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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Sure win for Duterte?

Wednesday, 04 May 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Despite the numbers in surveys showing Rodrigo Duterte having the highest ratings, pollsters still can’t say that the Davao Mayor is a sure winner, having at least 10 percentage points over his next rival.
Why is there that reluctance on the part of the pollsters to make the prediction that Duterte is a runaway winner in the 2016 polls for the presidency?
The way I see it, these pollsters don’t want to be embarrassed and lose credibility should Duterte not end up winning the race.
And it is possible that he won’t make it to Malacañang, mainly because there are other factors, such as, but not limited to, Duterte’s evident lack of a well-oiled organization, rather than a political machinery which incidentally, can be bought for the right price.
There is certainly a lot of money pouring into the campaign kitty of Duterte, now that he had stayed as a survey frontrunner for weeks, but the question is, will the Davao Mayor splurge all that money when he can keep a hefty sum of it in his secret accounts?
Maybe not, considering that he and his camp believe that he has the voters in the palm of his hands anyway, who will go to the precincts and vote for him anyway, which means he believes that even without payouts, he would still win, hands down.
This is where a well-oiled organization comes into the picture, something which is not quite evident in Duterte and his camp’s campaign mode.
Sure, big crowds greet Duterte which makes any candidate believe he has the vote.
But it should also be remembered that the late Fernando Poe Jr., who ran in the 2004 presidential race, was also greeted by massive crowds, some of whom even laid themselves down on the street, to ensure that his motorcade would come to a halt and for them to be able to either hug him or kiss  him.
Yet toward the campaign’s end of the line, the same political machinery failed to deliver, due to the lack of a well-oiled organization from the camp of FPJ.
He lost the elections, despite claims of fraud.
It was the same story of Manny Villar in the 2010 presidential elections. He had money and machinery and he was either in first place or  second, but close in percentages with then presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino.
Yet the surveys were all shot. While these survey firms did put Aquino as winner, Villar, who was in second place in the penultimate surveys, was in third place and former president Joseph Estrada, whom the survey firms showed him to be a poor third at even 11 to 17 percentage page nationwide, and spending much less than Noynoy and Villar in his campaign, was second to Aquino.
Surveys are not always right, nor even spot on.
In the case of Duterte, pollsters say that among all other presidential candidates, the reason the Davao Mayor stands out is that he has defined himself as a peace and order expert, and his pledge to eliminate criminals who are unarmed and are petty criminals at most.
The big time drug lords, Duterte protects and coddles. Thi s is on record. And he has identified himself as a leftist, although he appears to be chummy chummy with the armed left. He even says that people who should revolutionary traxes to the communists.
Duterte reportedly even gave an NPA leader a hero’s burial.
Will these negatives of his summary killings through his Davao Death Squad, his being aligned with the communists, his crass behavior and cussing after every end of his sentence, along with his disrespect of women to the point of having indoctrinated his supporters to bully his critics who even say that they too will be raped and now with him now shown that he is a corrupt official who has billions in hidden wealth and a liar to boot, make him win?
One political analyst reportedly said that despite Duterte’s character flaws, this could mean that the voters no longer want negative campaigns.
If that analysis were accurate, then it must have escaped this analyst the fact that Duterte himself is into a negative campaign, which shows that negative campaigns are still acceptable to the voters. Not even corruption appears to be a problem with the voter’s acceptance of Duterte, despite the fact that he had P211 million or so, as he himself admitted that the money at his BPI Julia Vargas branch in his account has a “little less” than P211 million. He even admits that he accepts millions from his rich friends.
But will Duterte be the next president of the republic, as the surveys suggest?
This can be answered by another question. Is Duterte willing to have the big stash he has been given by the usual big business donors in ca mpaign funds, to ensure his win?
He didn’t do it for his campaigns as mayor of Davao, as shown in the alleged P2.4 billion in bank transfers and deposits. He is not likely to do it for his victory in 2016, since he appears to believe that this is not needed, as it will be the voters who on their own,  will ensure his victory.
Is he right or wrong?
By May 10, the answer will be known.

What the future holds under a Duterte presidency

Tuesday, 03 May 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Rodrigo Duterte just missed his chance at proving wrong, not only Sen. Antonio Trillanes but also his critics, about his billions in his bank accounts, even at just the Bank of Philippine Islands bank, when he, despite the appearance of his lawyer with a power of attorney, refused to give the history of transactions of Duterte’s BPI account.
Duterte apparently believes he can get away with his admitted corrupt practices, because of his fanatical supporters who are his monstrous mobsters that can continously bully anyone who makes his criticism of Duterte public.
The fact that Duterte refused to show the history of his accounts at the BPI, using all sorts of excuses, such as the accuser’s issuance of an affidavit stating where and how he obtained the so-called transactions in the billions belonging in Duterte’s accounts, merely proves that indeed, Duterte does have billions in his accounts, but quickly depleted the billions either through transfers or were kept hidden elsewhere by Duterte, which makes him not only a certified liar but also a cheater.
Duterte may well become the next president of the Philippines, but he, as the Malacañang tenant, will bring the country and the nation to perdition. And despite his promise to usher in a clean government, Duterte can’t possibly bring this about, considering that he would no doubt be the number one corrupt president, and worse, those whom he will appoint, will folow the leader. His co-mobsters, will certainly be free to raid the government funds.
This is the change he and his supporters will usher in a Duterte government, which will be characterized with corruption, lies, murders, and total opaqueness.
If Duterte, still a presidential candidate, refuses to have the history of his transactions certified by the BPI, what makes anyone supporting him today think that he would be transparent with government spending and where else the public money goes and worse, how much in kickbacks and under the table commissions does he make for every deal he closes with businessmen who will be plying him with oodles of money  just to be able to get a contract with government  from him?
And Duterte would hardly care whether his administration is scandal-ridden, he can always ignore exposés on his government.
Filipinos can also expect the military and the police force to become his personal death squad, just as he has made his police force his Davao Death Squad (DDS) to eliminate not convicted criminals, but suspected criminals of petty crimes, poor Filipinos, young and old, who are into drugs, and unarmed, killed on the spot.
It will be like we are back to a martial regime, where critics of Duterte can easily have their lives snuffed out extra-judicially.
Expect too, the diplomatic ties with foreign countries to deteriorate like never before, as Duterte does not give a damn about niceties and diplomatic ties.
Already, with the US merely commenting of the bad taste of his rape joke, as well as the Australian envoy saying the same thing, there went Duterte, telling them to shut up, saying they have no right to interfere in political affairs of the country and that he doesn’t care if the US and Australia cut their ties with the Philippines.
Duterte is full of non-sequiturs. In the first place, the comments made by the Australian and US envoys had nothing to do with interference in domestic affairs because what they stated was against making fun of rape.
In the second place, Duterte does not even see further than his boxer’s nose, considering that he doesn’t realize that not keeping diplomatic ties friendly between countries,  will also impact on trade relations and even projects in this country.
Truth is, Duterte is ill-equipped to govern the country as it should be governed.
All he really wants is to get more and more billions for his nest egg and to hell with diplomacy, to hell with anyone who goes against him. To hell with the Constitution. Nothing in the Constitution and the laws will be honored and respected, that is for sure. He is proving this already, and he isn’t even the president of the republic.
As for cases brought before the Supreme Court against him for constitutional grounds, why, should the SC dare to rule against him, he would merely have his DDS shoot these justices dead, and he wouldn’t even care to shed a tear for these murders he ordered committed.
As for impeachment complaints lodged against him, why, he will just kill all the congressmen and senators who will dare have him impeached and convicted.
Meantime, with Duterte pocketing in a huge way, the money of the Filipino people, nothing but nothing will be done for the poor who will continue wallowing in abject poverty.
But, they who vote for Duterte can’t blame anyone but themselves for the dire future facing the country and the nation under a Duterte presidency.


Monday, 02 May 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Hubris is what will do in PDP-Laban presidential bet, Rodrigo Duterte — if not soon, then later.
Just as it was hubris that made him ultra-arrogant in answering reporters’ questions on the seven transactions that amounted to P193.71 million that, according to report based on documents, entered his accounts on March 28, 2014, his 69th birthday.
His answer was vintage Duterte. Said he: “What this means is that I have many friends who are rich…but the money is all gone. I had already spent it. I went into a happy-happy binge.”
And he does not care that he did not include any of these in his SALn.
The Davao Mayor who seeks the presidency does not seem to realize that he had just admitted how corrupt he is, and will be even more corrupt once he sits in the Palace as president of the republic.
Already, as a sitting Davao Mayor, he admits taking money from his “rich friends.” What more if he is the president?
As president, there are many contracts to be made and given to businessmen and investors, and knowing that Duterte, by his own admission, accepts money, imagine the billions he will be getting from these rich businessmen and investors who are more than willing to cough up a hefty percentage for the Malacañang occupant’s kickback. Hey, after six years in the Palace, Duterte ends up with trillions just by favoring certain contracts for favored businessmen!
Unbelievable? Of course not! Already, as Davao City Mayor, Duterte has already “saved up” some P2 billion, according to the reported bank transactions.
He denies this of course, and even presented his bank statement which merely showed some P27,000 in one of his Bank of the Philippines bank account, along with a certification from the BPI that after an investigation, it was found that there was no breach in the bank regarding the bank accounts of Duterte.
Duterte says this is proof that the reports on his billions in his bank accounts are false and a demolition job by the Palace.
However, what Duterte showed was no proof at all, since all he presented in that sheet of paper was his bank balance, which did not show the history of his deposits and transfers. He could have easily have withdrawn the millions, if not billions before that period that shows merely a P27,000 balance. As for that BPI certification, that’s a useless piece of paper, since it does not clear Duterte but the bank as the certification was about there being no breach in the bank on his bank records.
How stupid do Duterte, his lawyers, his publicists and supporters think the Filipinos are? Perhaps, since his supporters buy every lie he makes, are the ones who could be stupid, but not the Filipinos who see through his lies and blatant corruption.
And there went his partner, Alan Cayetano who has no hope of winning the vice presidency, but latches on tightly to Duterte since he figures, with Duterte as president, after a year, he gets a top Cabinet position, which is why he, supposedly a God-fearing politician who frequently quotes biblical verses, claimed that before he asked Duterte to take him in as his VP, he had already checked out everything about Duterte, and everything passed muster. That’s Bullsh*t, and he knows it.
He wasn’t being considered by Duterte as his VP, and Cayetano even spent for posters all over the country showing him and Duterte as a team, even when there was no team as yet.
Who the hell does Alan think would buy his lie, especially since it was he who virtually begged for Duterte to choose him as his running mate? And he checked on Duterte first? Double bullsh*t.
Cayeteno isn’t clean either, he just tries to portray himself as clean. He was into the pork barrel scam too, but was not touched because he was earlier an ally of Noynoy.
Duterte has promised the Filipinos a clean and honest government. Now that is really a big, big lie.
How on earth can Duterte keep that promise when he has already admitted to having engaged in pure corruption when he admitted that he has many rich friends who give him money?
If ever he does get to sit in the Palace, he will have more rich friends, who will be more than willing to keep giving him the really big bucks, of course, in exchange for fat contracts.
Dutete is a liar, a cheat, a killer and the epitome of a very corrupt politician. And he does not mind admitting to being all these. That’s hubris of the first water.






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