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Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno can’t get away with it this time around, since it is now the Supreme Court that has ordered her and the Judicial and Bar Council officials and officers to justify her eligibility for her having landed with an appointment to the top judicial post in 2012, a report from the Philippine Star stated.
Sereno has gotten away too many times with her refusal to attend the House impeachment hearings and has instead left all by way of explanation, to her propaganda group that more often than not, puts a different spin on what had occurred during the House impeachment panel hearings.
To a cite an example in a previous hearing, where it was disclosed by a JBC officer that Sereno had submitted three of her Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALNs) with one that was subscribed, while the other two were unsubscribed. yet there went her team made up of legal and spin doctors claiming that Sereno had “substantially complied with” the JBC requirements, but leaving out the fact that she had earlier written a letter to the JBC officials seeking for them to state that she had substantially complied with the requirements for an application to the highest post in the judiciary.
There were other statements she had given under oath, in her counter reply to the impeachment complaint lodged by Atty Lorenzo Gadon which clearly smacked of perjury as her statements were found to contradict what the resource persons had testified and presented documents.
The justices reportedly decided in session to require Sereno as well as regular members and officers of JBC during her application for the chief justice post to comment on the letter of the House of Representatives justice committee seeking “appropriate action” on the reported incomplete SALNs she had submitted to the council then.
Those required by the Supreme Court justices to answer the House’s request are, apart from Sereno JBC members Jose Mejia and Ma. Milagros Cayosa, former members retired justices Aurora Lagman and Regino Hermosisima Jr, JBC executive officer Annaliza Capacite and former chief of office of selection and nomination, now Judge Richard Pascual.
It was the House justice committee hearing the impeachment case against Sereno that alerted the SC as it asked the SC justices to take the “appropriate action” on the preliminary finding in the impeachment proceedings that Sereno supposedly did not comply with the 10-year SALN requirement for her chief justice application.
Said the letter: “Considering that the JBC is under the supervision of the SC, the committee on justice, House of Representatives, hereby forwards the following documents for the consideration and appropriate action of the honorable SC.”
Truth is that it was highly surprising that then then president, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, had chosen her from the list submitted to him—but what really was even worse, is the fact that the JBC had included her in the list that was submitted to the then president, despite the knowledge of the JBC officials that Sereno was hardly eligible for the top post, that she did not meet the requirements, and even gave in to her plea to have the JBC state that she had substantially complied with the JBC requirements while keeping important information hidden.
Now why would the JBC and the then congressional representative to the JBC, being the then Senate justice panel chair, Sen. Chiz Escudero, pushed for Sereno’s inclusion by stating that she had substantially complied with the JBC requirements amd hid he truth from the panel of JBC judges?
The JBC can deny it all it can, but the truth is that the JBC officials and some members of the JBC panel judges knew that Sereno failed to meet the strict requirements, but kept all this information hidden from the SC presiding justice and other JBC panel members then.
The other truth is that the JBC officials kept all this information to themselves and hid it from the panel because they knew what they were doing was wrong as they were taking their orders from then president Aquino and acted as puppets of Malacañang. And perhaps the Aquino message to list Sereno down in the JBC list for him to be able to appoint Sereno was relayed by Senator Escudero who really had no business stating that the now CJ had substantially complied with the requirements when she failed to do so.
One question to ask that demands an answer, not just to the SC justices but also the public, is why the JBC acted as a puppet of Aquino when they included in the list submitted to Aquino the names of now SC junior Justice Marvic Leonen, who had zero bench experience and yet another Aquino appointee, Justice Benjamin Caguioa, since there were a lot more candidates to the post of SC associate justices at that time, who deserved to have been appointed by Aquino.
That the JBC officials hid the information of Sereno’s very low marks which should have disqualified her, as well as her having submitted two unsubscribed SALNs which make it a piece of garbage since not having her subscribe her SALNs before a notary public could be filled with false information. Otherwise, why did she not have these SALNs notarized? This means that she had incomplete SALNs and that should be more than enough for her to be impeached and convicted.



  • JVV123

    I hope when the time comes the pro-Duterte group led by Ms. Ninez will realize the damage they have done to the country by supporting an autocratic leader.

    JVV123 Saturday, 24 February 2018 19:00 Comment Link
  • peter alagano

    KARMA on De FACTO CJ SERANA is now working badly. Lets see if the full force backing of the YELLOWSHITS/.OLIGARCHES to shell out 200M each will work for the SENATONGS that are perceived to acquit her. If convicted FINE but if acquitted despite of overwhelming pieces of evidence against her, there is no more reasons that the Senate still exist, worst The CROCS Senatongs will be exterminated by the MOBS..

    peter alagano Saturday, 24 February 2018 07:50 Comment Link
  • ed1151

    this case on sereno being included in the list of nominees for SC CJ position as allegedly push by noynoy even lacking qualifications is an act of a dictator... that is crystal clear!

    ed1151 Friday, 23 February 2018 10:56 Comment Link
  • told-you-so55

    Admitting that there was this undeniably massive conspiracy of corruption and public deception under "yellow law" in the past administration. Still amazes that Sereno is not kicked out as rapidly as Corona or that her appointee PNoy still escapes accountability for all their crimes.

    In RP justice there is such a thing as too much due process for a select few.

    told-you-so55 Friday, 23 February 2018 10:20 Comment Link
  • vg

    It looks like we had an Aquino administration that did not follow any rules or laws in doing what they wanted. Just look at what they did: DAP. SAF 44. Remove Corona with bribes to Senators. Install Sereno on the SC. Make Sereno the CJ. Oh and don't forget the vaccination program.

    vg Friday, 23 February 2018 07:58 Comment Link
  • kokey

    A nation so much divided because of too much politics. This is the sad picture of the Philippines today! Gone were the days when our country was regarded & envied as "Pearl of the Orient Sea."

    kokey Friday, 23 February 2018 07:42 Comment Link
  • jesus nazario

    Don't push her to resign, a la Comelec Bautista, let her suffer the consequences of a Senate trial under full and unfettered multi-media coverage plus live expert (true and independent ones) annotations on the proceedings from media studios.

    jesus nazario Friday, 23 February 2018 06:47 Comment Link
  • Mary Rose Cobar

    How come the members of the JBC and the JBC is still around? To protect the Yellows? And Sereno if she still know delicadeza which I doubt, should exit herself not only from SC but the Philippines as well! kapal ng mga mukha ng mga ito!

    Mary Rose Cobar Friday, 23 February 2018 06:42 Comment Link
  • Mary Rose Cobar

    How come the members of the JBC and the JBC is still around? To protect the Yellows? And Sereno if she still know delicadeza which I doubt, should exit herself not only from SC but the Philippines as well! kapal ng mga mukha ng mga ito!

    Mary Rose Cobar Friday, 23 February 2018 06:42 Comment Link
  • inocent

    Lourdes Sereno is now very near the gates of hell. She needs to chose if she will enter hell or run away and resign from her post.

    inocent Friday, 23 February 2018 02:42 Comment Link

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