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The law of karma

It certainly looks like karma, the esoteric term for the logical law on cause and effect, is now catching up with the prime yellows, although the principal yellow, Noynoy Aquino, has managed to escape karma thus far, thanks to the protection of his loyal appointee, retired associate Supreme Court justice, now Ombudsman until July 2018.
Former Abakada partylist congressman, Jonathan de la Cruz, is reportedly mulling  plunder, malversation and graft charges against former Interior secretary and losing presidential candidate, Mar Roxas, along with fired Interior chief Ismael Sueno as well as a lot of other yellows, including the current Commission on Audit chief, who can’t b sued for now, as as he is an impeachable officer, for their approval the “unconstitutional” supply contracts for the purchase of 152 firetrucks worth P3 billion.
There should be more than enough irregularities to be found during the stint of Roxas when he served as Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) that had generally gone unnoticed, mainly because the then pro-administration media, also known as as the yellow media, hardly ever gave such stories negative to the Aquino administration prominence.
But there is more bad news for detained Sen. Leila de Lima, as the Department of Justice (DoJ) may just be impleaded since she had reportedly issued and signed a legal opinion approving the supply contract, although de Lima will probably get off easily as a legal opinion issued by her as Justice secretary is not necessarily a binding opinion in court cases.
Still, it could be, at the very least, gross negligence and ignorance on Leila’s part if she had not done enough due diligence and merely issued an opinion.
However, if she had issued such an opinion that was clearly detrimental to the Philippine government, at worst, she too, can be sued, as she will be impleaded in the same case.
It will be recalled that during the Senate hearing on the Mamasapano massacre, where Leila was called in as a resource person, she went into a passionate defense of her principal, former President, Noynoy Aquino, to rebut the claims of the then chief of the Special Action Forces  spoke of Aquino being responsible for the massacre of 44 SAF commandos in Mamasapano as he was the Commander in Chief.
There went Leila, arguing through her “legal opinion” that while Aquino was the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, he was not the C-I-C of the Philippine National Police, despite the fact that the 1987 Constitution clearly says that the President of the Philippines is the C-I-C of all the armed forces  of the Philippines, which means all the armed forces  that comprises the AFP and the PNP, the two legitimate agencies of government under the Executive department allowed by law to carry arms, in defense of the people and the country.
Leila knew that her “legal opinion” was baseless and unconstitutional, but she went on nevertheless with her “legal opinion” despite her being aware of her flawed opinion.
She could have done the same in the case of the alleged anomalous firetruck supply contract, maybe even knowing that big money in kickbacks could be made.
Still, all  this is up to the courts — if, and this is a big IF.
The big question of course is, once the cases of plunder, malversation and graft are filed against these yellows before the yellow Ombudsman, she again goes into “parameters” while reviewing the cases, if she even reviews such cases lodged against the yellows, and may either dismiss the cases against Roxas, Sueno and of course, Leila plus a few more.
Or, the same jaundiced and biased Ombudsman can merely give Roxas and Leila a mere  soft slap on the wrist, forfeit  their three months’ salary in their previous posts.
As for Sueno, who is not a yellow, he may  not be as lucky, and may get hit by the Ombudsman with plunder, malversation and graft plus permanent dismissal from any government appointed or elective post in government, which is what she has done to virtually all the political foes of her benefactor, Noynoy Aquino.
Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales certainly doesn’t stop there when it comes to Aquino’s political foes out of power, unlike her treatment of complaints when it comes to the yellows, where cases are dismissed quicker than quick, with some hoary excuses, such as dismissing the cases  against Aquino as his no longer being in power, as well as merely giving others charged for malversation like former Budget Secretary Butch Abad, a slap on the wrist and a paltry fine. Heck, such cases never even reach the Sandiganbayan. Morales makes sure of that.
Still, one may have to wait for karma to finally hit the yellows, else the law on cause and effect may just be flawed, just as flawed as the justice system we Filipinos have.

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  • isaias

    Katotohanan, katotohanan, hindi mapapasubalian, ang karma ay dadanasin hanggang ika apat na saling lahi ng mga taong tatamaan nito sampu ng kanyang magiging lahi.. Kahabag-habag ng mga tao yan, walang mahirap, walang mayaman, kahit pa ikaw ang pinakamapangyarihan sa mundong ito. Kabahag-habag ka tao.

    isaias Saturday, 22 April 2017 07:43 Comment Link

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