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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Poltical zarzuela

Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

Frankly, the whole impeachment hearing held yesterday is nothing but a badly scripted zarzuela, with Noy puppet  Rep. Niel Tupas and his panel trying to make it appear that they are serious about the three impeachment complaints lodged against their political patron, Noynoy, by approving the three complaints on form.
At the same time, there went Edwin Lacierda insisting to the Palace reporters that his boss should not be impeached because he has done nothing to merit it.
“We believe that the President has not committed any impeachable offense,” Lacierda said.
“There will be accusers, the question is, is there basis for that? We believe there is no basis for that,” he stressed.
This is pure crap, coming from Lacierda, because he certainly knows, as the people know, that the impeachment complaint will not get to second base, which is that of the panel rejecting the impeachment complaints on the issue of substance.
It strains logic for these puppets of Noynoy in the House of Representatives to do in their political patron by having the impeachment complaints not just getting them to the plenary for full congressional voting, and also  push all the way the impeachment complaint against Noynoy. Just who will buy that zarzuela of theirs?
As it is always claimed by politicians in the House and the Senate, impeachment is not a judicial process but a political process.
It has already been proved too many times in our Congress. As long as the impeachable official — whether the president, vice president, Supreme Court (SC) justices and all members of the constitutional offices — is an ally of the Malacañang tenant, the House will reject any and all impeachment complaints lodged against the official.
When however it is an impeachment complaint lodged against a foe of the Malacañang tenant, in less than four hours, articles of impeachment will be produced and a Senate, which is also a puppet of the President, will immediately hold a trial, and convict the official — even when there is no impeachable offense committed.
Let’s look at past examples: an impeachment complaint was lodged against Hilario Davide Jr., then SC Chief Justice. There was a justice panel hearing and there were more than enough votes to have him impeached by the House, but at that time, the then Speaker of the House, cut off the voting process. In any case, the impeachment complaint, having garnered the required vote, submitted this to the Senate, then led by Senate President Franklin Drilon, who refused to accept it, and instead both the House and the Senate went to the high court to have it decide on the issue.
The ruling, then penned by Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales, was not unexpected — as they were all Gloria Arroyo’s friendly justices — especially the disgraceful Davide, and he got away with it even when he clearly committed an impeachable offense through the  Judiciary Development Fund (JDF).
One recalls Cory Aquino, then a staunch ally of Gloria, and Gloria herself, protesting before Congress against the impeachment of Davide. Was that right, even for a former President and an incumbent president?
In the case of Noynoy and his puppets in the House, as he was against the SC justices who had ruled against their pork and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), there went the House, threatening the justices with a probe on the JDF, something which they never bothered before, during Davide’s time.
It was the same in the case of then sitting Justice Renato Corona, whom Noynoy wanted kicked out of his seat and presto — the articles of impeachment were quickly produced, and signed, in less than four hours, by some 220 congressmen and quickly submitted to the Senate for trial and conviction.
Even in the impeachment complaints against Gloria Arroyo then, they all fell on the wayside, simply because the House was all out for Gloria then.
Now the House majority is all out for Noynoy and there are three complaints lodged against him. Does anyone truly buy that Malacañang-House-Senate zarzuela?
They all must think Filipinos are all stupid. What they don’t seem to know is that it is they, led by Noynoy — who are seen as stupid by the Filipino people.

Invitation to a people’s revolt

Wednesday, 27 August 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

Malacañang — and of course, Budget Chief Florencio “Butch” Abad — is making sure that the 2016 polls will be rigged, naturally in favor of the administration.
Before a hearing with the Senate committee on finance, Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chief Sixto Brillantes Jr. said the poll body will no longer purchase new precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines for the 2016 local and national elections due to budgetary constraints.
Brillantes said that while Comelec has asked for a poll budget of some P35 billion, 18 billion of which would be spent for the purchase of some 120,000 PCOS machines, Department of Budget and Management (DBM) merely approved P16.9 billion for 2015.
“The suggestion of the Executive for the Comelec is to use the existing ones and buy additional more. So, most likely we will be using the same machines and the same hardware used in 2013 elections and purchase some brand-new ones that are compatible with the existing system we are currently using,” Brillantes informed the finance committee.
Brillantes claimed that the existing PCOS machines are still in good condition, which contradicts what he had said earlier, that the PCOS machines the Comelec utilized in 2010 and 2013 are no longer usable, as some are old, others are defective.
So which is really which? Are the PCOS machines still usable and, more importantly, accurate in vote count or not?
Or not is the more probable, considering the fact that during the last senatorial elections, it was found that there were many glitches that marred the polls, apart from the fact that many of the PCOS machines weren’t working.
But what is even more worrisome is the fact that the PCOS machines used in the last two elections, and manned by Smartmatic, were proven to be too vulnerable to massive fraud, as the 2010 presidential polls, and even worse fraud in the 2013 senatorial polls proved, what with the impossibility of a 60-30-10 vote pattern nationwide in favor of the administration senatorial candidates.
To this day, there has been no review of the source code for the 2010 and the 2013 elections via the PCOS at all and the Comelec, the central bank and Smartmatic had all lied to the nation that the source code from Dominion Voting Systems were delivered and utilized during the two past elections.
But guess what? Smartmatic rides high again for the 2016 presidential polls.
During the hearing, Brillantes admitted that purchasing from Smartmatic the additonal 40,000 PCOS machines has Smartmatic enjoying the advantage.
“The recommendation of the CAC (Comelec Advisory Council) is to make sure that the systems for the old machines will jibe with the news ones. They have to be in accord with the OMR (optical mark reader) technology that we use for the existing PCOS. In that sense, purchasing from Smartmatic has an advantage,” Brillantes was quoted as saying.
Comelec will again purchase the fraudulent PCOS from Smartmatic and again have Smartmatic people conduct the 2016 presidential polls and again will not be supplying the source code, which should be reviewed by concerned parties. Look out, massive fraud rules election day again!
But this is apparently the plan of the Palace, to ensure that their weak presidential bet wins the polls through cheating, first by dragging down VP Binay in surveys and pulling up Noy’s anionted.
Apparently, Abad and his DBM are more than willing to shell out more billions for machines, not for the 2016 polls, but for the polls for the Bangsamoro.
Brillantes said the DBM deemed it necessary to exclude the proposed budget for the conduct of a plebiscite for the creation of the new Bangsamoro territory as well as other operating expenses.
But if that is not in the 2015 budget, from which budget will the administration get the funds for the Bangsamoro plebiscite — assuming that the Bansgamoro Basic Law is not challenged before the high court, and assuming further that the SC will rule the BBL as constitutional — which is improbable, especially if the annexes stay as is. Noy’s pork barrel and other lump sums in the budget?
But Brillantes said Comelec’s technical experts also added additional security features in the OMR to make it tamper-proof.
That’s BS from Brillantes. This is always being promised every election year and we continue to have our votes stolen by these PCOS and the Comelec cheating syndicate.
Get ready for yet another revolt.

Noy, LP, fake reformists

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

Back to his old ways, there went Noynoy, using the National Heroes Day to blast at his critics, warning Filipinos against fake reformists and those who propagate malicious accusations evidently against him and his Liberal Party (LP) clique and allies, as he claims these are the very people who want to derail his reform efforts.
Frankly, I don’t know why he thinks that kind of talk and warning are even listened to by the people, and worse, they are not believed at all by them, since the people don’t see any reforms made by him and his administration in the past four years.
Noynoy claims the country is now facing a battle against those who want the Philippines to slide back to a corrupt system. But aren’t he and his corrupt aides and allies, the very ones who embrace and uphold the corrupt system, even as they claim that they tread the straight and righteous path?
Who was it, if not himself, Butch Abad and Mar Roxas, who had flooded the members of Congress, both the Senate and the House, with taxpayers’ money through the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), in a clear case of bribery, to have then sitting Chief Justice (CJ) Renato Corona, impeached, and then convicted? That is not being corrupt? Denying that they bribed the legislators, is that being honest?
Clearly, they are the very ones who have slid back to the corrupt system — not his critics, and not those who call for the abolition of all forms of pork barrel, such as his lump sums pork barrel that counts some P1 trillion yearly.
Who was it who prostituted the democratic institutions, if not Noynoy and his LPs, by turning not just the Congress into his puppet Congress, but also the Commission on Elections, the Commission on Audit (CoA), and the Office of the Ombudsman and even the Anti-Money Laundering Council, all of whom march to his illegal orders.
If he and his allies were truly genuine reformists, why then, even in accusing public officials, he only goes after his political foes and clearly spares his allies and aides?
Noynoy also warns against critics who propagate malicious accusations against him, his aides and his allies.
Yet it is he and his administration that have been propagating malicious accusations against their political foes, and use even his office, his puppet Senate and the House, along with the CoA and Ombudsman, and yes, even his yellow media, to demonize his political foes and he has them jailed even when he and they know that the evidence against them is weak.
The Senate is not a puppet and does not propagate malicious accusations?
All he has to do is to listen to his two stooges and even a third stooge in the Senate as they bully the Binays, such as Senators Sonny Trillanes and Alan Cayetano, and oh yes, Koko Pimentel, as he allows the two to use the Senate panel to demonize the Binays, and this after demonizing the three opposition senators.
Yet there has been no more to have Cayetano and the rest of the allies in the Senate probed on their illegal pork use.
They are also the same senators, who were meek as lambs when it came to investigating the DAP and Butch Abad. Hell, they were even lawyering for him and the Palace.
To date, the pork barrel scam that Noynoy’s allies in the Senate demonized the three opposition senators, and made them out as guilty of plunder, has been virtually stopped.
TG Guingona has used too many excuses not to reopen the pork barrel probe, nor even start on the Malampaya funds scam, nor the DAP scam, because the allies would be involved in these scams.
Noynoy and his allies appear to forget the fact that when they were in opposition to Gloria Arroyo, their ally then for at least six years, all they did was to criticize her and her government. Yet now, he is ultra-sensitive to the criticisms leveled against him and his administration?
Noynoy and his yellows keep on claiming that he has introduced reforms, and needs more time to ensure that the reforms can no longer be destroyed by whoever becomes president.
One really must ask. Just what reforms has Noynoy introduced? Budget reforms that continue to have lump sums at his total discretion? A budget that allows illegal acts from a scheme called the DAP, used to bribe legislators to convict a CJ he dislikes for ruling against his family’s hacienda? Prostituting constitutional offices? Borrowing in the trillions and putting the country in hock and more poverty?
It is Noynoy who is the fake reformer. But let’s take his advice. Let’s fight him and his LPs — the fake reformers.






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