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‘Tres Marias’ tagged as Malacañang bagmen

The real intent of this administration in sanitizing the supposed list of those allegedly involved in the pork barrel scam is not to exclude presidential allies, but to shield a very high Malacañang official from being scorched from the heat of the biggest rip-off in the history of the bureaucracy.
This was bared by a highly reliable source to The Tribune saying that this high Palace official himself has not only benefitted from the scam but from other questionable dealings entered into by the Aquino administration.
“Presently, there are three powerful ladies who are calling the shots in Malacañang with regard to ‘fund-raising activities’ for this high official,” the source told The Tribune. “And they are referred to as the Tres Marias of the Palace.”
The Tres Marias, the source said, refer to the alleged troika of Rochelle Ahoro, said to be a personal secretary of the high Palace official; Odette Ong, assistant secretary of administration and finance, and Mary Antoinette Lucile Ortile, assistant to the Executive secretary.
Ahoro, according to the source, allegedly has been under the employ of this high official since his Congress days, while Ong was the personal secretary of President Aquino’s late mother, former President Cory Aquino. 

Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) during the time of former Vice President Noli de Castro.
“Even before,as congressman, this high Palace official was already allegedly dealing with suspected pork barrel scam (Janet Lim) Napoles through Rochelle Ahoro,” said the source.
“In fact, the ‘Sexy’ being alluded to in the pork barrel scam investigation do not refer to Sen. Jinggoy Estrada but Ahoro,” the source averred.
“Ever since, it was Ahoro who has been referred to as Sexy as she is more on the heavy side,” he stressed.
“Kahit sino ang tanungin mo sa sirkulo sa pulitika kung sino si Sexy, ang ituturo sa ‘yo, si Ahoro and not Jinggoy (Ask anybody in the local political circle about Sexy and they will point to Ahoro and not Jinggoy),” he added. “Kaya nga nagulat kami na nag itinuro ni Benhur Luy na si Sexy daw, ay si Senator Jinggoy (It came as a surprise that Benhur Luy pointed to Jinggoy as the one code-named sexy),” said the source.
According to the source, among the Tres Marias, Ahoro is the most trusted by the Palace official, reportedly entrusting her with all the funds allegedly raised through illegal transactions, including the alleged commissions from the pork barrel allocations coursed through Napoles and Luy’s bogus non-government organizations (NGOs).
“Sa simpleng salita, si Ahoro ang tumatayong bagman ng nasa itaas (In plain language, Ahoro is the top Malacañang official’s bagman),” the source said.
The source also bared the smuggling activities over at the Bureau of Customs (BoC) which is costing the government at least P200 billion in lost revenue annually, can never be contained as it is allegedly Ong who is said to be directing the operation from within the Palace.
According to the source, Ong, who was one of the late Cory Aquino’s most trusted personnel then, was the alleged brains behind the mysterious disappearance of more than 2,000 container vans while en route from the Ports of Manila (POM) and the Manila International Container Port (MICP) to the Port of Batangas in 2011.
According to the source, Ong allegedly also acts as the henchman of a taipan engaged in the business of supermarkets.
“Have you ever wondered why, despite the fact that the identities of the consignees in the missing container vans – the Moncellan, the Sea Eagle and the LCN, the more than 50 trucking services and their drivers contracted to deliver the container vans and even the warehouses to which the shipments were delivered, were already identified, the House committees investigating the vans’ disappearance cut short their probe when they were already on the verge of identifying the brains behind the scam and the one who benefitted from it?”, the source asked.
The source said the inquiry on the missing container vans not because of the MICP head Ricardo “Boysie” Belmonte, the brother of House Speaker Feliciano “Sony” Belmonte and POM district collector Rogel Gatchalian are virtual “untouchables,” but because the House succumbed to alleged Palace pressure and from Ong herself.
The source said a Palace official allegedly interceded and asked House leaders for the inquiry to be placed in the backburner to protect Ong’s identity.
Pursuing further the inquiry, the source said, would only expose her identity and jeopardize a taipan’s business operation.
“And it is for that reason why the probe on the disappearance of the 2,000 containers, which when lined up on the streets would make a 12-kilomter long line, never had a closure,” said the source.
“And to think that the government lost approximately P3.6 billion in revenues arising from the missing container vans which is 10 times the P360 million plunder case slapped against former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in connection with the alleged misuse of the intelligence fund of the PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office),” the source said.
With regard to Ortile, the source said Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa allegedly plucked her from the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) reportedly to assist him and a brother in law, Jose Acuzar in allegedly manipulating the government’s housing program.
“Ochoa’s brother-in-law is in the construction business,” said the source. “So they needed someone who already knows the nitty gritty of the sectoral plans and overall platform of the national government in the housing sector,” the source added.
“That’s where Ortile’s expertise and know-how comes into play,” said the source. “Hence, it’s no wonder why Acuzar had been cornering most of the government’s housing projects under this administration.”
“So where is the administration’s daang matuwid now taking us? The Tres Marias are not only operating right under the Palace official’s nose but even has his blessings, raising funds which go through the daang diretso sa bulsa nila,” the source averred.
Charlie V. Manalo

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