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A propaganda boost

Critics of President Duterte had a heyday last Thursday when Presidential spokesman Harry Roque announced in advance that the International Criminal Court (ICC) will issue a statement on the conduct of a preliminary examination into the crime against humanity complaint filed by his chief detractors.
The complaint is based on the fabricated extradjudicial killings (EJK) figures of 14,000 individuals related to the war on drugs.
The figure was tossed around among the yellow media and his critics and fed to their allies overseas who then use the figure as basis to attack Rody.
The Philippine National Police (PNP), however, admits to 3,987 killed in anti-narcotics operations, while 11 percent, or 2,235, of the total 19,560 murders under police investigation are drug-related.
Rights groups who make a living out of assuming the role of global moral guardians such as the Human Rights Watch (HRW) uses increasingly hyped up allegations against Rody to raise funds, the more atrocious the allegations, the better.
Even if the ICC action was merely procedural similar to an inquest of a complaint lodged before an ordinary court, Rody’s critics made it appear that Rody has already been convicted.
ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said the court will “analyze crimes allegedly committed” but Sen. Antonio Trillanes, the Liberal Party (LP) and the HRW, for instance, had taken it to a higher level.
HRW for instance said the ICC’s action “is a rebuke of the Philippine government’s campaign of denial and distraction seemingly designed to deflect growing evidence of extrajudicial executions that Duterte and senior government officials have incited and instigated.”
It added that Philippine journalists, foreign correspondents, and international human rights organizations including Human Rights Watch “have compiled damning evidence over the past 19 months of police involvement in thousands of extrajudicial killings.”
It, however, admitted the preliminary examination “is not a full-blown, on-the-ground investigation” meant to determine a possible basis for a formal ICC investigation yet it concluded that “it’s a first step and sends an important signal that the severity of the alleged abuses warrants the prosecutor’s scrutiny.”
Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Rody is ready to face a possible probe and, “if need be” would make his own defense before the ICC.
HRW also accused the government of effectively institutionalizing “impunity for police involvement in serious rights violations.” It cited a speech of Rody in August in which he supposedly vowed to pardon and promote any police personnel implicated in unlawful killings.
The HRW coup de grace was its call for the United Nations (UN) to likewise initiate a probe on Rody.
“The ICC’s announcement should spur efforts by United Nations member countries to push back against Duterte’s efforts to legitimize his bloody drug war,” it said.
The usual Rody hound Phelim Kine of HRW pitched in saying “the government has also hobbled public pressure to provide accountability for the killings by subjecting critics of the government’s drug war narrative to withering harassment, intimidation or worse.”
“Targets have included the official Commission on Human Rights, United Nations officials, and Sen. Leila de Lima.
On February 24, 2017, after a relentless government campaign against her, police arrested de Lima on politically motivated charges – she has remained in detention ever since,” he claimed.
The ICC action is what the yellow critics of Rody are banking on to crank up the propaganda machinery against Rody rather than to have him successfully prosecuted.
The futility of the bloated allegations against the war on drugs in standing up in the ICC will not deter his critics from seizing the opportunity to generate the noise which they hope will result to the erosion of his survey ratings.
That is, after all, the key target to buttress another mob action that the yellow society had long planned to launch.


  • Murray Debiasio

    When visiting blogs. i always look for a very nice content like yours “   

    Murray Debiasio Sunday, 18 March 2018 15:08 Comment Link
  • Kaspog

    Hypocrites! They cry about 14,000 killed (kuno) on EJK but are quite about the 800,000 vaccinated by the panot govt. of untried vaccine. How many have already died and we don't know how many more in the future will. Phew!

    They claim to go after fake news but takes Trillones' fake documents hook and sinker

    Kaspog Monday, 12 February 2018 09:13 Comment Link

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