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One ear and out the other

Critics of Rody never stop, with the latest criticism being aired by Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano in the House of Representatives as well as Sen. Riza Hontiveros, both of whom slam Rody on virtually every statement he makes, sarcastically, tongue in cheek or just jokingly.
With Rody saying that if the Supreme Court nullifies his martial law declaration, he will obey the ruling of the High Court and will immediately order  the withdrawal of the troops in Marawi and elsewhere in Mindanao, where the ISIS allies with the Maute Group have been fleeing, there they went blasting Rody.
But Rody stressed that if such a Marawi type incident happens again in any part of the country, no one but no one can stop him from declaring and imposing martial law, that he said may just be the copy cat version of the Marcos martial rule.
These critics are not stupid not to know that under the present Charter, there is no way Rody can do as he claims, unless of course he has the total loyalty of his military and police brass.
This is the reason Ferdinand Marcos succeeded in imposing martial law in the entire Philippines. Without his loyal “Rolex” generals, among whom was Fidel Ramos who certainly implemented the martial law orders and jailed all the political foes of Marcos, Marcos would have been quickly overthrown and by his military.
Alejano pounced on Rody statement, saying there really is no need for martial law since Rody, as president and commander in chief of all the armed forces of the Philippines and can call on them  to quell the rebellion.
Probably. However, without martial law, can these bomb making experts and members of the Maute Group have been arrested without any warrants?
Can the military and police, even in checkpoints, really search these vehicles and passengers who are wanted?
The law does not even allow those uniformed personnel manning the checkpoints to check inside the vehicle. They can look, but can’t search without a search warrant and cannot just take anything out of the vehicle.
Frankly, in all of these 28 days or so after the declaration of martial law in Marawi, there certainly have been no abuses and even the yellow Commission on Human Rights had to admit this.
It does like like Alejano and his mentor, Sen. Antonio Trillanes, are just frustrated that nothing they try to do to destroy Rody and get him out of Malacañang, succeeds.
They must be gnashing their teeth in frustration as Rody and his military are winning the war against the ISIS-affiliated Maute Group, something at which they could never  succeed, given their many failures in their attempts to oust sitting presidents though coups which had no supporters, even from the military itself.
Hontiveros took a different tack in criticizing Rody, saying that there is no such thing as “unli-martial law,” or unlimited martial law.
She slammed Rody over his recent remark that the next time he declares martial law, it would be “indefinite” and a Marcos “copycat.”
“There is no such thing as an indefinite martial law in our Constitution and laws. There is no  unli-martial law,” she said.
Geez. She just had to say something by way of criticizing Rody. Hontiveros is not stupid. She certainly knows that when Rody says his martial law would be indefinite, he clearly meant it wouldn’t be a martial law declaration for 90 days, which is what he has been vested with such power under the Constitution.
But she went on, saying that “even if President Duterte manages to implement this type of martial law, I am confident that the people will oppose and defeat it.,” stressing that the people ousted  Ferdinand Marcos and can easily oust a  Marcos copycat,” she said.
Hontiveros, like other Rody critics, is reading the public pulse wrongly. The people in general support the martial law declared by Rody.
Besides there is hardly any doubt that the ISIS is a presence in this country and not just in Marawi City.
Filipinos have seen on TV news, whether local or international news, just how difficult it has been for the Iraqi government forces to get rid of the ISIS fighters in just a small part of Mosul and where the Iraqi civilians kept as hostages of ISIS fighters were making a dash to leave that part of Mosul still in control of the ISIS fighters.
Is this what the anti-Duterte yellows really want for the country and the Filipinos?
No matter what these yellows say, they know that Filipinos no longer see  them as heroes and saints. They have lost all influence politically.
It’s over for them, no matter how many times they criticize Rody.


  • T Infante

    You are so right about the Yellows. They don't mean anything to the majority of Filipinos. They lost their credibility. In my opinion, they don't deserve a "second look".

    Good point. You hit it right through the heart.

    Wag mo naman kami e-123, 123, 123. Nakaka-hilo ka. You are just everywhere. But, you deserve a free ticket to Marawi and give your yellow speech in that place. Please post in the social media when get there and do a selfie too.

    T Infante Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:56 Comment Link
  • kaloy

    Ang malaking kaibahan nga Marcos ML at DU30 ML ay ito... Marcos ML is implemented by RAMOS "D'BUTCHER" kung saan maraming hinuling mga komunista at tenurture ng mga PC... Sa ML ni DU30 wala ng utak RAMOS...

    kaloy Monday, 19 June 2017 23:30 Comment Link
  • castro charles


    castro charles Monday, 19 June 2017 22:30 Comment Link
  • Dayne

    All of these yellows don't mean anything anymore to us Filipinos. What a sad group of crying and shrieking "mantis" trying to get attention for election purposes.Lugaw na kamong tanan. Better start behaving like normal thinking individuals...maybe we will give you a 'second look'!

    Dayne Monday, 19 June 2017 22:00 Comment Link
  • beloyars

    FM is one the best president of the PI before Duterte. In my opinion, Marcos ML was good. It was declared with approval from 5-square in USA. But after 1976 FM is not anymore in control of PI due his to illness. It was during this period that 5-square people are planning to look for another person to lead the country but under their skirt. Hence, the emergence of snap election. The rest was history

    beloyars Monday, 19 June 2017 21:12 Comment Link
  • beloyars

    FM is one the best president of the PI before Duterte. In my opinion, Marcos ML was good. It was declared with approval from 5-square in USA. But after 1976 FM is not anymore in control of PI due his to illness. It was during this period that 5-square people are planning to look for another person to lead the country but under their skirt. Hence, the emergence of snap election. The rest was history

    beloyars Monday, 19 June 2017 21:11 Comment Link
  • ffjr

    All those opposed to the declaration of Martial Law are people who have nothing more sensible to do but to banner their opposition to Duterte's quick and decisive action in Marawi city. They refuse to admit that the on-going disturbance of the peace and order there is the result of wide-range planning to create a Caliphate State in the entire Mindanao. Marawi happens to be just their(Muslims against the government) staging area to start a massive plan to sow fear among the populace and to create destruction of properties. The fighting in Marawi which is almost a month now shows the strength of their funds and armaments, Their weapons as declared by the Military are highly sophisticated ones. Where , how, and why they were able to get those weapons requires in-depth investigation. by Congress. Those petitioners against the declaration of Martial Law should instead switch their time and energy into probing this also, rather than discussing a part of Law in the Constitution where it was the Creation of so called people with higher intelligence but lacking common sense. Those who framed the 1987 Constitution did not submit it to the Filipino people for review and approval in a national election. It was a Constitution reeked with questionable provisions. A Constitution not only well-thought but hurriedly made to benefits the Oligarchs of the Philippines with the blessing of those so-called highly learned and schooled individuals whose benefits would surely be served. Pag nagsamasa ang mga abogado sa isang lugar, gulo at lalong confusion ang mangyayari. Walang gustong patalo. Puro satsat lang. Punta kayo lahat sa Marawi ng makita ninyo ang gulo na ginagawa ng mga kalaban ng govierno.

    ffjr Monday, 19 June 2017 20:44 Comment Link
  • JVV123

    Everybody seems to be going around the bush, including this columnist. If the people just follow the constitution as it covers the invocation of martial law, this rancor and constant arguments would cease. It's the free- wheeling, wishy washy comments and the reaction from opposition and the grunting from everyone else that's creating the noise. If we follow the constitution and respect each others role, the process should reach fruition. and all the hogwash we are doing now are for naught. What good is the law or what benefit can we derive from our constitution if all our efforts are directed to circumvent it? find loopholes in it?or totally ignore it?

    JVV123 Monday, 19 June 2017 16:52 Comment Link
  • Clamor

    Alejano doesn't know what Martial Law is? He was born on January 22,1973, which means that when the Marcos-declared martial law was lifted on January 17, 1981, he was still playing on the street and could not possibly relate to it by experience. The ML was lifted just 4 days short of Alejano's 8th birthday.

    Now, do we really have to listen to what he says about ML?

    Clamor Monday, 19 June 2017 15:52 Comment Link

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