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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Destroying themselves

Sunday, 26 October 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

Liberal Party officials must be so desperate to retain their power and position in2016 to the point of trying to ensure the electoral loss of Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay in 2016, through their black propaganda as they know that should he emerge the presidential winner, not only will they and their allies in the Senate will be out of power and position, but that they may all face charges under a Binay presidency.
Knowing that, despite all the black propaganda and lies being spewed in the Senate yellow subcommittee, Binay is still on top of the game, and emerging a still a strong choice for the top political post, especially in the provinces and among the masses.
This is the probably the reason the Liberal Parties (LPs), with Senate President Frank Drilon, and allies Senators Sonny Trillanes and Alan Cayetano, have been holding never ending hearings focusing on VP Binay and his alleged “vast and luxurious” properties, with Trillanes desperately wanting to make these accusations stick by claiming that Binay lives a double and secret life, one, the life of a wealthy one, with the other, portraying himself as poor, and behaving like the poor, whom he derides for being dark-skinned.
Trillanes was bombed by netizens in social media who took offense at his way of looking down at the poor, and he will never be able to live that displayed anti-poor bias of his down, while what he said would endear Binay more with the masa.
Trillanes was irked by the bombardment against him in the Internet, saying this is being done to destroy his credibility.
This is truly rich, coming from him, who hardly has any credibility left and one moreover, who suffers in comparison by way if the conduct of the poor, who are generally more respectful and humble, compared to him, an arrogant and illogical official who appears to be an airhead.
But it is not only money that is being poured by the LP SN2016 group on the polluted and bought witnesses of the senators, but also on the provincial media, as the foes of Binay know that the VP has a strong network and following in the provinces, with sources saying that provincial broadcasters are paid P1,500 per anti-Binay report or commentary, which can net each broadcaster some P45,000 a month.
And this is also why the troika of Trillanes, Cayetano and Koko Pimentel, who certainly has an ax to grind against the VP, go on and on with their inquisitions, to keep their web of lies going for the media to pick these accusations for their daily stories.
The yellows and the anti-Binay LP-NP group must be so stupid to think that the bulk of Filipino people will buy their, and their witnesses’ lies because for every lie told by former vice mayor Ernesto Mercado and his group, along with the Senate troika, they are discovered, bit by bit, to be pure lies.
In the troika’s frustration in their failure to substantiate their lies, Trillanes and Cayetano keep on threatening the resource persons who do not toe their anti-Binay line with charges of plunder, tax evasion, and money laundering.
Worse, even as they in the Senate panel make use of the accusations aired by Mercado, they end up putting off more people as all claims of Mercado claims always bomb out.
Mercado and the three senators talk about the 350 hectares of what they term as “Hacienda Binay” when it is only some 144 hectares. The piggery has no airconditioners, and worse, they have found no official documents that point to the VP as owning the agricultural park. So now they go with the “guilt by association” but still can’t prove that which they accuse Binay. Even that does not appear to work in their favor.
Just to prove that the three senators know that Mercado et al are lying through their teeth with their false accusations, it was finally elicited from Cayetano that it was he who was involved in the chopper that spied on the agri-park, even as he knew that Mercado was making up tales, yet they continued to have Mercado come up with lies, and more lies. They are complicit in the crime.
It was just as clear that Trillanes and Cayetano are in deep with these perjurers and in conspiracy with the LP and the administration to destroy Binay, which does not seem to be working — not even when the yellow surveys manipulate the figures.
They have destroyed themselves with

No Noy tears for Laude

Saturday, 25 October 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

Noynoy’s spokesmen are now singing another tune, to justify the non-condemnation of the murder of transgender Jeffrey Laude, with the Palace official noting that by not condemning the murder, Noynoy and the Palace seek to prevent “strong condemnation” on Pemberton, as it may affect the investigators in handling the case, anchoring this on the notion that the integrity of the investigation must be maintained, for which the Philippines and the United States collectively stand.
Said Communications Secretary Herminio “Sonny” Coloma: “We allow the process of the law to prevail. If there would be “strong condemnation,” it may affect the investigators. What is important is ensuring the integrity of the investigation, if it’s according to the law of the republic since it’s under our jurisdiction, and that there will be no violation of our laws.” Really, Noynoy?
Noynoy even claimed before a foreign correspondents’ group that the Filipinos have more rights than Pfc. Joseph Pemberton, since no Filipino is detained until after he is arrested and charged, while Pemberton was detained even before the inquiry at the fiscal’s office investigation on probable cause is found or not.
What hypocrisy is being spewed by Noynoy and his spokesmen.
Some months back, Noynoy was almost daily condemning the three opposition senators on charges of plunder and graft. He even went to the extent of saying, in many of his speeches, that he wants the three senators convicted before his term is up.
What he has been saying is that these opposition senators, whom he regards as political foes, are guilty and that he will not countenance their acquittal by the Sandiganbayan.
Was he not giving out a clear message to his lapdog, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, his other lackey, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and even the Sandiganbayan justices that the three senators must be convicted?
Just some two years and a few months ago, to get back at the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Renato Corona, Noynoy made it clear to all and sundry, especially to his puppets in Congress, that he wants Corona ousted.
Noynoy publicly blasted Corona daily, portraying him as guilty and that he needs to be ousted.
And he made it happen, by not only bribing the congressmen with public funds later known as coming for the humonogous presidential pork, the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) in the hundreds of millions, totalling more than P1 billion, to file an impeachment complaint against Corona, and bribed the senators, with hundreds of millions, for them to convict Corona.
Also, Noynoy prostituted the constitutional offices, along with the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) getting it to release the bank  accounts — including the dollar accounts, which are sacrosant — to the legislators for them to have the “evidence” of Corona’s bank accounts, including the bank Corona had transacted with his dollars as evidence for his impeachment conviction.
Oh, and not to forget, Noynoy apparently bribed the Commission on Audit (CoA) to ensure that only the three opposition senators’ pork barrel and special allotment release orders (SAROs) would be highlighted, while his allies, who had more pork that also were  also marked with the so-called  irregualarities, were spared, and of course protected by Noynoy and the CoA chairman, Grace Pulido-Tan. Why else would he give CoA DAP funds for new cars and added perks?
Noynoy and his Budget Secretary, Butch Abad never submitted any SARO for Noynoy and Mar Roxas, while his allies’ SAROs were submitted but only anywhere from five to 20 percent of their SAROs, but  the three opposition senators were audited 100 percent. If that is not selective auditing, what is?
Then there was Pulido-Tan, another Noynoy lackey, an officer working in a constitutional body, giving Noynoy an advance copy of the Pork Barrel audit for his vetting. Where in the world does an independent constitutional body have to have the President vet the contents of an audit on the senators?
And with his puppet Senate, he does the same to VP Binay, with his three attack dogs in the yellow ribbon committee portraying Binay as  guilty, and having his puppy Leila de Lima investigate the VP.
So what’s this hypocritical crap he and his Palace mouthpieces spew on Noynoy’s justification of non-condemnation on the murder of Laude, when the opposite is true, since he has proven time and again, that as long as it his political foes, he deems them guilty, even before a case is filed against them, and makes certain that his message is loud enough for his Senate, his Justice Secretary, his Ombudsman, and even Justices that he wants them convicted.
And what kind of a president does this nation have, for him to state that he doesn’t want to appear at the wake of Filipino Laude, since he is not comfortable going to wakes of people he doesn’t know.
Jesus Christ! He is the president of 100 million Filipinos and with so many of his constituents dying,  he stupidly says he doesn’t go to wakes of people he doesn’t know, not even to show himself among them and condole with the relatives even for a very brief period?
So what is he, a president only of his KKK?
But as the saying goes, a fish is caught by his mouth.
What a fish big mouthed Noynoy is.

The nature of the Senate beasts

Friday, 24 October 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

Blue ribbon chairman TG Guingona stepped in to state that he is issuing a formal invitation for VP Jojo Binay to attend the Senate hearings and that he guarantees the VP will be respected, with proper decorum observed.
If I were Binay, I wouldn’t step into that trap being set up by the Liberal Party and its allies in the Senate for several reasons, apart from the Senate hearings having prejudged Binay, as the inquiry is clearly not in aid of legislation.
Guingona can hardly provide guarantees. For one, even if he is the chairman of the blue ribbon committee, he cannot control whatever the other senators say or cross-examine Binay — and whatever Binay says would quickly be branded as a lie, no matter the fact that their polluted witness, former Makati vice mayor Ernesto Mercado and his group have been found to be Grade A liars.
Just look at the way the three senators — Sonny Trillanes, Alan Cayetano and Koko Pimentel skewered, insulted and threatened businessman Tony Tiu, who, despite explaining logically that he still does not have the title to the Agro-tourism park, he holds the rights to this piece of property, and that the only time he can have the certificate of transfer (TCT) is when the seller is fully paid.
But the senators still insisted that Tiu is not the real owner, because he has no TCT and no matter what Tiu, a resource person at the hearing, these senators, with their highly flawed logic, says, as long as he does not issue statements saying that Binay owns the property, he will be insulted, ridiculed and threatened. Tiu had already shown that Trillanes had been texting him with threatening messages for Tiu to say that Binay is the true owner, and Trillanes and Pimentel made a big play of having Tiu investigated by the BIR and the AMLC. Shades of Torquemada!
Just listen to the illogic of Trillanes who said when he was barred by the guards in Tiu’s Agri-park, he concluded that such barring of his entry is proof that Tiu is the the owner of the park! That conclusion he made is laughable. But being an illogical person, he is never likely to come up with the simplest conclusion or truth, that can be gained through syllogism.
And look at the way these same senators treated the UNA secretary-general, lawyer JV Bautista, with Trillanes and his senatorial ilk cutting him off quickly, even warning Bautista that he is on a short lease. This they never do to their polluted witnesses who have been caught lying in all their statements.
Not only are Mercado and company manufacturing “evidence” but also the three senators who are manufacturing such fake “evidence.”
But didn’t their patron in Malacañang claim that he will not countenance manufactured evidence? And aren’t those senators his allies who have been manufacturing evidence, and even getting these polluted witnesses to spew their lies, even coddling them by guaranteeing their enrty into the WPP, and ensuring that they get immunity despite the senators suborning perjury?
If I were VP Binay, I wouldn’t give these senators my time of day — despite a claimed guarantee from Guingona, who certainly is no different from the three Torquemadas. This was displayed by Guingona himself during his blue ribbon committee hearings on the pork barrel scam, where he, along with the other attack dogs of Noynoy, not only conducted a trial by publicity against the three opposition senators but also prejudged them, using the same type of polluted witnesses to testify against their political foes and even ensuring that their so-called whistle-blowers manufacture evidence to make the three senators look guilty before the public, yet protecting themselves and their allies by not holding hearings to include all the senators.
Will Guingona, Trillanes, Cayetano and other allies of Noynoy submit themselves to an investigation of their being the recipients of their humongous DAP and how the funds were disbursed? Hell, they even lawyer for Budget Secretary Butch Abad in a one day Senate hearing, treating him with kid gloves.
Would they even submit themselves to a probe on their pork barrel that are marked with irregularities? They certainly wouldn’t, that’s for sure.
Guingona and the three senators guaranteeing VP Binay a fair hearing?
Impossible, as they are like the nature of the scorpion in the tale. It is in their nature to destroy the LP’s political foe, due to their beastly bid to win in 2016.






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