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Time somebody tells her off

Interesting turn of events it is when President Rody Duterte finally had it with the unproved charges leveled by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales against Rody and this all done in a Japanese TV interview.
Just a few days ago, Morales told the Japanese interviewer that Rody’s rhetoric goads his people to kill people. This was a conclusion she made without any evidence in hand, and worse, claimed even before an investigation into these so-called extrajudicial killings, all of which are being unfairly attributed to Rody, has been started by her office.
Duterte’s first response was pretty polite in that he never mentioned Morales by name, although it was clear that he had given a response to her claim of Rody goading his policemen to kill people.
He asked if there is law against threatening criminals, clearly in response to Morales’ charge against him.
But yesterday, it does seem that Rody has had his fill of the sanctimonious, holier than thou and highly hypocritical Ombudsman who is also known for her partiality and of her being selective while protecting her yellows.
Her record certainly speaks of these ugly traits found in an Ombudsman.
Yesterday, Rody was quoted as saying in the vernacular to Morales. “You better shape up. You should be ashamed of yourself” as he hit back hard at Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales for criticizing him recently, saying his threats to kill criminals were unacceptable.
Duterte at the oathtaking of newly appointed officials in Malacañang said he would be willing to step down if Morales could find him a law barring him from threatening criminals.
“Why, is the Ombudsman not corrupt?” Rody was quoted as saying.
“Better have your Ombudsman shape up...Do not play God and shut up...You (Ombudsman) should be ashamed of yourself,” he stressed and asked Morales when did she start to anoint herself as the spokesman for the criminals.
“I am restraining myself because your brother is my balae (in law. Morales’ brother is married to his daughter Sarah)... You do not know what my problems are,” he said, as he recounted the drug and other security problems of the country.
Truth is, there is a legal and constitutional way to oust Ombudsman Morales as she has been overstaying in her position as Ombudsman.
Under the law, and Philippine jurisprudence, as she is the replacement of forced-to-resign Merceditas Gutierrez, the Ombudsman, Morales legally can only serve the remainder of Gutierrez’s term. There is no need to wait for Morales to retire by July 2018. She should have given up that position a long time ago.
And what is worse, she has been deliberately overstaying and protecting her yellow president and his allies.
Morales prior to her retirement, was an associate justice of the Supreme Court. She certainly knows about that SC ruling, but chooses to ignore it, even as she knows that she should no longer stay in the position of Ombudsman a minute longer.
A petitioner finally came up last month or so, seeking Morales’ ouster from the Ombudsman’s Office, precisely due to the Supreme Court’s earlier ruling on such a case.
But as usual, the High Court has not moved on this case.
Neither for that matter, has the High Court done anything about the case filed against then Justice Secretary Leila de Lima for barring former President Gloria Arroyo from traveling abroad for medical reasons, a trip, moreover that was approved by the High Court.
Still, since the High Court does not appear to be interested in these cases, for reasons unknown, then Morales can always be impeached by the House of Representatives.
The VACC was enraged at the Ombudsman for dismissing the homicide charges against the yellow president Noynoy Aquino and has vowed to have her impeached.
VACC may not have had much luck with the first try at impeaching Morales, as the congressmen certainly know that there are family ties between the Dutertes and the Moraleses.
However, with Duterte now in fighting form and no longer restraining himself and feeling irked at the Morales judgment of him without even a shred of evidence to prove her claims, congressmen are smart enough to realize that bad blood now boils between Rody and Morales.
It should be easy enough to get enough congressmen to sign the impeachment complaint.
But there still is yet another option. Morales can always resign, especially after Rody virtually told her to shape up as Ombudsman and saying twice over that Morales should be ashamed of herself.
Time somebody told her off, Rody.

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