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Let the yellows dream big

A source of complete frustration for Rody’s detractors is his persistently high ratings and his seeming resilience against the worst attack on him.
A supposed plot to oust him should have been in full bloom at this time but it seems that Rody only has to contend with noises, which do not even echo since these are being denied by those undertaking it to save their necks.
Vice President Leni Robredo, who is being groomed as a rallying figure in the ouster bid, does not seem to have the stomach for the intrigues that go with scheming and plotting and is somewhat backing off.
In the yellow stable are the likes of Noynoy, Mar Roxas and Sen. Franklin Drilon who have all lost credibility with the public.
Surveys released recently showed that Rody continues to reap above average ratings on his performance and public confidence in the latest Pulse Asia survey.
The survey showed an 83 percent performance satisfaction on Rody against 62 percent on Leni while the difference in the trust rating of both was wider at 83 percent for Rody and a mere 58 percent for Leni.
Some analysts interpreted the drop in Leni’s numbers as the result of her losing a Cabinet post which does not entirely reflect in the survey results since her performance rating fell only four points compared with the seven points slide in her trust rating.
In comparison, Rody’s performance and trust rating were at an even 83 percent.
Leni appears to be sliding into having a confidence problem with the public amid suspicions of her involvement in the ouster movement.
Another survey, undertaken by Social Weather Stations (SWS), clearly showed public satisfaction the performance of Rody’s administration with a “very good” net 61 percent rating in December as a result of 73 percent satisfied with the national government and 12 percent dissatisfied.
Majority of the respondents gave Rody “very good” and “good” grades in 14 of 16 issues including a “very good” net 40 percent in “solving the problem of extrajudicial killings (EJK).”
Rody is being assailed mainly in foreign media either for carrying out or inspiring EJK.
The latest survey, curiously, included among the issues supposedly confronting Rody is  the recovery of the “hidden wealth” of former President Ferdinand Marcos which not even the late former President Cory Aquino nor her son Noynoy has achieved progress on this issue.
The issue was raised anew apparently in relation to the burial of Marcos which infuriated the yellow mob and the so-called civil society.
Nonetheless, Rody got a “moderate” net 24 in recovering the Marcos “hidden wealth.”
“Very good” grades were given Rody on  helping the poor, promoting human rights, defending the country’s territorial rights, providing jobs, fighting crimes and developing science and technology.
Aside from the issue on recovering the Marcos wealth, Rody also fared the lowest on “fighting inflation” at a net 25 which was obviously the result of the successive increases in the prices of commodities, fuel and electricity.
A premise for the ouster move is that public support for Rody erodes that should be the result of street rallies against him swelling.
The political trend, however, proves opposite to what the yellow mob would have desired.
In social media, for instance, those supporting Rody and lambasting attempts to oust him overwhelms those critical of him.
With the advent of new technologies, the political battleground has shifted from the streets to social media sites.
The involvement of Filipino Americans who were crucial in past ouster movements has been marginalized as a result of the high public confidence on Rody’s efforts and even his unconventional ways.
The supposed oust Rody campaign should rightly be shrugged off as its success exists only in the imaginary yellow world.


  • rustico dizon

    With the exposure of the drug problem in our country, the previous administration can not deny that they should not
    be blamed.

    They kept it secret.There is a big reason for that, they should
    explain to the people who put them in power.

    An investigation by the Senate should be made.

    rustico dizon Thursday, 12 January 2017 04:16 Comment Link
  • vg

    DU30 has put together an inclusive government that represents the people and not imperial Manila. All factions were invited to join his cabinet and they accepted. Only the yellow team's Leni left. The yellow dreams have melted away just like an ice cube in the PH sun.

    vg Thursday, 12 January 2017 00:44 Comment Link
  • Leodegardo Pruna

    The YELLOWS have already melted. P-Noy has already been converted to balut. The rest of the gang are either thinning or gasping for life after having had so much in office and are holding on to dear life hoping that LP could resurface. But alas, luck nor even the devil in nowhere. PDu30 is ready for anything and nothing could stop him from doing what he thinks is good for the country.

    Leodegardo Pruna Thursday, 12 January 2017 00:33 Comment Link

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