thinking of an MR if she is disqualified to make sure that her name is included in the ballot, and press for the vox dei vox populi crap?






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