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Xi warns of war on DU30 sea claim


Even as a peaceful formula based on consultations and consensus was outlined yesterday among Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) and China in resolving disputes over South China Sea, President Duterte said yesterday that China threatened to go to war with the Philippines.
Mr. Duterte said he asserted the country’s claim over the portions South China Sea in his recent dialog with Chinese President Xi Jinping to which the Chinese leader told him “if you force the issue, we’re going war.”
In his speech beforethe 33rd National Convention of the Philippine Coast Guard in Davao City, Mr. Duterte said he told Xi of his desire to explore oil resources over South China Sea without the need to ask permission from Beijing.

Mr. Duterte said he was stunned by the reply of Xi to him.
“President Xi told me: ‘We’re friends. I don’t want to quarrel with you and we would want to maintain the present warm relationship. But if you force the issue, we’re going to war’,” he narrated.
“At the end of the day, when all has been said and done, no matter how you spin it, we will always return to the basic issue of sovereignty: who owns this place?” Mr. Duterte said yesterday.
“I really told him, Mr. Xi Jinping, I would insist that is ours. If you say its yours, its your view. But my view is that it is ours. My view is I can drill the oil, if there is some inside the bowels of the earth, because it is ours,” he added.
According to the President, he was dumbfounded with Mr. Xi’s answer while admitting he cannot fight China militarily.
“How do I respond to that (Xi’s statement)? I can’t go to war because we have a limited military capacity,” he added.
PCA filing wrong move — Rody
Mr. Duterte, blamed the previous administration of former President Aquino for the South China Sea conflict to reach a criticial stage.
Rushing to the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) was a wrong move, said the President, adding that the best option was to seek a common front with the United States and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean).
“Instead of filing a case, the Philippine government should have called America and the rest of the Asean countries claiming a part of the vast sea there to discuss what we should do and to nip the problem in the bud,” he added.
Mr. Duterte also took a swipe at former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario who has been issuing statements lately criticizing the Duterte administration’s handling of the maritime conflict with China.
“This Del Rosario. He keeps on talking and talking. But let me ask you, when you were (Department of Foreign Affairs) secretary, why did you allow the building to blossom?” he said.
Maritime rift consultation starts
The first meeting of the China-Philippines bilateral consultation mechanism on the South China Sea started yesterday in China.
The meeting was co-chaired by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin and Philippine Ambassador to China Jose Sta. Romana.
The consultation mechanism was established this January through diplomatic consultations, Liu said in his opening remarks.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced earlier that the meeting aims to establish an institutional platform for dialogues on the South China Sea issues in accordance with consensus reached between the two countries’ leaders last October.
Simultaneously, the framework on the Code of Conduct (COC) in South China Sea to put into effect the Declaration of Conduct signed in 2002 between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been drafted yesterday.
The draft was finished Thursday night after the 14th Senior Officials’ Meeting on the Implementation of the DOC in Guizhou, China.
DFA spokesman Robespierre Bolivar said the draft framework will be presented to the Foreign Ministers of Asean and China at their Post-Ministerial Conference in Manila in August 2017 for their consideration.
The draft framework, which was completed ahead of the mid-2017 goal set by the two parties, contains provisions that Asean and Chinese leaders have agreed on 15 years ago.
Bolivar said “the Philippines reaffirms its commitment to working towards an effective COC” for the disputed region.
He said the draft, which is still subject for appoval among the parties involved, cannot be released to the public yet.
“The issue of the nature of the CoC will be discussed when negotiations on the actual CoC begin - which will be held after the framework is approved by the Leaders by the November Summit in Philippines,” he added.
Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano expressed optimism on the actual framework.
“I’m very optimistic that we will have a good framework. And as chairman of the ASEAN, President Duterte will push that, and anti-terrorism, and law and order in relation to drugs,” he said.
No legal binds yet
Asked if the Philippines plans to push for a legally-binding COC, Cayetano said “when you say it’s legally binding, it means there is a court or tribunal where you can run to if a party is not following the agreement.”
“Definitely, it should be binding. Now, the question, if it’s legally binding, which court can the parties go to? And the countries that do not comply, will they respect that court?”
Cayetano said “we’re trying to avoid not only war, but instability in our region.”
“So, many, many countries want it to be legally binding. But what I’m saying, let’s start with it being binding; gentlemen’s agreement; We have a community of nations that signed it,” he added.
ASEAN and China in 2002 adopted the non-binding DOC which was meant to impose principles of self-restraint and non-militarization in the strategic water where most Southeast Asian states have overlapping claims with Beijing.
Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam and Malaysia are claiming parts of the South China Sea, while China is claiming 90 percent of the area through the nine-dash line boundary.
“The Philippines welcomes the finalization by ASEAN and China senior officials of the draft of the framework of the Code of Conduct,” the DFA said in a statement.
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) members and China completed the draft framework in Guiyang, Guizhou Province in Southwest China after two days of talks that ended Thursday. This is ahead of the mid-2017 goal set by the leaders of ASEAN and China.
DFA spokesman Robespierre Bolivar said ASEAN members and China agreed on the final draft of the framework, basically an outline, for the code of conduct.
“The issue of the nature of the COC will be discussed when negotiations on the actual COC begin - which is after the framework is approved by the Leaders in the November Summit in the Philippines,” he said.
Cayetano also assured that main issues will eventually form part of the consultation.
“Initially, it is really building of mutual trust. Eventually, that’s the main issue, who owns the territory, entitlements, applicable law,” he added.
China lauds Rody’s backing
A Chinese Foreign Ministry senior official has expressed appreciation to Mr. Duterte’s support for full and effective implementation of the DOC in South China Sea (DOC).
Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin made this remark after he and Chee Wee Kiong, Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Singapore, co-chaired the 14th China-ASEAN Senior Officials’ Meeting.
During the meeting, China and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) senior officials agreed to complete the negotiations on the draft framework of the Code on Conduct in the South China Sea (COC).
”We highly appreciated and thanked President Duterte for his support on the DOC implementation in its entirety and we also appreciate his support for the COC consultation,” Liu said.
”The Chinese government highly appreciate the positive, friendly and constructive position about President Duterte in the South China Sea since he took office,” Liu said.
Guided by the two leaders, Liu said China and the Philippines will continue friendly cooperation and exchange of views on the South China Sea through bilateral channels.
”We will continue to manage our differences and enhance maritime cooperation through bilateral channels,” he said.
Mr. Duterte returned to Beijing last May 14 and 15 to attend the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. On the sidelines, President Duterte and Xi held expanded bilateral meeting.
Under the DOC guidance, the parties concerned should undertake measures to resolve their territorial and jurisdictional disputes through peaceful means, friendly consultations and negotiations, and building of trust and confidence in accordance with international laws.
The parties should also exercise self-restraint in the conduct of activities that would complicate or escalate disputes and affect peace and stability in the region.
The concerned parties are also “stand ready to continue their consultations and dialogues concerning relevant issues through modalities to be agreed by them” for the purpose of promoting good relations, mutual understanding and cooperation and facilitating peaceful resolutions of disputes among them.
The Philippines-China relations hit a snag after the Philippines filed an arbitration case at the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague in January 2013 to contest China’s ‘nine-dash line’ claim on South China Sea.

Joyce Ann L. Rocamora



    My friends, to taste whether you are brave or is not to do it by challenging the weak ones... but fighting the mighty. Heroes die fighting for a cause, not to win or lose even against all odds. From here you know who is brave because of being in a safe distance.

    RUDY J. PARCON Sunday, 21 May 2017 11:54 Comment Link
  • Aphetsky Lasa


    He will die for his country, all right, but without subjecting the Filipinos to the same fate. If we go to war with China, do you think that we won't be affected? Other nations (ASEAN, the US, EU) may come to our rescue but that does not insure us our safety. This issue on the West Philippine Sea should have been resolved during the Aquino administration since they were the ones who filed a complaint to the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA). They could have resorted to diplomacy but Aquino administration was never a breed that finishes what it started. Digong is trying to work it out with China the best possible way he could in order to avoid any untoward incidents. Right now, he is on track with economic talks with XI, having established friendship with him. It should matter for now. Besides, Digong already said that he would talk about the disputed territory on a later date. We should be grateful that there is now a President who goes the great lengths to earn the ire of other nations for our sake. Isn't that enough patriotism for you? What has Aquino done? Digong needs our support now more than ever.

    Aphetsky Lasa Saturday, 20 May 2017 15:21 Comment Link
  • Yves Boquet

    Embracing China to be stabbed ? is that the right policy. The islands within 200 nautical miles of the Philippines are within the Philippine EEZ and can only belong to the Philippines. Simple. Clear. No need to discuss. Kowtowing to China in the hope of getting a few crummy train sets for the MRT is not what is expected from a president of a free and proud nation.

    Yves Boquet Saturday, 20 May 2017 08:12 Comment Link
  • L A

    I do not think that tsaina can afford to go to war. In the first place, they know that international opinion is with the Phlippines and any outright invasion or attack on our territory will be frowned by the international community. Then, they can kiss their OBOR initiative goodbye.

    Secondly, they do not know to what extent Japan and the US including South Korea or Taiwan will do if ever stain do attack the Philippines. Even a top tsainis general already admitted that the Japanese navy can easily wipe out their whole eastern navy in four hours. That does not include that the US will do in any event that we invoke the Mutual Defense Treaty. Surely, in a conventional shooting war, tsaina can never win against the Filipinos. Tsaina military hardware has never been tested in any actual combat in more recent history. Their army composed of teen brats lack the discipline and training our local army guys have undergone. Now, they have to back down and will start fence mending. With their true colors out, I do not think any self respective Asean country will still trust their words altho surely, they will be humored.

    L A Saturday, 20 May 2017 08:05 Comment Link
  • willani taylor

    So Mr Jorge what is your say about this then have you read about this article the Asian Nations that has a claim of this South China Sea as what is being stated they try to put an agreement about this not only philippines has d right other asian nation as well that is what they are trying to settle..if only u could follow U twatt!!if only u understand what Obama wants is to go to war by way of that fucking arbitration case made philippines to win d case ginawang pain!!!para kunwari may katibayan at maging malakas daw si Abnoy at del rosario na greedy demonyo to claim it by force at kng ginawa nila yon last few years na gamitin ang Arbitration case na nananalo kono ang pilipinas eh Sir wala na sana ang bansa natin Pareho na tayo ng Iraq at Syria Gagamitin Again ng Hayop na Obama na walang pakialam sa Buhay ng mga tao dahil Hindi tayo Kano!!!kng talaga concern si abnoy at del rosario dapat hindi nila pinayagan magtayo ng ano ano ang china sa lugar na yan!!!America tutulong???really???kahit babae ako Sir nagbabasa po ako ng news or information about this Obama and cohort!!sk Mr Jorge gusto mo talaga ng Gera!!!de puta kang gago ka pala alam na alam mo nmn na hindi natin kaya makipaggera sa 4th Strongest Military nd weaponry country in d world????so ayaw nyo sa plano Ways to resolve this issue???so kayo ano ba trabaho nyo???kng meron mn Ano pala kayo magresolva ng peoblema ninyo sa mga trabaho ninyo Makipagaway agad???just asking or Palamunin lng din kayo kasi d way u Talk parang pinapadaan nyo sa Away ang lahat on silving a difficult situation to Gain Peace!!!mga lalaki pa nmn kayo pero parang Puro kayo Dada!!kayo ang walang Guts at walang Utak!!!mga tae kayo lahat!!!yang Abnoy nyo na LP shites sila af kayo ang dahilan kng bakit Pobre pa rin ang Pilipinas!!!mga self intitled kayo mga Lawatan Corrupt at buwaya sa bansa!!

    willani taylor Saturday, 20 May 2017 07:05 Comment Link
  • laki

    Sinabi ko na noon pa.. sa hinaba-haba ng prusisyon sa simbahan din ang balik...walang malinaw na plano, walang pag-aaral, ni walang konsultasyon, masyadong naging subjective hindi objective, walang direksyon ang mga sinasabi at mga ginagawa... Bakit kinakahulan ang maling puno? Bakit Kailangan murahin ang EU? Ang UN? Ang Vatican? Lalo na ang America na siya lamang makakatulong sa atin ng husto? Bakit tinangihan tulong ng EU na pera? Ang Bakit kailangang awayin yung mga may dati nang tumutulong at may simpatiya sa atin? Lalo na noong panahon na sinalanta tayo ng bagyong Yolanda? Bakit nakipagkaibigan doon sa nanguha ng di kanila? Bakit isinantabi yung pinakamahalagang piraso sa kasaysayan ng Pinas, papel galing sa Court of Arbitration? Balewalain pati UNCLOS? Bakit hindi sinamantala yung chairmanship ng asean na pagkaisahin ito at gawing leverage sa pag-uusap sa problemang parang tinik sa tagiliran ng alyansa? Bakit nagpalinlang sa ngiting di tunay ng puno nila? Bakit nagpaubaya sa lahat ng alok nito? Bakit masyadong nagtiwala sa kanyang kakayahan at kaparaanan si diqong (na sobrang sinuportahan sa komentaryo ng dyaryong ito). Bakit kailangang siya lang ang magdesisyon ng kung ano ang short at long term plan sa pagresolba ng problema? Paano na ngayon? Makikipagbati ba si diqong sa merika at sa iba pang minura niya? Ano na ang plan b niya? Di ba niya naisip na kapag di umubra yung pakikipagmalapitan niya dun sa insek gaya ng sinasabi sa balita na ito ay matatagpuan niya ang sarili niya (pati na rin ng pinas) na nakatayong mag-isa?

    Sana nag-isp si diqong bago humakbang.. sana hindi siya umasa sa kanyang hindi sapat na karunungan, kapos na pang-unawa sa maraming bagay lalo na sa isyu ng wps at benhamrise, geopolitics maging history at basic geography.. sabi nga, ang maliit na kaalaman ay mapanganib (little knowledge is dangerous)... sinamahan pa ito ng bigotry ni diqong lalong naging very damaging... At lalog nakakatakot ay ayon sa konstitusyon natin ang pangulo ang may kapngyarihan sa pagdirek ng foreign policy.. nasabi ko noon ang pinas parang barko na walang compass sa pamamahala ni diqong. Paano na ngayon?

    laki Saturday, 20 May 2017 04:28 Comment Link
  • Gem

    Dapat maging Nuclear Country Na rin tayo para matuto remespeto mga yan. Buhayin Na Ang atin Bataan Nuclear Plant. Hanggang Hindi tayo Nuclear Country e ganyan lagi mangyari Sa atin. Yung inutang Nya Sa China gamitin Sa atin BNP. Tignan nyo yung NK, Russia, China, Pakistan at India walang gumagalaw Sa kanila. Dapat ganon din tayo. Bakit Wala Na Sa balita yung atin Recto Bank Sa Spratly? Mayaman Sa Oil at Natural Gas yan. Ngayon target Nila Ang Benham Rise. Pag patulog tulog Ang AFP natin e Baka nasa BR Na rin Ang mga yan. Philippines go Nuclear!

    Gem Saturday, 20 May 2017 02:27 Comment Link
  • Ruben

    In the first place, why did Duterte and ASEAN allow China to successfully lobby not to include the Arbitral Ruling in the meeting. Now that it's over, China shows her true color.

    Ruben Friday, 19 May 2017 22:46 Comment Link
  • T Infante

    Now where's the Mutual Defense Treaty Between the Republic of the Philippines and the United States of America?

    T Infante Friday, 19 May 2017 20:44 Comment Link
  •  JVV123

    Pres. Duterte readily admits he is as yellow as can be. No, not in the same connotation as the party of the opposition but one who has no courage to stand up for what is right and defend a good cause against the bully China. Certainly, his blood is not in the same as the blood that ran with Dagohoy and Lapulapu when they fought against enormous adds. If he was playing a game of poker, he would have easily folded his cards, no matter what, against his opponent. He just doesn't have the guts to challenge. It's difficult to have a leader like that who easily finds fault with others but can't see his position as utterly a giveaway. I can't remember Vietnam or the former Indochina squirming with fear against mighty opponents as she fought against France and the powerful US of A. And won. Of course, there's a lot of difference between Ho Chi Min and our leader. The former has blood and guts, ours has blood but no guts.

    JVV123 Friday, 19 May 2017 20:10 Comment Link

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