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Bigger lie better

Foreign media have started to use the 20,000 extrajudicial killings (EJK) figure that yellow factotum Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV floated in a recent privilege speech.
The speech has no purpose other than to quote the figure which was apparently the signal to have it circulated as the new number for use in stepped-up attacks against Rody.
The old discredited number was 13,000 or 14,000 EJK depending on the critic talking. For media overseas that are always on the watch on the latest Rody twist would welcome a more serious assessment on Rody and the 20,000 figure was tailor-fit for their purpose.
Last Feb. 21, Trillanes said the government’s own reports show there have been at least 20,322 drug-related killings.
“While the country continues to laugh at the lewd jokes of Duterte, more than 20,000 of our countrymen have been killed,” Trillanes said.
“They basically admitted that there are no so-called vigilante killings – that these deaths are actually state-sponsored executions,” the senator said quoting Philippine National Police (PNP) figures from a report entitled “Fighting Illegal Drugs: Real Numbers” in which the killings, he claimed, are being described as accomplishments.
The numbers Trillanes quoted, however, comprised all the unsolved killings that the police are investigating.
#RealNumbersPH data, however, showed that of the 85,068 anti-drug operations conducted last year, 121,087 offenders were arrested while 4,021 were killed since July 1, 2016 when President Duterte took over the reins of government and his war on drugs started.
Data as of Feb. 8 also showed that 87 drug law enforcers were killed while 227 others were wounded in the operations that resulted in the confiscation of 2,610.37 kg. of drugs and other chemicals and laboratory equipment amounting to P19.61 billion.
Drug cases filed in court, on the other hand, reached 43,226, some 22,189 of which have been referred to prosecution while 5,327 barangays (villages) have also been declared drug-free.
Also the PNP’s Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management, said a total of 639 homicide cases have been solved out of 2,388 drug-related incidents indicating results for deaths under investigation contrary to the claims of Rody’s critics that the killings were “state-sponsored.”
Trillanes’ floating of the bogus numbers apparently was a futile attempt to bolster the apparently weak “crimes against humanity” complaint filed with the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The ICC has opened a preliminary examination on the complaint filed by Trillanes’ minion, lawyer Jude Sabio but law experts see little chance for the case to proceed.
Even if the ICC will be convinced that the case should proceed, it would take years for the process which is expected to outlive the Duterte administration.
The political nature of the complaint is too obvious since the country’s justice system while widely criticized for being painfully slow is alive and cases against Mr. Duterte is being adjudicated.
Even ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda in announcing the start of the preliminary probe on the complaint against Rody said the probe will determine between claims that “killings have reportedly occurred in the context of clashes between and within gangs or EJK in the course of police anti-drug operations.
Trillanes apparently knows that the true figures will bear out figures that would not support the genocide allegations against Rody, thus, the need to ramp it up and feed it to international media hungry for detrimental angles on Rody.
The ICC case, while futile, also affords Trillanes and his yellow masters the venue to intensify the black propaganda against Rody.


  • Milan

    Apparently he thinks that doing what Ninoy Aquino did when he was in the US in the early 80's will give him the same results. Aquino was able to fool many people with his lies then because there was no social media. Today the moment Trillanes spews out his lies Filipinos from all over the world expose him and ridicule him. But really, Trillanes needs to be careful because when the yellows become desperate and see no other way to remove Duterte they might just eliminate Trillanes and make him a so-called martyr in the same way Ninoy Aquino was eliminated by Cory's own family in 1983. This is the same playbook that Ninoy Aquino and the communists did when they bombed a big political rally of Aquino's party in Manila and then blamed Marcos.

    Milan Tuesday, 27 February 2018 13:11 Comment Link
  • Mar Maucesa

    Why can’t the government arrest Trilling for malighning the office of the President?? He should be stopped and jailed.

    Mar Maucesa Tuesday, 27 February 2018 09:25 Comment Link
  • MarioBC Iligan City

    2019 is on the horizon. By then, Trillanes will be out of circulation! And the Philippines will rejoice if he goes into eternal oblivion!

    MarioBC Iligan City Tuesday, 27 February 2018 07:39 Comment Link
  • inocent

    To lie is free so Sonja Trilliling is enjoying his privilege.

    inocent Tuesday, 27 February 2018 02:26 Comment Link
  • kapalmuks

    Ugok as ugok can be this Trililing...

    kapalmuks Monday, 26 February 2018 22:48 Comment Link
  • The Eye

    Sick in the head; just ignore the guy. We can’t do much on him anyway. We don’t have to be angry. No more to be excited.

    The Eye Monday, 26 February 2018 22:19 Comment Link

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