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Edsa gets a paint job

The sparsely-attended People Power event had its most significant moment when the confetti rained reminiscent of the same event when the military shifted allegiance 32 years ago but this time instead of yellow, the sky rained red, white and blue, the color of the Philippine flag.
Of course yellow is also found in the flag but it is not the only hue that should dominate, the event of colors would like to show.
For a long time, the 1986 event at Edsa was branded as the Yellow Revolt that ousted former President Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the nation from 1972 to 1986.
The events have been commemorated by political leaders in the Philippines since the 1986 coup d’etat especially by the Aquino family which was the main beneficiary of the People Power revolt but President Duterte has skipped the event twice since he came to power in 2016.
The incumbent President not being at the highway that was the site of the yellow uprising should not be taken as being in any way diminishing the significance of the historical event, Malacañang said as it noted that Feb. 25 remains a national holiday and public funds are still spent to commemorate it.
The spirit of Edsa was about unity but the yellow mob had made the event and the site as its possessions.
The Palace said Rody will always recognize Edsa not only as an important historical event but it was the first bloodless People Power Revolt in the entire world and it remains significant.
Duterte is a known friend to the Marcos family and approved the late president’s burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in 2016. Rody was in his hometown city, Davao, which he regularly visits on weekends during the People Power celebration.
Duterte also skipped the Edsa anniversary rites last year at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City to attend the relaunch of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro in Davao City.
The message of the Edsa celebration was, however, clear to Rody as he said it should enrich the state’s democracy as he believed that “a people’s courage and resolve can alter the course of our nation’s history.”
He said the key to enriching democracy is empowering the citizenry, defending their rights and strengthening the institutions that safeguard their freedom.
For Rody, the event also became a symbol of the determination to fight for what is right.
The People Power Revolt has become the enduring symbol of Filipinos determination to fight for what is right and, during the country’s most crucial and trying times, defend and uphold cherished democratic values, he said.
Rody’s goal was always for the improvement of life as Filipinos knew it and he had focused on peace, unity and public order while his economic managers were given the free hand to craft measures to reduce the poverty level.
The goal of unity was the main concept in the removal of the yellow hue of Edsa and replace it with the colors of the flag.
At the same time, the symbolic People Power Monument was turned over from the Spirit of Edsa Foundation (SOEF) to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) which was another symbol of the reimaging of the important event as a celebration of Filipino traits and not a yellow victory.
The critics of Rody cry revisionism in the face of all the changes being instituted but the reality is that the yellow mob is merely being given their right place in the social milieu as being just one of the many political forces in the 1986 revolt.


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