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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Fact or rumor?

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Wikileaks leaked a confidential cable written sometime in May, 2009, by then US Ambassador Kristie Kenny, saying that Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Regional Director Alberto Sipaco Jr., said that then Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte admitted complicity in the vigilante killings in his city.
Kenney wrote: “Commission on Human Rights Regional Director Alberto Sipaco (strictly protect) at a private meeting affirmed that Mayor Duterte knows about the killings and permits them. Recounting a conversation he once had with Duterte, who is his close friend and former fraternity brother, Sipaco said he pleaded with the mayor to stop vigilante killings and support other methods to reduce crime, like rehabilitation programs for offenders.”
“According to Sipaco, the mayor responded, ‘I’m not done yet,’” Kenney wrote.
Sipaco reportedly said he “repeatedly attempted to reason with Duterte that the killings were unlawful and detrimental to society,” but Duterte refused to broach the issue, adding that “Sipaco expressed a sense of helplessness over the killings, as well as concern for his personal safety, but acknowledged that the CHR was taking its mission in Davao very seriously,” Kenney said.
Strangely, though, in a letter dated January 15, 2016 Aileen Maqueda of the Ombudsman Field Investigation Office quoted from the “final disposition” of the complaint against Duterte over the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS).
The final disposition stated: “There being no evidence to support the ‘killings attributed or attributable to the DDS,’ much less the involvement of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and the local police officials of Davao on said acts, this Office tends to agree with the Commission’s Regional Director Sipaco that ‘it would be unbecoming of the Commission if through chismis and other gossips, we would be relying on it as a fact already when there are no supporting justification (sic),” a Rappler report said, quoting the final disposition.
The dates appear to be important. The cable written by Kenney was dated a full year before the presidential elections. At that particular time, the pre-election surveys showed that two presidential candidates, Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar, who was high in the surveys, but failed to win the race and did not place second, as it was former President Joseph Estrada who landed in second place.
But the candidates needed the Mindanao vote, and Davao was seen as the bloc that could bring in the votes. In the end, it was Estrada who won in Mindanao, not Noynoy.
Still, the public perception was that the winner would be Noynoy and it wouldn’t surprise many that someone like CHR Regional Director Sipaco may have wanted to be on the right side of the presidential contest winner, perhaps in the hope of a promotion of sorts in government.
This is usually the way Philippine politics and alliances work.
The same may be applied in the case of the Ombudsman’s field officer who, quoting the CHR’s Sipaco who apparently, based on the dispositive portion, found no involvement of Duterte and that there was no evidence to support the “killings” attributed to the DDS, adding that the Ombudsman’s office tended to agree that it would be unbecoming of the Commission to rely on gossip and pass this on as fact when there were no supporting facts to justify the charges or a case against Duterte.
Again, this was written sometime in January 2016, or four months before the May presidential elections.
It was already more or less perceived that Duterte was a very strong presidential candidate and likely to win the presidency. A lot of Bedans were supporting Duterte, and Sipaco, being a Bedan, would throw his support behind the candidacy of Duterte.
After all, Mar Roxas, the Liberal Party candidate, was a weak presidential candidate. Grace Poe was having problems with questions on her American citizenship and even more questions about her being a natural-born Filipino, given the fact that she is an adopted child with her blood ties to a Filipino parent not established. The Senate troika had done its all to demolish the chance of then Vice President Jojo Binay.
In the end, despite the Supreme Court not having had a majority of the vote on whether Poe is natural born, was still upheld by the SC minority, which is a dangerous precedent, since the jus sanguinis principle appears to have been scrapped, and the jus soli principle, which the Philippines has never adopted, is now in place.
It is not improbable that Duterte, seen as the winner of the 2016 presidential elections, that Sipaco wouldn’t stand by his claim to Kenney.
Still, Sipaco may have been lying in a private talk with Kenney for some political reason, which could mean that he may have had an ax to grind against Rody, for him to make a 180 degree turn on his statements.
One can never know the truth when based on rumors and media reports. It was Jessica Soho of GMA News TV that spoke of the media calling the vigilante killings as the Davao Death Squad. This is very probable since media Very probable since media do create names themselves in portraying people and groups.

The problem with yellows

Monday, 26 September 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Whatever ouster plans the yellows and their allies, foreign and local, have to do away with their object of hate, they now know that they won’t succeed, at least not in the near future, as Rody Duterte had already gotten wind of it and appears prepared to put the necessary mechanisms to beat them at their attempt in place.
Of course, the yellows can always try to mount an ouster move against Rody, but he is a different kind of guy in the sense that he does not fear a bloody battle, whereas Ferdinand Marcos, for all that his foes say against him, did not allow his generals to bomb those who wanted his out of the Palace massed at Edsa because he did not want to see blood spilled in the streets.
It was the same with the coup d’etat the yellows and the perfumed set, the Church and the unprofessional and highly disloyal to the Constitution military and police mounted against then sitting President Joseph Estrada. He left Malacañang because he did not want to see blood being spilled.
Not so in the case of Rody. He is more than ready to battle it out with whoever tries to grab his duly elected seat, especially by the yellows.
What he has been doing, however, even at the start of his presidency, is to change the Constitution to effect a peaceful turnover of power — through the ballot under a new Charter that may usher in federalism.
There are other reasons it would be more difficult for the yellow mob to stage a coup against Rody. For one, he has the leftists with him at this time, which means that the propagandists of the armed left and the Communist Party of the Philippines won’t join the yellow mob in attempts to oust Rody. Moreover, Rody really has diehard fanatics who are more than willing to fight and die for him.
More: Rody has also succeeded in reviving the spirit of nationalism among his diehard supporters, which is why his stance of standing up to the Americans and Europeans have been largely applauded  not just by his supporters, but also by some middle class and some elite in society.
And Rody, this early, is making sure that the police and military stay with him, even if some in US officialdom try to mount an ouster against him.
As Rody says, if the US tries it, he will be welcomed by China and Russia.
The yellows tried to test their strength in Senate, with Leila de Lima revving the Davao Death Squad issue against Rody. She had the international and local human rights groups with her and the yellows in the Senate and they believed that by bringing up the issue in her Senate investigation which had nothing to do with the resolution she has sponsored on the summary killings of today, they believed would have been the start of the downfall of Rody.
They were wrong. Their former allies went against them and they didn’t have the numbers and even if they refuse to admit it, the yellows lost face.
Still, that wasn’t the end of it, since the reconstituted Senate committee went on to call on her witness, Edgar Matobato, who, under cross examination, was clearly a lying and coached witness, what with his inconsistencies bared.
Moreover, a House inquiry on the proliferation of illegal drugs in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) is slowly exposing the hypocrisy if not corruption among the sanctimonious yellow sh*ts while in power and position, with Leila now being exposed by the convicts who have been testifying against her in the House of Representatives’ hearings on the drug proliferation during her time as the Department of Justice secretary, where alleged drug pay offs were given to her though the NBP high profile convicts.
All Leila has done is to deny the allegations, but her denials are much too weak against what has been testified to by the convicts.
Even her claim that convict Jaybee Sebastian was a government asset in raiding the NBP where contraband was found, the facts do not support her claims at all.
Soon, the House may just get to the bottom of it, as bank records of several suspected individuals with drug links, along with several corporations where drug money was allegedly deposited are being unearthed and with talk of higher yellow officials linked to the drug trade.
It won’t be easy peasy for the yellow to take power again, constitutionally or unconstitutionally.
It’s over for them. And good riddance!

As the noose tightens

Sunday, 25 September 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Almost certain it is that Sen. Leila de Lima is now feeling the noose tightening around her neck, now that numerous bank account records from the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) believed to be linked to the drug trade and alleged payoffs from drug lords and convicts in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) are being investigated by the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), along with more and more witnesses, both from government officials and drug convicts turned witnesses.
Predictably, Leila dismisses all these convict-witnesses’ credible accounts on how payoffs were made, with the King of NBP, Jaybee Sebastian, giving out Leila’s orders for the monthly drug money payoffs for her senatorial run, with her saying that the witnesses’ testimonies are coached, and other evidence presented and even to be presented before the House of Representatives’ probe are all fabricated.
Does Leila realize not just how stupid she sounds but also how much she reveals the way she and her NBI then manufactured evidence against the political foes of her yellow president, Noynoy Aquino?
In charging the three opposition senators, now former Senators Juan Ponce-Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla, she tapped a criminal, Benhur Luy, to testify against the three senators, based on lies, coached by her, manufacturing evidence, such as Luy’s claimed external hard drive contents which data were clearly encoded by other persons even if he claims data were all encoded by him, along with her NBI also in on the fabrication of evidence.
Luy was not only granted immunity by the then yellow Senate, but also was granted full immunity by another devotee of Aquino, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales.
They both claimed that the evidence against the three was strong, even when it was mostly hearsay evidence and lies from Luy and false witnesses against Estrada, Revilla and Enrile.
Yet Leila laughs off DoJ chief Vitaliano Aguirre’s convict-witnesses’ testimonies, and questions why immunity was granted by the Senate, misleading the public into believing that all the witnesses of the DoJ were granted full immunity even for trial purposes, once the charges are filed in court.
Far from it. The grant of Senate or House immunity to the witnesses, convicts or not, merely means that they cannot be sued on what they testify at the hearings.
Unlike Leila, when she was DoJ chief, she not only had the yellow Senate grant her tainted witnesses, whether on the pork scam investigation or the probe on the father and son duo where the witnesses, self admitted crooks testifying against then Vice President Jojo Binay and his son, during the over a year Senate hearing, where evidence was manufactured, were not only granted Senate immunity but were also assured of being placed under the Witness Protection Program under the DoJ.
What the heck are Leila and Sen. Antonio Trillanes bitching about then, when they were clearly persecuting Noynoy and his yellows’ political foes?
Liela and her sidekick Trillanes, despite the many inconsistencies and coached testimony of their witness, self-confessed murderer, Edgar Matobato, they have the face to claim to he is a credible witness, since the major allegations were not inconsistent, they claimed.
Matobato was so inconsistent and was clearly lying and even looking at both Leila and Trillanes to cue him on what to say, already proved that he was lying through his teeth.
Now Leila says she has no millions in her bank account, in reaction to Aguirre’s interview with the media on the monies in other person’s and corporations’ accounts and that everything is being frabricated.
Is this an admission from Leila, given her background in the DoJ, that the AMLC leaked bank records of the political foes of Noynoy, such as the AMLC bank records of so many friends and allies of then VP Binay that the very same yellow senators and their staunchest ally, Trillanes, oh, and not to forget Cayetano then who did his all to destroy the VP and his presidential run, where they misled the public into believing that he owned billions in the aggregated amounts of the businessmen’s accounts, only to discover afterwards that all Binay had in his bank account was P1 million?
However, in Leila’s case, what is clear is that she has already been tagged as a narco-official by Rody Duterte, and Aguirre’s witnesses are very credible. She may not have the hundreds of millions in bank accounts in her name, but given the nature of the drug payolas delivered to her, courtesy of the NBP convicts and Jaybee Sebastian, her payola patron. Aguirre may just hit pay dirt.
As she said, “may araw ka rin,” probably thinking of the coup plan against Rody by the yellows.
The way many see it, this time around, it is her day that has come. Finally.






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