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The ways of playing dirty of the Tres Marias

It was Sen. Leila de Lima who had made sure, during her term as Department of Justice secretary under Noynoy Aquino, that Janet Lim-Napoles would get charged and convicted on a non-bailable charge of illegal detention and kidnapping of Benhur Luy, for the simple reason that she wanted Luy as her state witness against the three then opposition senators whom Noynoy wanted jailed by the Sandiganbayan.
In this case alone, it was clear, from CCTV evidence and even testimonies of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) that Napoles neither was Luy detained illegally nor was he kidnapped, since even the priests in the retreat house where Luy voluntarily went to, for his own retreat, was free to come and go.
Despite the strong evidence presented which should have acquitted her, she was convicted, and it is believed that the conviction of Napoles was due to public opinion, as she had been portrayed in the media as a hated figure.
Solicitor General Jose Calida is reported to be representing the convicted Napoles. And  again the media are speculating that, Napoles, being a supporter of President Rody Duterte, had the Solgen take up Napoles’ case, with further speculation that she is likely to be acquitted by the Court of Appeals as a political debt  to Napoles paid.
Never mind if Napoles’ case presented solid evidence to prove that Luy was lying through his teeth. But Leila needed him to perjure himself again, and use his lies against the accused three senators.
The sources of the story, five legal experts, all not identified were said to haven agreed that while it may not for now have a direct impact on the pork barrel cases pending before the Sandiganbayan, questions might be raised about the integrity of Benhur Luy’s testimonies in the illegal detention case, and against Napoles.
The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism and its sources should go through the evidence presented by Napoles, because her evidence against Luy was solid.
That Luy is not only a blatant liar but an perjurer as well, can be gleaned from the testimonies he gave against the three accused senators, all of which were clear hearsay evidence but media chose to portray Luy as not only a credible witness but also a man of integrity, despite the fact that he, a mere clerk in Napoles’ office, was earning P8 thousand, yet Luy has over  P100 million in his bank account, lots of valuable properties, went to trips abroad, with his mother and relatives who also have millions in the bank.
Luy had never directly seen the senators, nor did he deliver any money from the pork barrel funds of the senators.
But as Noynoy wanted them charged and detained for plunder, and his message was clear that he wanted the courts to detain them.
 In the manner, the word was out that Noynoy wanted the three senators charged with plunder and had Commission on Audit to come up with a special audit, and lo and behold, CoA chairman, Grace Pulido Tan, and Leila of course, ensured that Noynoy, who was a congressman for nine years and a senator for at three years, who also had pork barrel funds, was never audited. The same went for Mar Roxas, a congressman and senator, who was never audited for his pork barrel funds.
Tan spared Noynoy’s allies and the LPs, ensuring that they would not be charged with plunder. Only the three senators have been accused of the crime.
Leila came into the picture, saying that she had a “truckload of evidence,” which evidence was really the CoA audit report, which is hardly strong evidence.
As a matter of record, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, in the information she gave the court in filing charges against the three senators extrapolated the millions, cutting it into half of their allocated pork funds, to ensure that they had crossed the threshold of P50 million for the offense.
Even the questionable and politically motivated Anti-Money Laundering Council came up with claims that indeed, the three senators’ bank accounts showed their millions, by simply adding up the deposits and withdrawals but failed to identify where the money in their bank accounts were personal or pork barrel funds.
And of course Leila presented her “star” witness, Benhur Luy, to perjure himself again, of course, in exchange for having Luy acquitted for estafa charges filed by Napoles then while ensuring that the three senators would be jailed, and with the media making the three senators, whom they never liked, as guilty of having stolen public funds.
And media call themselves independent while they were clearly pro-Noynoy and biased against the three senators and anti-Duterte, as they were anti-Erap Estrada and Juan Ponce-Enrile.

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  • aces

    The very real root cause of this plunder case will never be resolved , Why? Very simple, because all of the plunderer are all sitting LP politicians of previous adm and their secretary of all agencies for example COA, who connived to cover-up each other so any funds that are disbursed are not noticeable making it to appear legitimate expenses tho its not. Just remember many of them are lawyers and accountants who knows to manipulate to serve their self-interest first along with their master.(sitting politician). everyone are guilty and no one shld be exhonerated, esp. Napoles the leader. Sad, the Filipino poor sufferred the most.

    aces Saturday, 18 February 2017 17:53 Comment Link

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