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Unleashing the makings of a hero with TV5

In this day and age, we still beg to question, what makes a hero?
Is it determined by the size of his cape, or does it concern his range of extraordinary abilities? Well, in reality, none of these things actually constitute what it means to be a true hero. Because being a hero is determined neither by the aesthetic of your cape nor the number of your superhuman abilities; but it lies within one’s willingness to do good and help those around them. And this Christmas season presents the perfect opportunity for everyone to showcase their own versions of heroism.
Last December, TV5 did exactly that by hosting a Christmas party for the patients of Bahay Aruga, with the help of television’s most noted superheroes, namely the Flash and Arrow.
Bahay Aruga is a community focused on housing young pediatric cancer patients, from the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Its founding president, Mayette Bonilla, said the organization came about from the necessity of finding the proper care for the children of PGH. “If you go to a PGH country institute, you’ll see that [some of] these kids come from different provinces; since the treatment of their diseases isn’t available in their area. So, they travel all the way to Manila to get the free treatment that they need. Unfortunately, they need a place to stay in Manila, but they do not all have the capacity [to pay for housing] and that’s where we come in,” she explained.
The Christmas party, held last December 12, marked the second time TV5 has visited the community to help out the children. “We are happy that they (TV5) are here and with all these blessings present, we really thank you,” Bonilla said.  
In this two-hour event, TV5 held an unforgettable Christmas celebration for the kids, and even recruited cosplayers to act as television characters, the Flash and Arrow.  When asked why these specific heroes were chosen, TV5’s Primetime Brand Manager, Racquel Aliño said, “We chose Flash and Arrow because as heroes, they fight for what is right. Through their example, we want the kids to also fight, but in this case, against their sicknesses.”  Not only did the Flash and the Arrow serve as inspiration for the children this Christmas season, but they also brought joy to the kids’ faces as they were able to play a series of games and challenges with them.
Through it all, it was a fun and eventful activity – complete with snacks, games and loot bags, which included exclusive the Flash and Arrow items, so the children would be able to remember their encounter with the two noted superheroes.  
In addition to this, TV5 is also donating 200 Colonoscopy bags to aid the patients’ road to recovery.  “On behalf of TV5, we would like to encourage everyone to go out of their comfort zones and start making a difference in the world. Because even an act as small as spending the holidays with children-in-need, can make a difference in the lives of many,” said Rissa Guilas, TV5’s Head of Entertainment Marketing.
So, this holiday season, remember that it’s never too late to be a hero yourself and you can find your inspiration for this every Monday night with The Flash and Arrow series on TV5.

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