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No to Senate seat, yes to vice presidency

Despite his good showing in a Senate seat victory in 2019, former Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos made it clear yesterday that he will not be seeking a Senate seat in the 2019 midterm elections, saying he is focused on winning his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.
Said he: “I am not running for senator in 2019. I will not stop my election protest because I firmly believe that I was cheated out of my victory as vice president in 2016. I am also convinced that I was cheated during the last elections and I will, through my election protest, prove that I was cheated and for the people to know just who they had chosen to be their vice president,” Marcos said during a weekly media forum in Manila.
The way it usually goes in the Supreme Court (SC) acting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, once an electoral protestant runs for an elective seat, the PET—at least in the past—always waited for the time the protestant runs for an elective seat, after which it quickly rules that the protestant had already abandoned his protest.
Marcos Jr., pointed to the protest cases of the past, one of which was filed by the late Sen.Miriam Defensor Santiago, who ran and lost to former President Fidel Ramos after the 1992 national elections.
Then there was the case of then vice presidential candidate Loren Legarda, who filed a protest against then vice presidential candidate Noli de Castro, who won the vice presidency. He was Gloria Arroyo’s vice president.
Legarda decided to run for the Senate in 2007. Again, the SC ruled that her protest against de Castro has been deemed abandoned, since she ran for the Senate.
In the case of defeated candidate Mar Roxas, he instead held a Cabinet post and did not run for the Senate in 2013. This being the case, the SC actually waited to rule on the issue after the six years of Roxas protest, which was useless. In 2016, Roxas ran and lost to then presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte.
The impression gathered by the electorate is that the SC, as the PET, is not keen in rocking the presidential and vice presidential vote, preferring to retain the status quo, apparently not caring a whit that the person sitting as president in Malacañang, or the vice president sitting in his office, is a fraud, and not elected by the Filipino people.
Year after election year, elections in this country are marred with fraud, which can only mean that the PET, The Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) and the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET) have in some cases, defrauded the Filipino electorate’s of its vote and worse, the electorate is then stripped of their vote for their chosen candidate as an unelected candidate has robbed the real winner of his elected seat.
In the case of the protest of Marcos, which he vows to see to the end, he may have the same fate as Roxas, only in the sense that the PET will not rule on his protest until after the term of Leni Robredo as vice president runs out.
But Marcos says that even as he appreciates the “continued support” of the public, the former senator pointed to the importance of knowing the “real” result of the 2016 vice presidential contest.
“What is at stake here is not only my candidacy, not only the result of the vice presidential election, but what is also at stake here is the electoral process. And for the people to know just who really won.”
Already, going by Marcos’ recent accusations against the PET, more specifically, at SC Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa,a Noynoy Aquino appointee, who is the justice in charge of the case.
Marcos accused Caguioa of favoring Robredo, who is also a Liberal Party member.
Marcos yesterday slammed the unfair actions of the SC sitting as the PET saying he is dismayed by the decisions being made by Justice Caguioa especially since it is clear that all his decisions favor the other side (Robredo).
Reports said the SC earlier dismissed Marcos’ appeal to allow the technical examination of the voters’ signatures in each of the 2,756 clustered precincts in Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao and Basilan, the results of which Marcos wanted voided, until the termination of the recount of ballots from the pilot provinces of Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental.
The former senator had asked for a technical examination in three Mindanao provinces allegedly because of the existence of fake voters.
The PET also allowed Robredo to be furnished soft copies of the ballots and reports from the decrypted secure digital (SD) cards from Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental even if she did not shoulder a single centavo for the process.
Perhaps Caguioa and yes, even Justice Marvic Leonen should stay away from the Marcos protest.
After all, the SC Justices must not only be fair, but perceived by the people as fair.


  • Stefan Belmonte

    It does not take a genius to understand that Hontiveros and Trillanes could only have won senate seats because of massive cheating in the 2013 elections. Similarly it took massive cheating to have Franklin Drilon have much more votes than Duterte and be the no. 1 senator. And Robredo? Nobody knew Leni Robredo in most parts of the Philippines while Marcos was very well known. Only massive cheating enabled Bautista's Comelec to have Robredo come up with the come from behind, thief in the night win.

    Stefan Belmonte Monday, 15 January 2018 11:26 Comment Link
  • JVV123

    Ms. Ninez is showing her hypocritical streak pretending to be a journalist but is unabashed propagandist for either Bongbong or Duterte. The fact is, if she is a truly a genuine journalist she should, at least observe some qualities of that illustrious profession and avoid making comments pro-Bongbong or anti-Leni until the electoral process is over.

    JVV123 Friday, 12 January 2018 22:06 Comment Link
  • Tonyboy

    Yellow justices (Caguioa and Leonen) should inhibit themselves from BBM's protest vs. Yellow's rigging of election if they have the DELICADEZA. And the PET should act as collegial body, not a man show of Caguioa!

    Tonyboy Friday, 12 January 2018 20:02 Comment Link
  • amissah

    Is there any way to change Caguioa, a yellow leaning justice? by a neutral SC justice... Is there any petition to dislodge a non-neutral PET justice.

    People want the truth....
    We dont want a FAKE.VP....

    Filipinos deserves the truth....And of course, the truth will come first from SC PET...

    amissah Thursday, 11 January 2018 11:55 Comment Link
  • peter alagano

    Based on all circumstances surrounding the defeat of BBM in the recent Vice Presidential Elections by LeniLugaw ROBredo, it could be deduced that it was the handiwork of a Massive Grand Conspiracy thru SMARTMATIC-COMELEC-LPigs masterminded by "Mister UNAWARE Aka Dengvaxia Monster" et al.., spreading their tentacles down the PET headed by a lackey to ensure that the electoral protest of BBM will be delayed until the last day of office of their protege. KAGIWA should inhibit and be replaced by a neutral Associate Justice like Lucas Bersamin or whoever fits with proven track record and integrity not tainted by Yellow.. Since, all requirements has been deemed complied by both parties, the PET should expedite the manual recounts to see the real winner, otherwise the PET is a useless and dead institution and be weeded outright in any means..

    peter alagano Thursday, 11 January 2018 08:28 Comment Link
  • Doy Bisaya

    Who is in right mind placed an Abnoy appointee as Justice of this case? Where is the fair and balance? dito mo talaga makikita na sira nga ang ulo ni CJ Sereno! Dapat huwag maglagay as Justice sa PETna appointee ni Abnoy dito para magkaalaman talaga kung sino ang panalo. at para kay Robredo, ma'am kung talagang kampante kayo na panalo kayo bakit ba takot na takot kayong ma umpisahan na ang bilangan at panay delay kayo ng delay?

    Doy Bisaya Thursday, 11 January 2018 07:57 Comment Link
  • Do not favor the evil doing

    Electoral fraud is a crime, JVV123 you are one of those who wants the criminals to succeed. Shame on you.

    Do not favor the evil doing Thursday, 11 January 2018 06:34 Comment Link
  • JVV123

    This is a blatant self-serving pro-Bongbong article and is bent in supporting it's candidates cause. No wonder it does its best to undermine whatever is happening in its protestation to revise the result. This is the kind of politics that that can happen only in a country like the Philippines. The fact is, the people have voted and Bonbong had so much baggage that's hard to swallow for the majority of the Filipinos.

    JVV123 Thursday, 11 January 2018 06:20 Comment Link
  • jesus nazario

    Ms. Ninez, and whoever is interested, please get a copy (digital or hardcopy but digital is better being instantly deliverable with zero shipping cost) of the best book on the specter of automated electoral systems ever written so far. It contains through a set of 25 Q&As and forensic processes exhaustive legal and scientific explanations and evidence on how automation totally compromised elections through the "publicly unobserved/unobservable votes" devious scheme since it started being used some 15 years ago at ever-increasing degree of travesty in of all places the United States of America which is supposed to be the certified beacon of democracy. Most importantly, it contains in vivid and convincing details and amazing parallelism a blueprint of how our own automated elections since 2008 (in ARMM as a pilot) and nationally from 2010 as the binding electoral system were massively fraudulently conducted. Bottomline this is a MUST-READ for all thinking Filipinos.

    The book is titled "CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and The New American Century," authored by Jonathan D. Simon. It is available at and the book's website downloadable at a very low price at Amazon and even free at the website. It also has a more expensive hard copy. Get it now and see in graphic horror how our elections have been cheated massively through a sickeningly wide and deep collusion of the players supposedly safeguarding our elections in and out of government including media. Instead they did a treasonous and unforgivealke "Bantay Salakay" of the supposed bedrock of our democracy.

    I would even dare call the local version of this criminal act “CODE YELLOW.”

    jesus nazario Thursday, 11 January 2018 05:55 Comment Link
  • inocent

    Atty. Makalintlal knows Leni Robredo is losing so their strategy is to delay and delay the recounting operations. Another strategy is to hire yellow propagandists led by Makalintal himself to run for the Senate so his protest is voided. These are moves of old dogs which are very familiar especially if the members of the PET is cooperative.

    inocent Thursday, 11 January 2018 03:42 Comment Link

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