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SWS poll shows high satisfaction on Digong

President Duterte’s exceptionally high rating numbers continued until December with the Social Weather Stations (SWS) showing 73 percent of respondents satisfied with the national government, 12 percent dissatisfied and 15 percent undecided, yielding a net satisfaction rating of 61 percent, which SWS classified as “very good.”
The 4th Quarter 2016 SWS survey was conducted in December 3 to 6 through face-to-face interviews with 1,500 adults nationwide with sampling error margins of ±3 points for national percentages and ±4 for Balance Luzon as well as ±6 points each for Metro Manila, Visayas and Mindanao found.
“Only former President Aquino attained net satisfaction ratings in its first two quarters approximating the high net grades of Mr. Duterte.
-Net satisfaction ratings of earlier administrations in their first two quarters were a net 27 in March 2001 and  a net 12 in July 2001 for GloriaMacapagal-Arroyo; a net 19 in September 1998 and a net 36 in November 1998 for Joseph Estrada; and a net 32 in September 1992 and a net 30 in December 1992 for Fidel V. Ramos.

The SWS noted that out of 16 performance issues comprising a Governance Report Card, the Duterte administration got “very good” scores in six subjects, “good” ratings in eight and “moderate” in two others.
It received “very good” ratings in “helping the poor” at  net 66, up from the “very good” net 63 in the September survey; “promoting human rights” at  net 56, down seven points from a “very good” net 63 in September; “defending the country’s territorial rights” at net 54 from the previous “very good” net 53; “providing jobs” at net 51, eight points up from a “good” net 46; “fighting crimes” at net 50; and “developing science and technology” at net 50.
The ratings turned out “good” in “ensuring an efficient transportation system”; “foreign relations”; “eradicating graft and corruption”; “Fighting terrorism”; “ensuring that no family will ever be hungry”; and “reconciliation with Muslim rebels”; “reconciliation with communist rebels”; and “solving the problem of extra judicial killings or EJK”.
A “moderate” net 25 in “fighting inflation,” eight points and one grade down from September’s “good” net 33, and a “moderate” net 24 in “recovering the ‘hidden wealth’” of the late former strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos and his cronies which was included in the survey for the first time was also reflected in the survey.
Net satisfaction rating of the administration stayed “excellent” in Mr. Duterte’s bailiwick, Mindanao, at net 78, though three points lower than the record-high “excellent” net 81 logged in September.
It stayed “very good” in the Visayas at net 58 and in “Balance Luzon” at  net56, though both were four points down from their September scores. Net rating in Metro Manila also stayed “very good” at  net 53.
Net satisfaction scores stayed “very good” across socioeconomic classes — steady at net 62 for class “E” and at  net55 for class “ABC” — but seven points down to net 61 among respondents belonging to class “D,” or the masa.
    High numbers persist
Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella, at a press briefing, also mentioned the Pulse Asia Survey showing President Duterte as the most trusted government official in the Philippines.
The Palace official noted that the President’s high rating “continues to serve as a source of inspiration to the President and his official family.”
The survey showed that the President’s trust and approval ratings are at a high of 83 percent.


  • lindy

    almost every week we have SWS poll and sure enough Digong has the highest satisfactory rating all the time...I DON'T BELIEVE IN SWS POLLS OR ANY SURVEY POLL FOR THAT MATTER IT SEEMS EVERYDAY THE FILIPINOS HAS TO BE BOMBARDED WITH SURVEY JUST TO FOOL US THAT PEOPLE STILL HAS THE TRUST IN DUTERTE..the survey is conducted only in one area most probably Davao and not representative of the whole Philippines.

    lindy Wednesday, 11 January 2017 01:00 Comment Link
  • jesus nazario

    Yung rating kay Aquino puro daya.

    jesus nazario Wednesday, 11 January 2017 00:03 Comment Link

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