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The basics of better sleep for busy people

Inadequate sleep is the price some successful people pay to get to where they are. But it doesn’t always have to be this way, at least not for those who have discovered the wonders of Tempur in providing the best sleep after a long, busy day. And while these people lead different lifestyles, they agree on one thing: Tempur has dramatically improved the quality of their sleep and helped them achieve the perfect balance of work and rest.
Sleep for the sports-minded businessman
Aside from being the president of BDO Capital and Investment, 55-year old Eduardo Francisco is a triathlete who manages to squeeze in time to run, swim and bike regularly amidst the demands of his job.
“I’ve been a triathlete for eight years now. I used to love basketball before I tore my knee (ACL) from playing in a tournament,” Francisco says.  After undergoing a medical rehabilitation program, the fit executive went on to conquer his limits joining full marathons. Last year, he made an impressive finish at the Tokyo marathon timing in 3:55 for the 42-kilometer stretch.
When not pounding the pavement, Francisco spends quality time with his wife. He is also heavily involved in numerous non-profit organizations where he is either chairman, president, vice president, or member of the board.
A self-confessed workaholic, he says his day isn’t complete if he doesn’t engage in activities he loves doing. “Work is something I need to do so if I get to exercise before and after work, then I feel complete. Then I would spend time with my wife, or talk via Skype with our children,” he explains.
Every now and then, Francisco laments how sleep doesn’t come easy for him.  
“I know I need more sleep especially now that I am working out more, being an age-group triathlete. I need more quality sleep to get better and stronger. Sleep is the best way to heal,” he says.
Good thing Francisco discovered Tempur five years ago and has been using the brand’s beds and pillows. “I have better quality of sleep than before and I feel less stressed now,” Francisco says.   “I have gotten used to my Tempur bed and pillows that when I travel, it’s hard to sleep on a different bed. It’s not as comfortable as the one I have back home. My Tempur bed lets me sleep soundly.”
Francsico’s friends have already purchased Tempur upon his recommendation.
The sound of sleep
 Linda Lim, a mother of four, is at the helm of Pro-Sound, a company that assembles, produces, sells, and installs boxed videoke machines, Piso-net and other sound systems. Lim seems to live a simple and laidback life at 66, having ample time both for work and play, including watching her favorite soaps, doing Zumba, going to the gym and of course, singing videoke songs.  
In spite of a seemingly healthy routine, Linda suffers from a health concern which has made life quite difficult for her.
“I have a lumbar problem and I must have at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep. However, being a light sleeper, I easily get awakened even by the slightest noise or movement,” she shares.
During one of her visits to a chiropractor Dr. Daniel Su, he recommended a Tempur pillow to address her pain. Dr. Su is also a Tempur brand ambassador who recommends the brand to his patients with the same problem. Lim bought a Tempur mattress, a Bed Wedge (for lumbar support) and a bed frame.
“The back pain has definitely become minimal. I am sleeping and resting better than before,” she affirms. It used to take her an hour and a half to comfortably settle into a sleeping position. Lim says sleeping on Tempur products enables her to doze almost immediately. Such was the impact of Tempur to her well-being that her family and closest friends have also become Tempur converts.
Less lumbar pain and more time to do the things she loves are Lim’s simple formula to living a balanced life. “If health is wealth, then Tempur is an investment we all should make for our good health,” she says.
As these brand ambassadors have shown, sleep plays a pivotal role in running a successful career or business as it gives one the vigor to perform at an optimum level.
Tempur in the Philippines is exclusively distributed by Focus Global Inc .
To know more about Tempur,  visit its showrooms at: Level 3, Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center, Makati City (tel. 728-3015); Level 5, Main Wing Shangri-La Plaza Mall Edsa corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City (tel. 631-1391); B5, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (tel. 856-4700); Design Center of Cebu, P. Remedios corner A.S. Fortuna streets, Mandaue, Cebu  City [tel. (032) 520-9888/238-7605.

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