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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Trust and hatred

Monday, 24 October 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

A recent survey showing that many Filipinos trust the United States and distrust China.
The results of this latest trust/distrust survey are hardly surprising, given the fact that for decades, the country’s previous administrations have always been pro-American, so much so that even when the US foreign policy is detrimental to the interest  of the Philippines, Filipinos and their leaders have embraced US foreign policy, especially one regarding the Philippines, as their own, which severely stunted the growth of nationalism in this country while making America the savior of the country.
Filipinos, in the main, know very little Philippine history but appear to know a lot about American history and past presidents and their administrations hardly made a serious push to instill in Filipinos the importance of embracing nationalism.
About the only time Filipinos went against US policy was when the US bases in the Philippines’ treaty was rejected by the Philippine Senate. Yet there was Cory Aquino, then the sitting President, leading a march against the Senate that insisted on kicking out the US troops and its bases in the country.
It is also not surprising that the survey showed Filipinos distrusting China, given that Noynoy Aquino, sitting in Malacañang for six years, waged a hate China, fight China campaign, toed the US line against China, then a peaceful Philippine neighbor, went ahead with an arbitration case despite knowing that China will refuse to recognize any ruling that would be detrimental to its interests.
So the country legally won the case, but lost it in practice because it was clear that the Permanent Court of Arbitration could not enforce its ruling against China.
For years, relations with China deteriorated and soured and trade and investments and even Philippine tourism was down with Chinese visitors absent in our shores.
Early in Noynoy’s reign, which was in August 2010, when Chinese nationals were made hostages by a half-crazed former cop and a bloody massacre followed, due to bungling police force in a rescue effort.
Noynoy refused to take the call from the then Hong Kong chief executive and was even shown laughing near the bus after the massacre was over and where the killings occurred, which angered the Chinese.
Worse, even as the relatives of the victims sought an apology from him, Noynoy refused to apologize for the massacre.
In the end, it had to be the Manila Mayor, former President Erap Estrada that apologized for the bloody massacre, despite the fact that he was not yet mayor at the time of the massacre.
In much the same way, a hate campaign against then sitting President Ferdinand Marcos was waged by Cory Aquino and the then opposition forces that had returned from their self-exiles in the United States, and of course, the activists.
Along with the US, they all moved to oust Marcos.
But even after she took on the presidency, Cory and her yellows continued the hate Marcos campaign which extended to his so-called cronies.
After her term, her hate Marcos campaign was no longer waged by the next Philippine presidents, so much so that Marcos was hardly being talked about and the hate campaign automatically petered out — until of course, another Aquino, this time Cory’s son, was installed president in 2010.
In the case of Cory, she and her family blamed Ninoy’s assassination to Marcos. Yet in her six-and-a-half years in the presidency, even as she had all the intelligence networks, police and military under her rule, she failed to establish proof that it was indeed Marcos who had ordered the killing of Ninoy.
Worse, despite the fact that the soldiers were tried in a court of law and acquitted by the same court during the term of Marcos, Cory and her appointed Supreme Court ordered the trial of the acquitted soldiers, which is against the law, being a case of double jeopardy.
Naturally, the soldiers were tried again and convicted, and were imprisoned, never ever having pardoned them by either Aquino.
It was also a Noynoy regime that resurrected the public’s hatred of the Marcoses and placing all the woes of the country to Marcos and his dictatorial rule.
But despite all that, a Marcos son, Bongbong, won a Senate seat, and in three years’ time, became a major vice presidential candidate with every chance of winning the elected post.
He would probably have been the elected vice president if the Liberal Party (LP) cheating machine did not go to work. Bongbong lost to Leni Robredo with some 200,000 votes.
Robredo’s win was enough for the yellows to plan ouster moves against Rody Duterte, for the LPs to again be in power and position, with the US foreign policy on the Philippines given another life. And to bring back the US bases.

Watch out Rody, traitors in your midst

Sunday, 23 October 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Fears were expressed by former President now Manila Mayor Erap Estrada as he intimated that given Rody Duterte’s separation between the Philippines and the old time ally, the United States statement, the US may just make its moves to oust Rody, if it has not started already.
Rody’s statement clearly created waves of confusion, not just among Filipinos but around the world — as usual.
Of course, once Rody got back, he quickly tried explaining that separation from the US does not mean a severance of ties with the US.
Next time, anything Rody wants to announce that would be earthshaking and too confusing, someone from his Cabinet — probably Martin Andanar (not Chief Legal Counsel Sal Panelo please, as he makes things worse), should always carry a Rody dictionary and translator that would explain the meaning of a sensitive word and save a lot of world leaders a lot of angst over whatever Rody says.
But Erap can base his fears of US-instigated ouster of presidents and global leaders, since the US has a long history of ousting leaders they do not like, and all because they refuse to toe the US line.
Erap is certainly a prime example of having been ousted in a coup that was instigated by the US government, with the full cooperation  of the usual yellow coup plotters, in consonance with the yellows, the militant activists, the bishops and their priests and nuns, the left, Fidel V. Ramos, the media, Cory Aquino, the military leaders and the chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the MILF rebels. Remember the simultaneous five bombings in Metro Manila?
But there is one thing that Estrada refused to give in to a demand from the US government for Estrada, for he had already launched an all out offensive against the MILF and told the US that he cannot stop his offensive since this was already ongoing.
Not surprisingly, the ouster move was being readied against Estrada.
At first they tried the impeachment against him illegally as this was never even voted in plenary but as the then Speaker Manny Villar, announced on his own that Estrada was impeached even when he was not, and just as speedily, he rushed the impeachment articles which was just as quickly received by the yellow Senate president, Franklin Drilon.
However, knowing that the Senate will be unable to convict Estrada, there went Plan B, which was to ensure that  another “Edsa revolt” would be staged.
Ironic though that America is now embroiled in the “loss of democracy” should Donald Trump lose and refuse to accept the victory of Hillary Clinton, should she win the race.
Really ironic that the US that puts so much store in democracy, which is to respect the outcome of the vote, in this case, the electoral vote, but disrespects democracy, which is a president elected democratically and ousts these leaders US officially dislikes, simply because the US line is not followed.
Why does the US insist on leaders to be ousted, whether it is Assad, Russia, which the US can’t get along with, Iraq and the past former presidents and leaders the US ousted or tried to oust, if the US truly believes in democracy or so the US leaders claim.
Truth is, the US government got a bit from the Estrada administration as the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) opened more doors to the American troops — through the joint Balikatan exercises.
But it was under Gloria, as president, that the VFA was expanded to cover so-called “temporary” base in Mindanao, even when this was not called for under the VFA.
It was even worse during the Noynoy Aquino regime, where he gave the US everything, including five strategically located bases, including one in Palawan and even got the country into a lot of trouble with its neighbor, China.
What the US wanted, the puppet Noynoy gave, including carrying out joint patrols to irritate China and going to the Permanent Court of Arbitration knowing that this would rile China, with the Philippines at the losing economic and trade ties with China, We co-existed with China for decades, even when China spoke of the 9 dash line. So what is wrong with having trade and investments between China and the Philippines, as well as Russia or any other country for that matter?
Estrada expressed his fear that the United States might oust Rody, whom he gives his full support.
In a news release, Estrada said he supports “President Duterte’s decision to cut ties with the United States, saying it is high time the US government be stopped from its meddling with the country’s internal affairs.”
But Rody really should be more careful as there is little doubt that the US and the yellows and the usual traitors to democracy are just waiting for the right time to oust Rody.
Rody really should not put his total trust in the intelligence agencies in the country, including the military intel, the NICA-NSA, the Police intel and especially the yellows.
Erap did and they all turned out to be traitors to democracy.

The inscrutable Mr. Duterte

Saturday, 22 October 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Oftentimes, there is always a scratching of the head among a number of Filipinos when it comes to trying to decode or decipher Rody Duterte and more head scratching, after he recently announced before a Chinese audience, that he is “separating” from the United States of America.
First off, there is a big difference between “separating” and “divorcing,” as one can still retain the marital bond but live apart without one partner paying any alimony (at least in the Philippines).
While divorcing one’s partner means a complete break with one’s legal spouse being granted a complete break of the marital bond, plus alimony payments, there is also having the benefit of the divorced partners getting into another marriage legally.
But of course, there is still no divorce in this country, which is probably why Rody used the word “separating from the US, militarily and economically. Is it a trial separation then, like a threat from one partner to separate from his partner if some conditions to keep their marriage intact are not fulfilled?
Who knows what Rody really means when he makes such surprising statements? He is too difficult for one to decode his alarming statements.
He does get a lot of publicity from abroad world wide — almost daily — as well as on the domestic front, which no other Philippine President enjoyed prior to Rody, albeit more often than not, it is because of his outrageous remarks giving himself a negative view here and abroad.
What makes Rody such an inscrutable President is the fact that just a few hours of his having announced his separation from the US, he also made another speech before another audience stating that there will be no military ties with the US, nor with China, nor with Russia because he does not want war. A few hours later,Rody announced his “separation” from  the US.
Did something tick him off to make him change his mind about saying he will be honoring the treaties and agreements earlier signed by previous governments and that the country will retain its alliances, militarily and economically with the US?
Rody can also transform himself into a diplomat, when he wants to, or needs to do so.
He proved this in the first few hours with Chinese leaders and was even very effusive about China and its generosity, with some $13.5-billion in deals and projects agreed upon in a memorandum of understanding between the two countries.
Yet when one is led to believe, through his sudden change of style, that Rody has finally transformed himself into a diplomat, hours later, he is back to being the coarse, loud and combative ruffian, especially before Filipino expats, who seem to revel in his combative stance.
It truly makes one wonder if Rody has two personalities, one he puts on whenever he oozes with friendship and generosity toward other world leaders and another whenever he sees another  as a country foe or sees someone as putting him down.
For instance, one more occasion, some weeks back, Rody announced that he is not angry at the United Nations and its human rights investigators, then lashed at them when an international Criminal Court special prosecutor, no doubt alerted by Leila de Lima and the human rights groups, came out of nowhere to state that Rody can be tried before the ICC.
Frankly, the special prosecutor was out of  line by coming up with such a statement, especially since one, Rody is a sitting Philippine president and two, there has not even been an investigation or even concrete proof that Rody is the instigator of the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS) or even of the recent extrajudicial killings.
For all her dramatics and her so-called witness who claims to be a member of the DDS who was ordered by Rody to kill 50 people whom Rody wanted killed, failed to prove that Rody was the mastermind of the killings.
So Rody, as president, is being held responsible for the killings of the drug suspects?
If this is what constitutes a crime of genocide by the ICC and its special prosecutor, then why did they say nothing about the thousands of human rights violations and killings under then President Noynoy Aquino, which on a monthly average was more or less the same as the killings under Rody? However, innscrutable as he is, Rody should remember, that he is president and anything he says is seen as policy.
One does not suddenly state that one is cutting ties with the US — a long time ally.  And just what is wrong with having ties with other countries? As he said, Rody does not want war. Neither do the Filipinos.
It may be difficult to decode Rody, but it is also apparent that the yellows and their imported allies in USA are certainly out to oust him, which is probably the reason he remains inscrutable and why he blows hot and cold.






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