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How do you solve a problem like Leni?
Ever since, Leni Robredo was never her own creation but rather that of her political party which as been quite successful in the employment of necro-political strategy.
Hence, right after the death of her husband in a plane crash, the cause of which, up to now is still clouded in doubt, the masters of necro-politics in the country started grooming Leni, reportedly a take-three in the bar exams and with no court experience to date, as a possible future asset in the field of politics.
Building a myth around her husband Jessie as supposedly an immaculate-clean politician (although a graft case was about to be filed against him before his untimely death), the Liberal Party (LP) cast Leni in the political arena, running against seasoned a politician, former Rep. Luis Villafuerte, emerging as victor in what was reportedly the dirtiest election in the history of Camarines Sur.
At that time however, Leni was still a reserved horse of the LP, waiting to plucked from the stable when the need arises.
And as it was when Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares refused to play second fiddle to administration bet Mar Roxas, the services of Leni were tapped. Thus, from obscurity, Leni, who had not produced anything as a lawmaker, was cast into the limelight, running on a platform she only knew. And like a thief in the night, she suspiciously overtook the almost a million-vote lead of Sen. Bongbong Marcos in just a matter of hours.
With Roxas ending up badly beaten, Leni emerged as the LP’s only hope to reclaim power. And they could have waited silently until the next election to propel Leni to the highest post in the land.
But with the anomalies the Yellow administration committed in the past slowly surfacing, coupled with the fact Leni is also in danger of losing her post courtesy of the protest lodged by Bongbong against her, the LP has to act fast.
First, they designated Sen. Leila de Lima as their attack dog but it backfired as her crimes in the past slowly showed up, and she ended up locked behind bars.
The LP was then left with no choice but to field Leni herself to attack the administration. Counting on the supposed Yellow power and Leni’s imaginary mythical aura created also by the Yellows, they were expecting the administration’s popularity to sag,and pave the way for another people power uprising, which they were planning to stage in time with the Edsa I anniversary last February.
When they failed, they took to international forum and let Leni peddle a tale of lies.
Leni, of course, had to accede to the command of her masters.
The problem with Leni is she could be worse than a puppet with one puppeteer choreographing her every move, as in her case, it seems she has one puppeteer for each of her finger. And she might even have a puppeteer for her brain as it seems she no longer thinks for herself.
Just watch the video she sent to the UN. She was talking of thousands of deaths allegedly resulting from the government’s war on drugs and yet she was all smiles.
It seems Leni is simply mouthing what she had been asked to say and she hardly knows the impact of what is talking of and she.
So, with so much ignorance overflowing in her system, she failed to recognize the repercussion of what she did. She is now the subject of mounting calls for resignation and a possible impeach complaint against her.
As former First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo stated in his social media account, “The LP convinced Leni Robredo to attack the government in a UN agency conference on Narcotics.”
“Unfortunately, the lies she peddled boomeranged on her,” the former First Gentleman averred.
And now, social media is asking for her impeachment or resignation with no less than Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez leading moves to impeach her.
The irony of it all, is that she had been left all alone to fend for herself. Even the former First Gentleman is asking: “How come the yellow LPs are so quiet and hardly defending her?”
Everything has boomeranged on her and she finds herself all by her lonesome now.


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