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Pulling the rug from under the yellows

Looks like the rug was pulled from under the yellows, although Antonio Trillanes and company’s won’t admit it--yet.
Trillanes’ sidekick, Magdalo partylister Gary Alejano, must have thought that by filing a complaint against Rody Duterte a day after Congress went on recess, that he, along with a lot of other yellows and Trillanes would have at least two months demonizing Duterte as they await the reopening of congressional sessions.
They however, have run out of luck as Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez had one over them, just by announcing that he is studying to file an impeachment complaint against Vice President Leni Robrebo, based on betrayal of public trust.
For days now, the public attention on Alejano’s impeachment complaint has been diverted to Robredo’s probable impeachment in the House of Representatives, as talks and analyses will be focused on her and her impeachment, which frankly, is much more interesting than the impeachment complaint filed by Alejano against Rody.
Still, Alejano continues to try too hard in keeping the impeach Rody move alive by holding press conferences where he claims it will fly, since many of those who wanted to vote no in the death penalty but were forced to vote yes, are resentful over the alleged coercion applied on the members of majority which in turn will join the Minority and Alejano group’s impeachment complaint to attain the desired number and get the impeachment complaint moving.
That’s bravura on Alejano’s part. He knows his complaint will not even get to first base, although the impeachment complaint to be filed against Leni certainly gets 100 and even more congressmen’s signatures.
Their plan of course is for them to elevate this to the International Criminal Court (ICC), after the complaint fails to get the needed vote to elevate it to the Senate.
But that’s the problem with amateurs. Even if they bring this case against Rody to the ICC, it will hardly bear fruit. They have absolutely no evidence to back up their charges, and they know it. However, what they are angling for is local and international attention, something that Rody doesn’t bother with, as it gives him the chance to cuss the Western governments and foreign parliaments more often.
Besides, his supporters like his stance of not being subservient to big powers.
If Alejano thinks that filing an impeachment complaint against Rody, through a “creeping” complaint, i.e., using the two-month period of congressional recess to convince other congressmen to sign the complaint, Alejano may well be out of luck.
Let me put it this way. Unlike in the time of the Estrada impeachment complaint where no plenary vote was made, due to then Speaker Manny Villar segueing from the prayer to state that the complaint against Estrada will be sent directly to the Senate for trial, there was a forthcoming election and Villar, along with the signatories of the impeachment complaint, were looking to be elected senators, with some others eyeing a position in a new Arroyo administration.
Not so under the Duterte government. The next senatorial polls will still be held in 2019 or close to two years from today, which means there is nothing from which the congressmen can benefit, by way of running for the Senate or get an appointed position in the Executive department. Which party will they latch on to? The Liberal Party?
They may even lose their 2018 congressional allocations, since Malacañang and the Budget chief can always say there’s no money for their congressional allocations even when the funds kick in.
For the sake of argument, should Alejano succeed in getting the 97 votes from congressmen, and follow the route of the political opposition in the then Congress during Estrada’s presidency, Alejano, using the precedent, will make it much easier for Leni to get impeached and tried before the Senate, compared to Alejano’s impeach Rody move, which will hardly go to Senate for trial.
This means that the yellows in Congress will also be outnumbered and will get no help at all by way of re-election and Leni gets convicted. But if Trillanes and the yellows go the same Edsa II route, sorry boys, this will be met with force from the police and the military as well as Rody’s supporters.
Sen. Franklin Drilon Liberal Party vice chairman said there is no basis for filing an impeachment complaint against Vice President Leni Robredo.
“I could not figure out how you connect criticisms of policies of this administration with betrayal of public trust. Maybe we should wait how the complaint against Leni will be connected.”
Oh, c’mon Frank. You of all people, should know that it’s all numbers and politics and not any basis or evidence. That’s what you and the yellows did in 2001 when you tried to convict Estrada and get re-elected to the Senate.
You and the yellows played dirty and you know it.



  • Elden Blaske

    Tip top stuff. I’ll expect more now.

    Elden Blaske Tuesday, 04 April 2017 11:35 Comment Link
  • Sonny Enriquez

    92% of Filipinos are happy with Digong. That is a lot of votes for congressmen and senators to consider when they are impeaching Leonor Robredo. These surveys cover only voters residing in the Philippines. There are many more out of country voters who just love Digong. All of these voters are fed up with the treason and betrayal of the Filipino people committed by Leonor Robredo. WE THE FILIPINO PEOPLE WANT ROBREDO IMPEACHED RIGHT AWAY!

    Sonny Enriquez Wednesday, 22 March 2017 06:08 Comment Link
  • marcial lex

    Majority of Filipinos will be more than happy if this worst pretender will be impeached leaving no hope for yellow zombies!!

    marcial lex Tuesday, 21 March 2017 11:22 Comment Link
  • madMax

    The hepa-infected opposition, must be wondering what hit them as it came from nowhere and am laughing out loud.

    madMax Tuesday, 21 March 2017 10:16 Comment Link
  • T Infante

    It's their exercise in futility.

    T Infante Tuesday, 21 March 2017 02:13 Comment Link
  • DICK

    Tapos na ang maliligayang araw ni VP Leni Robredo. Impeachment is a plolitical process and there is no more need to determine whether what she did was impeachable or not. Just the same, she will surely be " eaten alive " by Speaker Alvarez' Super majority in Congress.

    DICK Tuesday, 21 March 2017 01:56 Comment Link
  • DICK

    Tapos na ang maliligayang araw ni VP Leni Robredo. Impeachment is a plolitical process and there is no more need to determine whether what she did was impeachable or not. Just the same, she will surely be " eaten alive " by Speaker Alvarez' Super majority in Congress.

    DICK Tuesday, 21 March 2017 01:54 Comment Link
  • vg

    Good article.

    vg Tuesday, 21 March 2017 00:54 Comment Link

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