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Either way, it’s a removal

Supporters of Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno aren’t an idiotic lot. However, they do sound like idiots when they, critics of the Duterte administration, come up with their moronic defense of Sereno, especially in their claim that the House justice panel’s move to defer the submission to the Senate for trial of an impeached chief justice is due to the weakness of the House’s case against the chief justice, insisting that the impeachment case against Sereno is flimsy.
“They are embarrassed to bring it to the Senate because they realize they will just be a laughingstock in the Senate,” ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio told a press briefing.
Tinio should think of a better claim, as he would be a laughingstock of a congressman-teacher, given the fact that there was a precedent established when Congress came up with a very weak and flimsy case against then sitting Chief Justice Renato Corona. Despite a clear absence of evidence, no personal knowledge from yellow complainants, hearsay, and fabricated bank transactions, along with perjury committed by the Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio-Morales with her claims of Corona’s inflated dollar amounts in his multi-bank accounts, the Senate convicted Corona on his having failed to submit an accurate statement of Assets and Liabilities, which, incidentally, was not even a charge included in the Articles of Impeachment. This was not, prior to Corona’s trial, an impeachable crime. Now it is, and because of this, Corona’s conviction serevbs as a precedent.
These critics are not stupid. They certainly are aware of the way the Corona Senate trial and conviction was handled. They are also aware of the fact that the House justice panel has a lot of evidence ot convict Sereno through testimonies from very credible witnesses who are justices of the Supreme Court as well as documentary evidence, along with the admitted the Judicial Bar and Council (JBC)’s cover up of Sereno’s failure to meet the stiff requirements, having failed to submit her 10 years of SALNs , then even submitting two SALNs that were not notarized.
Yet these supporters of Sereno still claim that the case against Sereno is weak?
Don’t they just sound like idiots and ignoramuses?
And a worse picture of these supporters of CJ is that of their being idiotic amnesiacs as never once do they breathe a word of the Corona conviction in their moronic criticisms in arguing their case for Sereno.
They also focus their criticisms on the quo warranto case filed against the CJ by Solicitor-General Jose Calida, who has asked the Supreme Court to void the appointment of Sereno as chief justice, since she failed the illegibility test, which is also a failure of what is demanded of every justice: Integrity, which incoudes honesty, probity and independence.
There went another yellow critic, a former Solgen , Florin Hilbay, who insisted in an interview that Calida’s move of a quo warranto would open the way to oust President Duterte himself other than through impeachment.
On the claim of Calida that Sereno was not qualified to be appointed to the to post in the High Court, Hilbay pointed to the requirement provision in the Constitution which only asks the basic requirements that he said have nothing to do with integrity.
Gee, has it become acceptable for High Court justices, appellate justices and Sandiganbayan justices to be half-wits and morons?
Hilbay insists that the 1987 Constitution unequivocally states that Sereno, like the President, may only be removed from office through the impeachment process.
It appears that Hilbay, like many Sereno supporters is deliberately forgetting the fact that even as the then Hilario Davide Supreme Court justices were aware of the fact that despite the Constitution stating clearly that presidents and other constitutional officials may only be removed from office through the impeachment process, that yellow Davide Supreme Court ousted then sitting President Joseph “Erap” Estrada, who moreover, was democratically elected by the Filipino people, despite the fact that Estrada was tried in a Senate court, but was not impeached, nor did he resign, nor was he permanently incapacitated and he certainly is not dead.
There was no other president who was ousted by the Supreme Court and completely without any evidence or precedent to back up the Davide Court’s unconstitutional ouster of Estrada. The frigging yellows were certainly not coming up with any consitutional reasons that Hilbay and the opposition give today in the case of Sereno.
If the SC can on its own, remove a president who has not even been convicted by an impeachment court, why not its chief justice? After all, the SC certainly can discipline its people.
So why do these yellows scream today, with the Solgen filing a quo warranto petition against Sereno which may result in her removal as she is certainly not qualified to hold on to that top SC post.?
As for Sereno, she should stop portraying herself as a victim of injustice and persecution, because she isn’t.






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