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Out, out, damn (yellow) spots

What gall these yellow hypocrites and their equally hypocritical allies have.
The yellow senators, led by Kiko Pangilinan, plus of course their ally and attack dog Antonio Trillanes had the effrontery to warn the Supreme Court Justices against efforts to oust Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno, outside of the impeachment case against her, which they said would be unconstitutional apart from the SC justices usurping the power of the Senate.
Pangilinan and Trillanes were quoted as saying that “It will be a brazen usurpation of the exclusive power of Congress under the Constitution.
“May I remind these justices that any unconstitutional act they commit now, can be used as a ground for impeachment against them later on under a different administration,” Trillanes added.
Pangilinan, who is a lawyer and current chairman of the Senate committee on constitutional amendments and revision of codes, stressed that a sitting chief justice cannot be removed through any other process except through impeachment and a trial and a conviction in an impeachment court.
“Any manner other than impeachment in removing a sitting Chief Justice or any justice, or any official who are impeachable is contrary to the Constitution,” he said.
How credible can these yellow hypocrites be, considering the fact—and it is verifiable fact, since it part of Philippine coups d’etat history—that these yellows and their allies are known to embrace the unconstitutional ways whenever they want to depose a leader they dislike?
And isn’t this so laughable that Trillanes, who has staged too many unsuccessful coups against then President Gloria Arroyo, has the effrontery to even warn the associate SC Justices against ousting Sereno when he is in the business of plotting ousters of non-yellows and all for them to grab power and position they lost when Duterte was elected president?
Who are they to warn the 13 justices against ousting Sereno?
In the first place, Trillanes is a senator—at least until 2019 and can’t hope to return to the Senate. He may not even make it to the House of Representatives as a Magdalo Party lister as he has already destroyed himself as a politician and a trouble maker. But even arguing that he wins a House seat, he will be in the minority, that’s for sure, and even if he, as a congressman, gets an impeachment complaint against the SC justices going, does Trillanes really think that his complaint will get anywhere in the House?
Pathetic really are Trillanes and the Yellows when they try to take the high moral ground, since they are the very ones who go against the Constitution and blatantly disrespect and thwart the will of the sovereign people through their democratic vote as well as being known to defenestrate the provisions of the Constitution.
Have they forgotten the fact that it was the Yellows, such as Noynoy Aquino, his mother, Cory, Pangilinan, Frankllin Drilon and other yellows, as well as the Catholic bishops, along with elites and their socialites and leftists disrespected the constitutional way to remove a president through impeachment and a Senate trial in the impeachment case of then sitting President Joseph Estrada, who went through a Senate trial that acquitted him. Yet what did these yellows do, if not oust Estrada unconstitutionally by staging yet another yellow coup d’etat against Estrada?
And didn’t the then Supreme Court, whose chief justice, yellow Hilario Davide jr. and his yellow justices come up with the “constructive resignation” doctrine to legitimize the yellows’ unconstitutional ouster of Estrada? Why didn’t they warn the then SC of the unconstitutionality of its removal of a sitting president, if they truly believe that the SC should not remove Sereno?
The SC could “constitutionally oust a President, in which the yellows rejoiced, but the SC can’t oust the chief justice but can oust a duly elected president of the Philippines who moreover was acquitted in a Senate trial, but not a chief justice who has been proven to be unqualified for even the post of an associate justice, and worse, she is clearly unfit mentally to take on the top post, considering the fact that there was fraud and her manipulation as well as the acquiescence of the Judicial Bar and Council to give in to her fraudulent moves and broke the strict rules to get Sereno in the shortlist. And these frigging yellows have the nerve to state that the SC cannot oust Chief Justice Sereno except through a Senate trial?
It is the yellows who should be ousted—through elections. They have caused too much destruction to the Constitution and other laws of the country.
Out, out, damn (yellow) spots!


  • Napoleon Abando

    Whatever was done it’s done. What is the best remedy to correct this unfortunate milestone. The Quo Warranto I think is the best to do it. It corrects the wrong appointment. The impeachment is done if the CJ did officially commit
    Unconstitutional acts which requires prolonged politico
    Judicial process. The appointment was a mistake and to. Ore the it is by QUO WARRANTO. End of the story. No more zarzuelainthe Senate.

    Napoleon Abando Friday, 09 March 2018 00:33 Comment Link
  • peter alagano

    DE FACTO CJ KAPALMUKZ BALIW SIRANA better RESIGN NOW..Nandyan na sundo mo si CJ Corona..

    peter alagano Tuesday, 06 March 2018 17:38 Comment Link
  • eye opener

    yellow yellow is the color try to blame, when its their turn to twist the fact on their side, imagine yellow to blame on the ouster of Estrada? the writer seems ignore the fact that Estrada is a real thief , or Marcos is a saint and not the all time corrupt or say all the corrupt in our history seems to be vindicated by the writer and blame the yellow to all the misery of Philippine facing now..shame as i could say and really money can spin someones thought that everything is alright in the Philippines as long as you are payed to glorified the mean evil spirited government as we have now a days...i cant even think we are sinking ship now ..

    eye opener Tuesday, 06 March 2018 15:45 Comment Link
  • ren fuentes

    LORIE, if i am not mistaken, escudero, tupaz n de5 were members of the jbc. escudero, if i am not mistaken, proclaimed then that sereno substantially complied with the jbc requirements thus qualified. me thinks that these boy sisi loyalists were the 'bastonero' of boy sisi to sway the jbc to include sereno in the list first as associate justice then later on as sc chief. btw, escudero voted for impeachment of the late corona due to defect in his SALN. corona filed each year his SALN, but sereno DID NOT FILE her SALN yearly. me thinks she committed a major violation of the law than the late corona

    ren fuentes Tuesday, 06 March 2018 10:14 Comment Link
  • ren fuentes

    sa 2019, ZERO VOTES FOR THE LPs AND ALLIES. that is the only way to go.

    ren fuentes Tuesday, 06 March 2018 10:01 Comment Link
  • Codicks

    Perhaps out of desperation, CJ Sereno might have prayed to all saints including Sto. Noynoy who then might have heard her prayers so he reportedly called a meeting with some senators obviously to discuss the problem of her protector Sereno. If in the late Renato Corona case he was successful in bribing the then senator- judges to convict Corona, this time around it remains to be seen if he will be successful in bribing the senator- judges to acquit his protector Sereno.

    Codicks Tuesday, 06 March 2018 09:58 Comment Link
  • Roldan Guerrero

    If Sereno is the DOBERMAN of Aquino, Trillanes is the CHIUAUA of the now sinking LP. This Sundalong KANIN Knows only how to BARK but HARMLESS. Most of the time he BARKS AT THE WRONG TREE. The LP will soon Rest In Peace ( R.I.P. ) and they will soon stop menacing our country. By that time, progress and peace will be within reach to us Filipinos.

    Roldan Guerrero Tuesday, 06 March 2018 09:53 Comment Link
  • Lorie

    I have faith that the Supreme Court will rise to the challenge and do what is right in the matter of the illegal appointment of Sereno. I hope they will pursue the syndicate that made this appointment possible from Benigno Aquino III down to the members of the JBC.

    Lorie Tuesday, 06 March 2018 09:07 Comment Link
  • Boy Hen

    Ang problema sa mga yellow ribbon sila lang ang nagkarinigan sa isat isa ang taong bayan hindi na sila pinapansin. Tingnan mo pag mag rally hindi na nga makaabot ng isang libo tatlong daan lang. Walang matakbuhan si Sereno check mate na at fully support ang korte suprema na mga empleyado sa ginagawa ng mga associate justices.

    Boy Hen Tuesday, 06 March 2018 07:43 Comment Link
  • odel

    There is a difference between sitting and squatting.

    odel Tuesday, 06 March 2018 07:12 Comment Link

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