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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Lies and more lies

Sunday, 14 February 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

With presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s “migraine episode” that many suspect was more than just migraine and probably a mild stroke that he suffered, questions are being raised more seriously by the public, as many sense that presidential candidates have not quite been honest about their true physical condition.
Take the case of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who, some months back announced that she has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which, in medical lingo, would mean a terminal cancer case.
However, she suddenly announced she was running for the presidency and that she is now cancer free, since a miracle pill cured her of her cancer.
When a doctor, in social media challenged Santiago to produce her medical records, the senator refused, saying this would be a violation of her privacy, after which she said that this would depend on her doctor giving her permission to bare her records.
Frankly, no doctor would stop a patient from baring his patient’s medical records. It is the other way around, it is the patient who gives the doctor the go signal to provide the patient’s medical records.
Still, even with Santiago’s refusal to bare her medical records, there is hardly any doubt that she is ill, seeing how difficult it is for her to go on a nationwide campaign. She merely went to Ilocos Norte for a brief proclamation rite, then was quickly gone, without joining Sen. Bongbong Marcos, her vice presidential bet, who made the usual campaign rounds.
Now comes Duterte, who had to be rushed to the hospital supposedly for a migraine attack although his doctor claimed that Duterte has acute bronchitis. But who really knows? Duterte isn’t talking, and his camp had different versions on what ailed the Davao mayor, obviously not to kill his chances to win the presidency.
What is, however, clear, is that there appears to be a serious lack of honesty in candidates on their state of health.
It has been said that there is no law that requires a presidential bet to bare his medical records — which, in my view, should include mental examinations of candidate — although once the candidate wins and is installed in Malacañang, then he, or his doctor is required to bare the physical state and especially, the mental state of the president.
This, however, never works, even when there exists in the Constitution the provision that the Cabinet can seek the state of the president’s health and this Cabinet even has the power to ease him out of office temporarily, until such time that the president goes to Congress and explains that he is now fit to resume his presidency.
This doesn’t work, because the way our politics works, the Cabinet of a president is made up of all his allies, and if the president goes, they go too, with the vice president, who generally belongs to a different political party, and is at odds with the president, naming his own Cabinet members. That, in the context of the Philippines, is a soft coup.
This is why, even if we have a mentally unstable president, who, even during the campaign, is bared as being mentally unstable, is being covered up by media networks, as that candidate is their president. And the people have to live with such a mentally unstable president for six years.
Similarly, presidential candidates who portray themselves as honest and transparent are hardly what they claim to be. One insists on being a natural born Filipino, even when she can’t prove it. She commits material misrepresentations in her certificates of candidacy on both her claim of being a natural born Filipino and of having made an “honest mistake” in her claimed years of residency.
In her campaign sorties, she continues to claim that she is a natural born Filipino and can prove it, yet she does not prove it at all, not through a DNA match and not through the Supreme Court claims of her natural born status following what the Constitution says.
She never mentions the fact either that while she says she is a Filipino in deed and in her heart, she had renounced and abjured absolutely her Filipino citizenship and pledged her total loyalty to America. Why does she not bring this up, if she is truly honest as she claims to be?
Then there is another candidate who claims not to be corrupt as he treads the straight path, even when it is much too evident that the path is much too crooked, with him and his crooked camp bribing voters with government funds.
Moral of the story: Take whatever these candidates say with a grain of salt during their campaigns.

Let’s abjure justices absolutely

Saturday, 13 February 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Noynoy’s bets are hoping that Nonoy’s popularity will rub off on Mar Roxas and catapult him to Malacañang, which may be a vain hope, considering that Noynoy isn’t as popular as the manipulated surveys make him out to be, although the yellows and their Liberal Party (LP) keep on trying to convince the public that the self-claimed popularity and endorsement of Noynoy can be translated into votes this May.
Truth is, what Noynoy is doing, by way of being with Mar during the campaign trail, is what then outgoing President Fidel Ramos did during the presidential run of then Speaker Joe de Venecia.
Result? Joe lost very badly to then presidential candidate, Erap Estrada.
Of course, at the time, Estrada was seen early enough, as the runaway winner.
But part of the reason De Venecia lost very badly in 1998, as will Mar Roxas in May 2016 is the fact that when these outgoing presidents who are pitching for their bets during their standard bearers’ campaign sorties, is that they take the spotlight, and campaign as if it is Ramos, in the case of Joe de Venecia, and Noynoy, in the case of Roxas who insists on being the candidate.
Mar looks pitiful during these sorties, as he is being portrayed by Noynoy and his LPs as an appendage of Noynoy, with Mar just doing what Noynoy dictates to him, such as the continuity of his daang matuwid, which is hardly a popular slogan these days, considering just how the straight path went crooked during Noynoy’s six years term.
But as Noynoy does not have his feet planted firmly on the ground, he probably believes that he is popular and that his endorsement means a lot.
Or maybe not, since the buzz is getting stronger that he is banking on a Grace Poe victory at the polls, to protect his hide after he loses his immunity. But he still can rest easy in the next two years, as his puppet Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio-Morales, will still be there to protect him from prosecution. Still, her post in government is not forever.
All signs point to Poe being the “secret” presidential candidate of Noynoy, despite his having anointed Mar as his successor. He has even gone as far as pressuring his appointed Supreme Court (SC) justices to ensure that Poe gets to run for the highest political post in the land.
Anybody who has been following the oral arguments in the SC easily notices the Nonoy justices’ — at least four of them — interpellations, introducing theories that have nothing to do with constitutional issues, such as what the Constitution decrees are the qualifications of presidential and vice presidential candidates, two of which are that they must be natural born Filipinos and with a residency and domicile in the Philippines for a minimum of 10 years.
Yet at least three justices, Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno, Marvic Leonen and Francis Jardeleza, even as they know they are seen by the public as justices who are puppets of Noynoy and seen too, as complete constitutional ignoramuses, continue with their stupidity of bringing up issues such as that of Poe being a foundling being considered natural born because she was born in the Philippines and therefore her parents must be natural born Filipinos, along with Jardeleza’s claim of the poll body crossing the line when it disqualified Poe and denied her due process, as well as the Commission on Elections’ failure to establish that she is not a natural born citizen, despite the evidence which Poe herself had submitted all prove that she is not a natural born Filipino, being a foundling with unknown parents and worse, even as she knows it, she lied throughout about her natural born status too many times  and mispresented herself as one too many times.
And Poe claims she is honest and transparent, when she only lies blatantly, even during her campaign sorties, claiming that she is a Filipino and will prove it — right in Plaza Miranda, even when she says nothing about it nor did she prove of  her being a natural born.
She does not even bring up the fact that she betrayed her country and its flag and Constitution, when she renounced and abjured absolutely the Philippines, and embraced America, swearing allegiance to a foreign country when she became a naturalized American citizen. She is a traitor to her country, and she wants to become its president?
And not even the Noynoy justices bring up this fact, which would have a bearing on her years of residency, since she merely renounced her US citizenship before a Pasig notary public and only renounced her US citizenship in 2011, while the state department delisted her as a US citizen in 2012, officially.
The earliest start of Poe’s residency in the country, should be in 2010, if her renunciation through a mere affidavit is a proper renunciation, since this was not done before the Immigration bureau.
Ask yourselves: Why are all these Aquino justices willing to look like constitutional ignoramuses before the public if they have not been pressured by Noynoy?
Then ask yourselves too, why Noynoy is pressuring his justices to have Poe qualified to run for the presidency when he has his anointed bet, who is Mar Roxas, who carries the LP banner?
Noynoy knows that neither he, nor his claimed popularity can propel Mar to victory.
But if the SC majority rules in favor of Grace Poe’s presidential run, then the Filipino people must take an oath abjuring absolutely the SC justices who refuse to uphold and defend the Constitution and allow a traitor of the country to be qualified to run for the top post..

A legacy of selective justice

Friday, 12 February 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Conchita Carpio-Morales may believe that she is being seen as an independent and unbiased Ombudsman who moreover does not abuse her powers as Ombudsman.
She is wrong if she thinks that. Not only is she, by her actions, a puppet of Noynoy Aquino and the Liberal Party (LP) officials, but she is also a government official who defies the Supreme Court (SC) ruling, especially on those whom she wants crushed politically, such as the Binays.
It was very clear that the SC ruled against the Aguinaldo Doctrine, or the condonation doctrine, erasing the alleged liability and culpability of the accused should win his re-election, which the court said was prospective, which means that, following the decision, similar cases of an accused  reelected official to invoke the condonation doctrine in the future can no longer be invoked.
But it also means that in the case of dismissed Makati City mayor, Junjun Binay, the Ombudsman cannot charge Binay Jr., on these charges she had filed against him.
As former Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) president Vicente Joyas put it: “If the Ombudsman insists on not applying the condonation doctrine in the Junjun Binay case, the Ombudsman is acting in total disobedience to the ruling of the SC in the Junjun case that the abandonment of the condonation doctrine must be applied prospectively,” said Joyas.
Yet Morales, flaunting her absolute disobedience to the court’s decision, went ahead to file the charges recently before the Sandiganbayan.
Should the Sandiganbayan also not throw out the charges against Junjun Binay, the Sandiganbayan will also be disobeying the high court which had already decided the case against the former Makati mayor.
Now that is what can be called Morales’ abuse of power and she really should be impeached by Congress, except that elections are what Filipinos have in mind  and a new administration starts on June 30, 2016.
That her act of charging Junjun Binay and his father, Vice President Jojo Binay with graft, malversation and falsification of documents, timed during the election campaign period, publicly displays her political motives and bias  against the Binays.
Morales also has shown her political motives in charging the three top opposition senators for plunder, ensuring that they rot in detention for years and years and denied bail by the Sandiganbayan justices, some of whom also take their orders from Malacañang that applies pressure on justices.
Morales has focused on opposition personalities, but has absolved the administration officials, especially Noynoy and his Cabinet secretaries that have been complained against by a lot of people. But to this day, these complaints of plunder against Butch Abad, Prospero Alcala, Jun Abaya  and other big guns identified with Noynoy, are gathering dust at the Ombudsman’s office.
If that is not being partial, then what is the clear display of partiality, especially when it comes to the Ombudsman, a former SC justice?
Even before Morales charged Junjun Binay, she also disobeyed the ruling of the Court of Appeals (CA) that granted Binay Jr., a temporary restraining order (TRO).
Almost immediately, despite TRO granted by the appellate court, the Ombudsman still stuck to her order of suspension of Binay and, conspiring with the then Interior Secretary, Mar Roxas, who was eyeing the presidency even then, ordered his police to surround Makati City Hall, and quickly swore in the LP vice mayor, Kid Peña as the acting mayor, bringing disorder and tension in Makati.
Even when she was thwarted by the TRO, this  failed to stop the arrogant Morales, who then filed another suspension order on Binay Jr., even as many say that a second suspension does not follow the norm.
This time around, even when the CA justices, as well as Morales, knew that the condonation doctrine that Binay Jr., had invoked was a correct legal defense, especially since Morales herself had earlier acquitted a former Muntinlupa mayor on the same doctrine, they did not immediately issue a TRO.
It was speculated that the CA did not grant the TRO within the five-day period due to the baseless allegations of Sen. Antonio Trillanes, a certified Binay hater, that the TRO earlier granted by the CA was oiled with P50 million for two justices as a bribe for the justices to grant Binay Jr., the TRO.
In the end, the SC justices cleared the CA division that granted the TRO to Junjun, which clearance then proved that there was no grave abuse of discretion on the CA’s part, nor, for that matter was Trillanes able to prove his allegations of bribery, as usual.
And then came the ruling on  the Aguinaldo doctrine being abandoned — on a prospective basis.
That SC ruling didn’t stop the Ombudsman. In her arrogance and her political motives to blacken the name of the Binays, pere et fils, she announced the filing of charges against VP Binay and  Junjun, and even perpetually disqualified Junjun from holding any government office, even when she has no power to do so. It is the courts that haev this mandate.
As for VP Binay’s charges, she knew that she couldn’t do so constitutionally, as the VP can only be removed through impeachment.
But she announced it anyway saying the charges will have to wait until the VP ends his term.
It was all political on her part. For shame. What a legacy of partisanship and selection justice Morales leaves.






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