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Time to resign, CJ or face humiliation

It’s going to be more and more difficult for Supreme Court Chief Justice on indefinite leave Lourdes Sereno to resist resigning from her post, given that it is not only the impeachment trial that would destroy her but also the quo warranto case filed against her by Solicitor-General Jose Calida, not to mention that the longer she refuses to resign, the more damaged and faster the High Court as an institution will be suffering an erosion of public confidence, as well as the SC becoming the laughing stock, in the world of judiciaries, especially in the world’s Supreme Courts.
Imagine a country having a highly ineligible chief justice of the country’s High Court since she failed to pass the requirements of integrity, probity and even independence. Worse, she and the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) and even the then president, Benigno Aquino, conspired to ensure Sereno’s inclusion in the short list for submission to Aquino.
Even worst, she flunked her psychological and psychiatric tests attesting to her being mentally and emotionally unfit for the top post.
Besides the list submitted to the yellow president obviously marked with the element of fraud, is void, ab initio, and given the testimonial and documentary evidence collated by the House of Representatives’ justice committee, is more than enough evidence for the Solgen to have her ousted.
Insisting on clinging to her post and facing the impeachment trial where she probably ends up being convicted, would be more painful for Sereno because whether through a quo warranto case or impeachment, she will be out but her ouster through a quo warranto would faster and less painful than a conviction by the Senate court.
This is probably the reason the Solgen said a quo warranto case is an act of kindness.
There is doubt that an impeachment trial of Sereno, and on the ground alone of her not having filed and submitted her complete Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALNs) for 10 years, yet another requirement for applicants of the post of chief justice, will be acquitted, mainly because it is almost impossible for her supporters in the Senate to get the desired number to stop a Senate conviction.
Her legal team in an impeachment case, no matter how brilliant the team may ttu to be, will not be able to controvert whatever evidence the House prosecutors present and argue. What Sereno and her lawyers of course can hope for is to have the minority in the Senate on Sereno’s side, and hopefully get more senators, especially those who were their former allies during the impeachment of then sitting chief justice Renato Corona, which was under the regime of the Liberal Party headed by then President Aquino, who had gone to the extent of bribing the congressmen and senators to ensure his impeachment and conviction.
But will today’s senator-judges repeat the injustice they did to Corona which was to convict an innocent CJ without proof of the charges, but this time, in reverse, meaning acquitting a clearly guilty chief justice and with evidence to prove her guilt?
Perhaps these yellows will walk out of the impeachment court if Sereno is convicted and stage yet another Edsa 2?
Calida, in a draft of the petition, asked the high tribunal to oust Sereno from the office of the Chief Justice, a position he claimed the magistrate has been “unlawfully” holding.
As he put it, “In the present petition, the Republic through Solicitor General Jose C. Calida asks this Honorable Court to exercise its original jurisdiction to oust Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno from the office of the Chief Justice, in obeisance to the Court’s solemn constitutional duty to apply the law without fear or favor,” the petition read.
“She is unlawfully holding the position of Chief Justice; the Court cannot, therefore, shirk its responsibility to declare the position vacant,” it added.
Calida said the issue over the non-submission of at least 10 SALNs would be sufficient for their petition. He said it was also in an “act of kindness” on his part that his office did not “dig into” Sereno’s psychological and psychiatric exam scores.
With all these moves raining on her, it is more likely that Sereno will resign, as her way to save face.
What the House of Representatives should do is to file a case against the Judicial and Bar Council members who connived with Sereno to get her included in the shortlist.
They deserve to be be kicked out of the JBC as they even deliberately withheld evidence. They bent the strict requirements and lied for Sereno.


  • ren fuentes

    luke, when it comes to the senate impeachment court, strong or not strong a case brought to it does not matter. they vote on their whims. do you remember corona's case?? if not, let me recall for you. defective saln is not an impeachable offense. it can be corrected just like what the ombudsman asked abadingding to do. the senate court made the filing of inaccurate saln an impeachable offense. mas grabe ginawa ni sereno, hindi sya nagsumite ng mga saln for many years.

    ren fuentes Wednesday, 07 March 2018 13:24 Comment Link
  • Angelito Gammad

    Could Sereno put as defense Rule 66 of the Rules of Court which prohibits the filing of quo warranto against elected or appointed gov’t. official after 1 of having been elected or appointed to such position? If I am to analyze, this provision of the Rules of Court has loophole in the sense that who could dig out the records of Sereno during the Presidency of Noynoy Aquino who was hell bent on putting Sereno to the SC & infact appointed her later on as Chief Justice of the highest court. Even the JBC did not follow its internal rule requiring applicants to the SC as Justice to submit 10 SALN for those applicants who’d worked in the gov’t. for the past 10 years. And according to what I know, Rules of Court are just suppletory to the Constitution. And Sereno violated the Constitution for her fraudulent acquisition of her appointment as Chief Justice which is considered a betrayal of public trust.

    Angelito Gammad Wednesday, 07 March 2018 11:31 Comment Link
  • luke

    she's ready to slug it out on the senate floor so why do you care?
    you of all people i'm sure, wants her humiliated, so stop the drama. it does not suit

    is the impeachment case weak that all of you want her to resign?

    luke Wednesday, 07 March 2018 11:02 Comment Link
  • golgol

    indefinite leave, there is no such thing in the SC that exist, it means only one thing she can not perform her official functions and duties, therefore she is like ERAP no less, ousted by Davide Court, the constructive resignation means leaving your office without justifiable reason like ERAP just like that

    golgol Wednesday, 07 March 2018 10:28 Comment Link
  • The Eye

    Not only she failed her state of mental health to be the CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT, she tried to put the doctors who did her test to obscurity. SHE HAS A YELLOW CRIMINAL MIND.

    The Eye Wednesday, 07 March 2018 10:20 Comment Link
  • Lorie

    I commend the House of Representatives leadership for the diligent investigation they did in the matter of the impeachment of CJ Sereno. They took several months to diligently went through several documents and interviewed dozens of witnesses in the process and gained insights to not just to the illegal, impeachable acts of CJ Sereno but the illegal acts of the JBC and CJ Sereno's being unqualified to hold even an associate SC Justice position. It is clear that the house did its work diligently as compared the house that impeached former CJ Corona in just a few hours without even reading the trumped up charges against him.

    Lorie Wednesday, 07 March 2018 09:39 Comment Link
  • peter alagano

    The FAKE MENTAL IMBALNCE CJ SIRANA should resign ASAP to spare her from further humiliation. But the way i see it, SHE IS ABNORMAL like her PATRON ABNOY BUGOK who appointed her as CJ. thus she will go on thinking that she will be acquited by CORRUPT SENATONGS, and if not expecting a People Power Revolution 3. Ganyan mag isip mga SIRAULO..Whoa! Onli Inda Pilipins...

    peter alagano Wednesday, 07 March 2018 07:52 Comment Link
  • Tonyboy

    CJ Sereno failed in psycho test. And yet KAPTI TUKO siya sa upuan. She could not even qualify for the lowest barangay court if she has some mental issues, a weirdo.

    Tonyboy Wednesday, 07 March 2018 06:48 Comment Link
  • jesus nazario

    Yes indeed but isn't she not absolutely humiliation-resistant ?

    jesus nazario Wednesday, 07 March 2018 06:29 Comment Link
  • inocent

    The public owes a lot to Atty. Gabon and the Lower House justice committee for the investigation they conducted relative to the cases filed by the lawyer. Without those hearings, the truth that Lourdes Sereno and PNoy manipulated the appointment of Sereno as CJ even if she is not legally qualified to be even considered an associate justice. Hopefully, this will teach every single person in the Philippine archipelago that lying and cheating one's way to achieve a dream will never work.

    inocent Wednesday, 07 March 2018 05:27 Comment Link

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