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Travails of a liar

The ‘wellness’ leave of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno is apparently not doing her any good since it merely exposed her predisposition to mislead people.
Sereno insisted that her indefinite leave does not mean that she is quitting her post, but this was not the message the 13 Associate Justices who had issued a statement clarifying her status intended to impart.
“I have not resigned and I will not resign. This indefinite leave is not a resignation. I will devote my time to the preparation of my Senate defense and work on the cases in my docket,” Sereno said through her counsel Jojo Lacanilao.
Lacanilao earlier said that Sereno was availing of her wellness leave which she had put off for a long time instead of the indefinite leave that apparently was stated by Sereno to the SC en banc.
Thus came the hitherto unseen statement of practically the entire Tribunal making a clarification amid the confusion from the wellness leave claim.
“It is unfortunate that my plan of making use of an already approved wellness leave in relation to an indefinite leave was inaccurately conveyed for which I (apologize),” Sereno said in her statement.
Sereno claimed she had initially scheduled her annual wellness leave, “as approved by the en banc,” from March 12 to 23 but opted to advance it to March 1 to 15, supposedly to give her sufficient time to prepare for her legal defense in the Senate impeachment trial.
Lacanilao, for his part, said Sereno’s spokesmen “were working on information available to us at the time we were engaged and asked questions by the press. The developments and discussions on what transpired during the en banc on Tuesday were not privy to us.”
The statement of Lacanilao appears to be another revelation since it indicated that Sereno may have withheld from her own lawyers what was agreed upon during the en banc and gave to them instead her own version of a wellness leave.
SC spokesman Theodore Te said during the en banc session last Tuesday, that Sereno “decided” to take an indefinite leave after consulting with two most senior justices.
Te indicated that the indefinite leave of Sereno was a voluntary act on the part of the Chief Justice, which is not so.
Te added that Sereno did not request for the rescheduling for her wellness leave, contrary to what her spokesmen said.
Consider Sereno’s response to this, saying that her making use of an approved wellness leave “in relation” to the indefinite leave was “inaccurately” conveyed which largely sounded as a pathetic alibi.
The statement of the justices was furthermore a huge slap on the Chief Justice since the SC en banc issued a public statement over her or her spokesmen’s statement.
Moreover, the SC statement was a total rebuke of Sereno as it stated the “confusion that the announcements and media releases of the spokespersons of the Chief Justice have caused” serious damage to “the integrity of the Judiciary in general and the Supreme Court in particular.”
The statement of the magistrates was very clear in saying that taking an indefinite leave was not Sereno’s own decision.
“Several reasons were mentioned by the various justices. After consulting with the two most senior justices, the Chief Justice herself announced that she was taking an indefinite leave, with the amendment that she starts the leave on March 1, 2018. The Chief Justice did not request the rescheduling of her wellness leave,” read the letter.
Moreover, Sereno appears to be facing more trouble from the SC justices.
“In the ordinary course of events, the Court expected the Chief Justice to cause the announcement only of what was really agreed upon without any modification or embellishment. This matter shall be dealt with in a separate proceeding,” the letter said.
Sereno was evidently trying to obfuscate her current status in a bizarre effort to salvage lost dignity but in the process she made known to all and sundry her being a habitual liar.


  • joey

    Why wait for the senate impeachment? Since she is on reason not to appear in the congressional hearing for impeachment! Can I be imaginative...bribery is eaier as there are fewer than the tong - gressman as in the case of CJ Conrona ...but his should we a walk in the park for the senate...if the SALN issue is included...biribe...oh the composition of the senate is now different that in the corona case!! alittle sick of this...

    joey Sunday, 04 March 2018 12:37 Comment Link
  • golgol



    golgol Sunday, 04 March 2018 11:20 Comment Link
  • kokey

    If, for instance, Sereno is acquitted by the Senate, how would the SC function judiciously when we are now witness to a big & irreparable crack among the justices?

    kokey Sunday, 04 March 2018 10:36 Comment Link
  • vg

    We have a real problem in Sereno. She doesn't work well with others and she does things on her own when her fellow justices do not agree. In a setting where she is supposed to lead in following the rules and upholding the law, she just does what she wants.

    vg Sunday, 04 March 2018 10:35 Comment Link
  • peter alagano

    Based on the foregoing, the DE FACTO CJ only exposing her MENTAL IMBALANCE, thus a LIAR UNFIT to perform her duties. She should be weeded soonest to spare the SC from further damage.

    peter alagano Sunday, 04 March 2018 09:00 Comment Link
  • inocent

    So it will not confuse some sectors, wellness leave is just sick leave of yore. Some people just like to change the word to a more dramatic one.

    inocent Sunday, 04 March 2018 03:17 Comment Link

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