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We ain’t forgiving you

Dear Leila,
It was kinda nice to hear from you last week taking time to forgive some of your former subordinates, including your former lover Ronnie Dayan, Joenel Sanchez, a former bodyguard who is also alleged to have been your lover and former Bureau of Corrections officer-in-charge Rafael “Raffy” Ragos, whom you described, along with the convicts who testified against you, as the Judases in your life.
In a handwritten note, you claimed to have forgiven them all after they issued damning testimonies against you over your alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade, the very reason you remain in detention.
“I know that they went through their own calvary. They have been subjected to various forms of pressure and machinations in order to pin me down. Several others identified with me were similarly accessed and pressured but are apparently made of sterner stuff than those who succumbed,” you stated in your note.
“In a way, they are also victims, so I am forgiving them all,” you added.
Okay, so you likened them to Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ by pinpointing His location to the Sanhedrin.
But then, one can only claim betrayal if he or she has bestowed trust on the person who betrayed him or her as in the case of the Lord giving his trust to Judas.
And like the Lord Jesus, you would have accorded those people, including the convicts at the National Bilibid Prison the trust, if you described them as Judases who betrayed you.
So, what exactly was the kind of trust you accorded them, especially on Dayan?
Dayan admitted to have been your bagman, validating the testimonies of the convicts at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) and even confessed drug trafficker Kevin Espinosa testified that he handed over your alleged share from the drug sales to Dayan.
And by the way, what was that kind of trust you extended to the convicts? Are you now admitting you allowed them to trade drugs freely during your watch as Justice secretary?
As I stated earlier, you can only claim betrayal if you have accorded trust to someone.
By describing them as the Judases in your life, you are likening yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ.
And you somehow validate this when you said, “In forgiveness, I find peace, inner peace. In forgiveness, I become stronger while my tormentors — those who coached, coerced and induced the false witnesses — become weaker. I have commended these sinners to God Almighty and offer them mercy.
My God, Leila! The Lord was accused of fomenting unrest, of rebellion, inciting people to rise up against the Roman authorities. And none of his followers testified against Him because Christ as they (and we) know, was preaching spirituality.
However, in your case, you are being accused of protecting drug traffickers even as they were detained at the supposedly maximum security section of the NBP allegedly in exchange for a share from the drug booty intended to fund your senatorial run.
And these people testified against you because they were well aware of the issues raised against you. In fact, if there was someone who betrayed someone, it could be you, who had to betray your erstwhile lover, abandoning him at a time he needed you most, advising him to refrain from appearing before the congressional probe and just hide.
You even had the gall to give a piece of advice to Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez telling him stop judging you on your true character.”
“You don’t know me. Just ask please people who do. Please desist from perpetuating the lies about my alleged drug links. The people who truly know me will tell you it’s an absolute nonsense,” you said.
But who could have known you better other than your lover? What with all those secrets shared in the most intimate moments in the bedroom? And Dayan spilled them all. So, who are we to believe now, Leila?
You might have forgiven everyone who betrayed you. But one thing you might have forgotten is to ask forgiveness from us, the  people whom you had betrayed when you were still Secretary of Justice.
While people look up to you then as the vanguard of justice, you failed us, and on the contrary, you abused your power. You interpeted the law according to your interest and that of your benefactor, Noynoy Aquino (Remember wat you did to former President, now Pampanga Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo and the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Renao Corona?).
You played god then and now you still want to portray yourself as a modern-day Jesus Christ? Such a blasphemy! And you just have added that to the list of crimes you committed against the people.
And we ain’t forgiving you, Leila.


  • Jaime Razon

    Drug money is BIG and intoxicating! No wonder DeLima has been defending the drug traffickers all this time. No wonder the catholic bishops, priests and nuns are doing the same thing. I hope the police will catch a priest or bishop with drug money in their operations.

    Jaime Razon Thursday, 20 April 2017 13:59 Comment Link
  • Karma Chameleon

    Spot on, Mr Manalo!
    Delima is suffering from cognitive dissonance. No wonder, SG Calida described her as one who "imagining things". It's retribution taking place in Delima's situation.

    Karma Chameleon Thursday, 20 April 2017 02:30 Comment Link
  • Karma Chameleon

    Spot on, Mr Manalo!
    Delima is suffering from cognitive dissonance. No wonder, SG Calida described her as one who "imagining things". It's retribution taking place in Delima's situation.

    Karma Chameleon Thursday, 20 April 2017 02:30 Comment Link
  • jesus nazario

    Chris, you mean the CBCP Judases, esp its President and his "Lord" the Archbishop of Manila ?

    jesus nazario Thursday, 20 April 2017 01:23 Comment Link
  • Chris

    And the weird part of it, abCBCPed didn't say anything about this.

    Chris Wednesday, 19 April 2017 14:00 Comment Link

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