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Thank you, Senator Sotto

Most voters knew that there was massive cheating during the 2016 senatorial polls, despite the fact that everyone also knew that a real presidential candidate unquestionably won the race.
Now, the Filipinos’ suspicions and belief that some of the electronically elected officials have not been legitimately elected and are usurpers, are being confirmed.
Thanks to Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III and his privilege speech in which he yesterday bared, based on highly confidential information and evidence from his very reliable source whom he cannot at this time, name, indicated irregularities which altered the results of the 2016 senatorial, vice presidential and presidential elections.
Said Sotto: “All of us had zero votes. Only six, according to my source, benefited in the fraud in the early transmissions. Only six names of candidates were shaded, my source said.”
Sotto disclosed this to the Tribune after he delivered his privilege speech on the floor.
Fraudulent electronic votes for at least six candidates were transmitted in their favor to the transparency servers and board of canvassers long before the scheduled May 9 national elections formally opened.
As stated by Sotto: “What my source said is that the only shaded votes were found in the national candidates. Only six names were placed in the transmission. Not even local candidates’ names were shaded during the early transmission, my source said.”
The information furnished him showed a possible case of electoral sabotage during the conduct of the 2016 elections as transmission logs supposedly in joint custody of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and technology provider Smartmatic indicate that the transmission activity purportedly was made in the morning of May 8, 2016, a day before the May 9 elections .
Despite the fraud, then presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte, won resoundingly mainly because his victory was marked by a huge landslide that held more votes than the cheating machine could ensure his defeat.
But that does not mean that Duterte was was not cheated. It merely means that the rankings among the candidates would change. perhaps from number 5 to number 3 or 3 in ranking.
Duterte may not have been cheated out of his victory, but there was still cheating on his votes.
Certainly there were questions on who really won the vice presidential race which is still being resolved by the Supreme Court acting as a Presidential Electoral Tribunal.
There were also questions over the senatorial victory of detained Leila de Lima as a protest was lodged before the Senate Electoral Tribunal by the 13th senatorial candidate, former MMDA Francis Tolentino.
Already, with the protest votes being counted, Tolentino has noted some ballot irregularities and fraud in the Senate race.
There were a lot of questions surrounding the 2016 senatorial poll results, the reason being that the results were highly questionable.
While some senatorial bets were regarded as sure winners in the race, their rankings, however, were questionable, given the fact that in past senatorial races, even if these bets won, they made it to the magic 12, but hardly ever did they land as the first three winners.
Others who were hardly known as national figures, suddenly were among the topnotchers.
And worse, even as electoral fraud has always been noted year after every automated election year, the electorate wondered why the Comelec, from the time the country switched from manual voting to automated voting machines vote, always gave Smartmatic, which hardly had a clean reputation, the billions in pesos contract for their machines, no matter who ran the Comelec.
Smartmatic came into the Philippine electoral picture and, in its first year, people had already noted the irregularities and yes, even fraud, but the Comelec chiefs then always dismissed these allegations, including early evidence of Smartmatic and the Comelec itself not being upfront about these fraudulent moves.
Sotto said that one of the receiving end pointed to the Consolidated Canvassing System (CCS) of the Municipality of Libon, Albay.
“This is one of the many transmissions made on May 8. Just one of the early transmission activities which continued until May 9, 2016 in the morning, prior to the official conduct of the elections,” the Senate leader said on the floor.
“It is the machines that were voting, and about two before the precincts were open for the elections and only six candidates were on the machines. Everyone else got zero,” he said in an interview after his speech.
Sotto said Senator Lacson received zero votes in 819 precincts, Tolentino in 816 precincts, Senator Migz Zubiri and 693 precincts, Sotto said.
He also said that he too, was victimized by the Smartmatic machines.
Finally, there will be a Senate inquiry on this matter, and the Filipino people will know just how their sovereign will has been thwarted by automated machines and dirty politicians as well as dirtier Comelec fraudsters.
Thank you, Senator Sotto.






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