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Overacting Leila

There Leila goes with her overdone dramatics, saying that should something happen to her, only Rody Duerte is to be blame.
And why does she say that? As she claimed, Leila noted that the “veiled threat” came when Rody mentioned her name in passing.
“All of his statements related to killings are already disturbing to me. But this is doubly disturbing to me personally. I take it as a veiled threat. Why, all of a sudden will he mention my name when he talks about killings?” she asked.
“So logically, I am included among their targets. So I’m taking this seriously,” de Lima added.
“He said, ‘go out and hunt them, arrest them if it’s possible and if not, then if they present danger to you, put up a violent resistance, jeopardizing your life — shoot. That has always been my order. Ask any policeman if I ordered him to kill de Lima or kill anyone’ and then there was a noted, uneasy pause. That’s disturbing to me,” the senator said.
That already consists of a threat? Where’s the logic in that?
It was the speech delivered by Rody last Monday where the President stated that “he did not order anyone to kill the senator or anyone in his war against drugs.”
And Leila points to this statement of Rody as a “veiled threat” for her to be killed?
Good Grief! And to think that Leila is not only a lawyer — that is until she gets disbarred — but also once served as Justice chief!
She certainly knows that which she accuses Rody won’t prove that he should be the number one suspect. As a matter of fact, Rody made it clear that he has not ordered “anyone to kill the senator or anyone in his war against drugs.”
So he spoke of a senator, that probably referred to Leila, but even that is not enough for her to claim that Rody is out to have her killed. That is not even enough to have a case filed against Rody on probable cause.
Asserting that if anything happens to her, the number one suspect would be Rody, embattled Leila said as she is  now convinced to file a petition for a writ of amparo given the recent statements of Rody which she claimed proved that the threat against her life and security was serious.
She now says this is  her legal remedy  and will file this  before the Supreme Court because of what she claims is Rody’s threat against her.
Said she: “That is the only remedy I’m thinking of at this point. This time around, since it’s a threat, I consider it a veiled threat, I’m thinking of (filing) a writ of amparo,” she said.
This would be very very surprising if the High Court grants her this writ of amparo on just what she claims is a veiled threat to her issued by Rody.
But it is not only Rody against whom she will file the writ of amparo. Leila said she will also include among the respondents her perennial critics such as Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, Solicitor General Jose Calida and also the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) especially those who raised funds encouraging others to join and form a group against her.
“This writ is to tell them to stop threatening me, to tell them to stop issuing statements that can incite people, whether their own allies, their own supporters or other elements to harm me. That is the essence of the writ of amparo.”
Huh? Cases are lodged against her by the Justice Department and the National Bureau of Investigation and such is already considered by her as a threat?
And the VACC coming up with a P1 million bounty and not on her head either, is already a threat to have her killed?
Leila has really gone bonkers.
Truth is, Leila is certainly losing whatever credibility she had, that is if she had one at all, being a die-hard yellow.
She has turned herself into one screaming virago, and there is nothing strong about her either.
However, what is likely for her to have been transformed into such a termagant is probably due to the fact that she faces a slew of criminal cases lodged against her, along with the many disbarment cases that she has been ordered to comment by the High Court, not to mention the Senate Ethics case where she also faces a complaint, which , if she continues to wail about unfairness and bias of the Senate ethics panel, she may have to face the Senate as a whole, which is worse.
Her target is always Rody. Now she says he has repeatedly said that I’m the leading narco-politician and public enemy number one which makes her fair game for sinister things.
Leila insists that Rody should be held responsible if something happens to her.
“Take my word or note my word: if something happens to me, he is the one responsible, directly and indirectly,” the senator stated.
As Rody would probably say in his Visayan slang, “ ka buwang ining senadora. Pisting yawa gid.”

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