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Cut the dramatics, please

Sen. Leila de Lima claims she fears for her safety in prison, fearing for her safety as she raised the possibility of her being among those victims of extrajudicial killings (EJK) of the Duterte administration the moment the warrant for her arrest is issued by the court.
Apparently, Leila fears more of her days in prison, and it is her way of  seeking special treatment, even when detained.
But she insists, saying “I don’t know if it’s a regular cell. I am not asking for special treatment. I am not at all asking for any kind of special or VIP treatment. Its just for them to make certain that the place where she will be detained, if non-bailable, for them to just make sure that  it’s a safe and secured area.”
But she also said that death threats are no longer unusual for her especially as she has been tagged as “Bilibid drug trade queen” by President Duterte and labeled as public enemy No. 1 by Solicitor General Jose Calida.
“(But) There will be groups that will be interested in eliminating me,” she added.
Oh, c’mon Leila, quit being too dramatic All she really wants is to have special treatment, no matter her opposite claims.
Leila ruled out any possibility of any horse trading in exchange for not issuing any arrest warrant for her such as the matter of her slowing down from issuing tirades or criticisms against the administration, especially on EJK-related issues.
Really Leila, it wasn’t the litany of her tirades and criticisms that got her in trouble. It is the strong evidence against her compiled by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).
But even as the impending issuance of arrest warrant against her nears, she continued chastising the DoJ in pursuing the drug trafficking charges against her through a regional trial court (RTC) instead of the Ombudsman, given her position.
She stressed that her case should not be handled by a regular court, because it is the Ombudsman that has the jurisdiction, not the DoJ.
She also repeated her regular line that the cases against her are related charges, anti-graft charges, saying that I am charged with having received drug money from drug convicts. And then using my position. That’s their theory and from their premise, these charges are intimately related to each other. That cannot be split. That cannot be just file purely charges of anti-graft which they will submit to the Ombudsman then they will split the drug trafficking charges under the Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Law but bring it to the RTC.
“That is a wrong application of the law and a malicious one. That’s done in bad faith. Malicious prosecution. Political harassment,” she went into her drama again.
Many of those whom she, together with the Ombudsman, filed charges and ensured jail time for them felt the same thing.
Leila is really pushing for the case against her to be heard by the Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales since they are buddy-buddies, and she believes that her case will be dismissed, no matter the testimonial evidence which carries weight, along with the bank records  that allegedly connect her to the dirty money.
Of course, if she were a political foe of Noynoy, Morales would certainly throw the book at her, and even have the NBI and the Anti-Money Laundering Council add all the deposits and withdrawals to come up with hundred of millions pesos for plunder.
Morales did that to the three then opposition senators and had them jailed.
She, together with Leila then, who was the DoJ chief at that time, came up with so-called “star witnesses” whose testimony was clearly hearsay. Even “star witness” Benhur Luy’s hard disc drive was encoded  with false information, and encoded by other persons.
Yet the Ombudsman continued to insist, through her prosecutors, that the three senators, Juan Ponce Enrile, who is over 90 years old, detained, as Morales and her prosecutors insisted on detaining in prison Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla, opposing any grant of bail for them. Yet if Lila’s case her case is brought before the Ombudsman, her prosecutors will hardly oppose any plea for bail, and of course, she will be free, with no jail time for Leila.
In the drug related case, however, this is non-bailable. Of course even non-bailable, if the evidence is weak, the accuse can seek bail.
But what is against her is both the testimonial and the bank records connecting her to drug money, the evidence could prove to be strong, which means she cannot get bail.
This is the reason she wants the Ombudsman to handle her case, as she and Morales are yellows, and Morales’ prosecutors will hardly oppose her plea for bail.
All this drama she comes up with, is all about getting bail.
Some call it Karma. It does look like it. What she did to Noynoy’s political foes, is now her turn.

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