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BS Aquino, Obama exposed

They were both touted by their respective social elites as their hope for change. Barack Obama won a second term promising to carry “forward” the change away from the wars of his predecessor, George W. Bush. Instead, he has pursued more wars and now promises an imminent attack on Syria. BS Aquino campaigned on “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” but even a taxi driver, in noting Aquino’s enigmatic behavior in his super-special treatment of fugitive Janet Lim-Napoles — personally receiving and escorting the pork plunder facilitator from “surrender” to “detention” — had to ask, “Is he taking care of Napoles to keep her silent on his pork secrets?”
The Napoles caper is actually the almost decade-old “Fertilizer Fund Scam” of the Gloria Arroyo regime where Napoles non-government organizations helped divert sow-lons’ pork barrel funds to ghost fertilizer deliveries. The current case only resurfaced amid the scandal involving BS Aquino’s sister Ballsy and her hubby Eldon Cruz in the alleged attempt to extort $30 million from Czech train company Inekon.
Around a month and a half ago, a major mainstream daily raised and sustained its headlines on the Napoles case, focusing on the alleged involvement of major opposition figures. Expectedly, some PR elements joined in through social media and came up with a “Million People March” in tandem with the Catholic hierarchy.
All of mainstream media, controlled by Big Business oligarchs who for some weeks had also been on the hot seat over income tax issues, also started to zero in on Napoles while drumming up the protest marches in which the Catholic Church was to have a big role. Of course, it is no secret that many elements of the Church hierarchy, being bona fide Yellows, are promoters of the Ninoy and Cory Aquino “sainthood” legacy — which is why such moves smacked of efforts by the clerics to insulate BS Aquino from the Napoles pork scandal.
Now this inexplicable “tenderness” with which BS Aquino is treating the “criminal” Napoles, being accorded better treatment than presidential political prisoner Joseph Estrada over 10 years ago. Prisoner Estrada was treated like a common criminal while last week Napoles was treated like a VIP.
This has made the entire Filipino nation wonder what exactly BS Aquino sees in Napoles that she should be treated with such special care. Some headlines on the public’s reaction reported, “Napoles surrender in Palace draws mixed views in Visayas,” while another said, “Roxas defends Aquino’s handling of Napoles’ surrender.” BS Aquino has thus come under suspicion himself.
Obama, on the other hand, found himself in dire straits late last week when the attack on Syria, announced for him by US State Secretary John Kerry, suddenly lost the support of longtime ally UK. Other countries also stepped back: Jordan announced it would not allow any staging of the attack from its territory while Iraq denied its airspace to any US war planes. The US Congress, too, had enough dissenting voices to finally compel Obama to take cognizance and promise to consult it. Even the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) has held back, leading the Prison Planet Web site to sum it up as “Under Colossal Global Backlash, Obama Holds Off on Syria Strike,” underscoring the world’s realization that it has nothing to gain but has everything to lose from such an attack.
Nonetheless, nobody is to gain except one. That beneficiary is certainly neither the US nor Israel (as some would think) but the House of Saud, ensconced in its oil kingdom, fending off demands for an end to its ancient monarchy and for greater democratization and/or secularization as represented by the multiple threats from the populist Muslim Brotherhood (hence, the Saudi coup in Egypt) to Syria’s secular government, as well as democratic-Shiite Iran.
A US attack on Syria invites retaliation via an attack on the US’ key Middle East ally Israel, with Syrian allies Hezbollah and Iran promising to follow suit. This can then spill over into a blockade of the Strait of Hormuz, threatening 80 percent of the world’s oil supply.
The House of Saud is the ultimate intriguer in the current Syrian crisis. This has been highlighted by the recent Moscow visit of Prince Bandar aka Bandar Bush (as he is often called due to his closeness with “Dubya” Bush) where the following were offered for Russia to drop Syria — a $15-billion arms purchase and a promise to hold back the House of Saud’s proxy, the Chechen fundamentalist terrorists, from threatening the multi-billion Winter Olympics in Sochi.
Just what did Bandar Bush offer the Obama officials to push this attack on Syria, despite many vigorous objections? This is Obama exposed.
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