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‘Mr. Allegations’ Trillanes

Everything seems to be going badly for the Liberal Party (LP) and some of its allies in the Senate, such as Antonio Trillanes.
The Supreme Court acting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal has given Vice President Leni Robredo the shakes, as the PET has ruled in favor of former Sen. Bongbong Marcos in the matter of his election protest to go ahead.
The Court of Appeals (CA) has also as ruled against Sen. Leila de Lima’s plea for a temporary restraining order (TRO) to stop the Department of Justice’s investigation on her alleged drug links.
And now, chances are high that “Mr. Allegations” Trillanes will be proved again to be a lemon, since his “reliable sources” and the witnesses he presents are generally not reliable at all. He stressed that the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) bank records prove that President Duterte has P2 billion in his bank accounts.
The big problem with the AMLC is that this was done by the AMLC under Julia Abad Bacay, which council was clearly politically influenced, and its listing of bank transactions clearly manipulated to project that millions, if not billions, had been given as kickbacks to the political foes of Noynoy whom he had ordered charged and detained for plunder.
Recall the charge of Trillanes against then Vice President Jojo Binay that he had dummies, and that Binay’s bank accounts amounting to billions.
Recall too that it was the Bacay-AMLC that went to the CA to have the accounts of Binay as well as his alleged dummies frozen.
As it turned out, a court ruled that the Binay had just one bank account with the amount of P1 million.
The AMLC also took forever to release to the National Bureau of Immigration (NBI) through the DoJ, the request for the AMLC for the bank records of both de Lima and the convicts in Muntinlupa who were into drug trafficking.
This is also the same AMLC that freely leaked to the media and Aquino allies’ bank records of the now detained three senators even when the law on bank accounts confidentiality had been breached.  The same was done earlier in the case of Binay, when his charges of Binay billions were hidden in his alleged dummies’ bank accounts.
No proof at all presented. It was to destroy his chances in the presidential polls.
At least now, with a newly appointed AMLC head, after the Bacay resignation, the DoJ’s requested bank accounts had been handed over with speed and the case against de Lima has become more solid — enough to have her arrested, cuffed and detained for the drug related offense.
But in pathetic bid to create a scandal revolving around the President and place him in a defensive position, Trillanes dared President Duterte, mainly to deflect attention on the LPs and many cases, including the role of their political patron, Noynoy Aquino, on his alleged billions in his and his family’s bank accounts which Trillanes demands that the President make public these bank accounts.
He came up with yet another lemon, given the fact that his current charges against Duterte is merely a rehashed version of his allegations during the campaign, and make good his own claim against Duterte with Trillanes stating that he will resign if proven wrong, as Trillanes once said.
But of course Trillanes claims that he has reliable and credible sources to back up his allegations. However, it is the same source whom he earlier claimed to be reliable, one Jose de Mesa whom the media have been unable to prove his existence.
Besides, his, and de Lima’s reliable sources and witnesses, have proved to be charlatans, such as the coached and perjury-prone Edgar Matobato whose tale against Duterte was all shot.
Trillanes credibility — if he still has an iota of it, can no longer be taken seriously. He has flunked too many times on the credibility test. Then too, his accusations are all a rehash of the earlier charges and won’t create the scandal that Trillanes hopes to have.
In a televised report, Duterte slammed Trillanes, saying that in his three-minute video, Duterte lambasted his accuser, pointing out that Trillanes is on his last term and that he has nothing to lose if he would resign from office which explains his penchant for always daring the President to resign,” he said.
He added: “He (Trillanes) actually has no political career after his term in office expires in less than two years,” as he also hinted that Trillanes is engaged in illegal activities.
“It is known in the Senate that Trillanes uses his office to ask for retainers and that this has become a lucrative business for him,” he said.
Trillanes really has no chance at all to even be elected after a three hiatus.
And good riddance too.

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