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Sunday, 28 August 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

An indefinite ceasefire between the Philippine government and the Communist Party of the Philippines-National Democratic Front-New People’s Army (CPP-NDF-NPA) was  inked Friday in Oslo, Norway, taking effect immediately.
It has been noted that the ceasefire was agreed upon after the Philippine panel gave in to all that the communists demanded for the Duterte government to do.
Among the many demands of the CPP-NDF-NPA are the immediate release of some 25 so-called NDF consultants, as well as over 500 political prisoners currently in jail nationwide granted amnesty by Rody, with the concurrence of Congress, which will likely be concurred in by Congress without delay.
This is supposed to be bring about lasting peace, but not quite, as Joma Sison, the chieftain of the CPP, a few days ago, said that the armed struggle will continue as long as there still is oppression and exploitation, which will never really end in this country, as long as there is the great divide between the rich and the poor.
Pessimism over this “indefinite ceasefire” through a joint declaration continues in some sectors of society is still a sentiment, since there have been too many ceasefire agreements in the past many decades that had gone awry and it is highly unlikely that even with a ceasefire agreement in place and perhaps even the giving up of arms and surrendering by the communists who have for decades and decades know only how to fight, and who are still mouthing the same “down with the imperialists” line have not changed.
True, the government offers them livelihood programs, on the assumption that eventually a long lasting peace pact will be forged. But this may not happen because for one, the communists will not surrender, nor give up their arms.
And as their mentality remains the same as far as the American bases issue in the country is concerned, whatever peace pact is inked won’t last too long given that which the communist hierarchy really wants is government power, which they can’t have, since they are unelectable for high elective offices, such as the Senate and especially the presidency and the presidency can only be had through a communist revolution, complete with a politburo. And it will be they who will oppress and exploit the people.
This to the CPP-NDF-NPA is the power they have been seeking for decades, which is why there will always be an armed struggle and fighting.
But if they do embrace real peace and drop their arms? Just what will these NPA rebels do for money during the period of the “indefinite ceasefire?” There is serious doubt that they will no longer collect their revolutionary taxes, on which they survive.
More likely, they will keep up with their extortion activities through demands for payment for their revolutionary taxes. And they can’t get protection money and extortions without arms and with no control over their territories.
There will still be NPA rebels who will be demanding that firms in their areas pay revolutionary taxes or they get their place shot at or destroyed.
They can always claim that these firms are known exploiters of the workers and are being oppressed, although these same rebels appear to accept exploitation and oppression for workers when they get paid for protection money, and there go the peace talks.
Once in a while, with the communists’ arms intact, there will always be skirmishes between the government forces and the rebels, just as there have been firefights between the government troops and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), despite the existence of a ceasefire committee observers. What more of the communists?
Say, the indefinite ceasefire lasts a year and peace during the ceasefire period will reign, what are these rebels to do? Twiddle their thumbs and scrounge for food?
 More to the point, will the communists accept the fact of the almost indefinite presence of the American troops in the country, and having even more bases that will have nuclear arms and with some five to six bases that will even be built by the Philippine government for good ole Uncle Sam?
Peace talks are always good, as there will always be lulls in the peace periods, but for how long?
It’s a pessimist view, but what is likely to happen when the demands of the communists are met for the ceasefire, especially with the freeing of the 500 plus political prisoners who are mainly communists, with the amnesty?
Why, their number will increase, the better for the armed struggle of the CPP-NDF-NPA.
That’s reality.

In due time

Saturday, 27 August 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

There is hardly any doubt that Sen. Leila de Lima will be charged by the Department of Justice (DoJ), even when she dismisses Rody’s matrix, which puts her at the top of the drug  list.
The reason is simple. Rody will not dare put out a matrix that would cause him embarassment, besides which, as DoJ Secretary Viltaliano Aguirre told  the Senate reporters Thursday that he already has at least four witnesses who have come up with their affidavits and expects two more witnesses, along with bank records and a depository of the alleged drug money account, hinting broadly that the depository account may be a dummy account.
This is not to say that the case against de Lima, should she be charged, is a slam dunk, as there are already witnesses and their testimonies. This is to say that a prima facie case can be built against her, which will likely land in court, or the Ombudsman’s office.
Leila insists that the allegations are untrue and malicious, but one wonders why she is so protective of her alleged ex-driver-lover, seeking protection for him. It is Ronnie Dayan who is alleged to be her drug money “collector” from the drug lords in the New National Bilibid Prison (NBP).”
Still, despite her dismissing the matrix which is hardly evidence, she must know, having charged so many political foes during her time as DoJ Secretary, that many of her charges came from manufactured testimonies from coached witnesses, who are perjurers and with some of them certified thieves.
Yet her cases against Noynoy Aquino’s political foes were, despite such perjurers and coached testimonies, she made certain that the accused were charged with the non-bailable crime of plunder.
She violated the Constitution and usurped the power of the courts to issue a hold departure order, banning Gloria Arroyo from leaving the country despite the fact that the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, had already approved her departure for abroad for medical treatment. She also served as witness against the late Chief Justice Renato Corona by reading another pro-Noynoy  then associate Justice now SC chief justice’s dissenting opinion, even when she had no personal knowledge of it.
It was obviously political, just as it was pure politics that she used to   have the three opposition senators charged and accused of having pocketed the amounts in the pork barrel scam, and all based on the very selective Commission on Audit (CoA) Special Report, zeroing only on the three opposition senators, despite the other lawmakers, especially the Noynoy allies, were not charged at all.
Her evidence against the three senators? The CoA special report  which she, a lawyer, knew from the start, that this report was not evidence.
As for the Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio-Morales, whose political patron was Noynoy, merely extrapolated the amount of the pork barrel funds by slashing the PDAF total amount  by 50 percent, on the say so of the perjurer Benhur Luy, who, despite his bank account showing over a P100 million from the PDAF money he obviously stole from Napoles, not counting the bank account amounts found in his parents and brother’s account, all of whom could not possibly have earned that much legitimately.
But as Luy and his co-whistleblowers were granted immunity by the  Aquino senators then, who also granted them immunity as did the Ombudsman, without including them in the case first, the so-called whistleblowers could easily lie through their teeth in court,  testify on whatever they coached to testify in court,even as it was evident that their testimonies were highly inconsistent.
Surely, Leila knows this practice of charging enemies by whoever is in Malacañang, especially  when the Palace tenant is Noynoy Aquino, where even the constitutional offices, such as the Anti Money Laundering Council that is barred by law to bare bank records without the permission of the bank account holder, yet the AMLC bares all, and even leaks these to the media.
Noynoy destroyed the democratic institutions and has even influenced judges and justices in ensuring that the accused  are denied  bail, knowing that they are political foes of  Noynoy.
It should be easy enough to have Leila charged, just as easily as she charged Gloria and ensured that the three opposition were  charged by the Ombudsman, and that no matter what defense they had, which are not legally and constitutionally infirm, petitions for bail are always denied by the courts.
Whether the courts, once the case gets elevated, would find probable cause and charge her, which will probably happen, the case can go  on for a long time, which may just affect her re-election Senate bid.
As Rody warned Leila. He will destroy her.
She can bank on this warning.

Who gets destroyed first?

Friday, 26 August 2016 00:00 Published in Commentary

Rody, in his vow to destroy Leila de Lima, appears to be destroying her, piece by piece, and De Lima is walking into his trap, by trying to destroy him through  her stinging responses to Rody’s allegations, which gets her walking into Rody’s trap.
This style of Rody’s destruction of those whom he sees as his foes, probably explains why he first spoke on  having in his possession the ATM’s copies of deposits and withdrawals which are said to be links to drug money, along with wiretapped conversations, which he admits do not constitute evidence before a court of law.
He then went on to speak about the matrix, days before this was released to the public, through the media.
Almost everybody knew that the Rody matrix has no evidentiary value, and definitely Rody knew it too. But all that he has bared to the public, such as her alleged “sexcapades,” were to link her to the drug trade and portrays her as the “highest government official” whom he found to be the connection to the Muntinlupa prison drug trade.
So Leila laughs this off, saying that the so called matrix is garbage and that it will be Rody who will be facing embarrassment when he won’t be able to pin anything her, saying that whatever evidence he says there is, this would be fabricated and perjured testimonies.
It is this type of remarks that get Rody’s gander up, which then leads to another “expose” on de Lima from him.
But de Lima, having been the Justice secretary of the vindictive Noynoy Aquino, must know all about perjured, coached and manufactured evidence, since she also resorted to these tactics against the three opposition senators and then president Gloria Arroyo.
She, along with Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and CoA chief Grace Pulido Tan were into destroying their reputations and careers, using the same tactics Rody has been displaying--even before cases were filed in court.
However, de Lima should also realize that Rody, being the incumbent president, has control over the executive department, and other agencies besides.
He does not appear to be the type who would throw in the towel nor even apologize to Leila. Rody is a different kettle of fish and majority of the Filipinos don’t seem to mind his controversial ways.
There are many ways the Chief Executive Official can gather evidence against a political foe.
He has the intelligence network and he has the Justice Department, with its National Bureau of Investigation and if he follows the lead of Noynoy Aquino, who used his influence and power to obtain ALMC and the bank account deposits and the Commission on Audit (CoA), then no matter what Leila will say about “manufactured evidence and perjured testimonies, she can find herself fighting off the many cases in court and may even be charged with plunder.
Leila should know that only too well, considering that she engaged in these tactics when she was Noynoy’s justice secretary. She had as her “star” witnesses who were quickly granted immunity despite being perjurers and thieves presented in court—and done to destroy the three opposition senators and Gloria Arroyo.
Leila must also know that when such “destructive” exposes are bared, true or not, Filipinos have this penchant to believe the accused guilty instead innocent until proven guilty and reputations are easily destroyed, matter how many denials are made by the one accused, especially through the accused being portrayed by them as guilty, through trial and conviction by publicity.
De Lima ought to know it only too well, as she and her cohorts engage din this in the destruction of Aquino’s political foes. Now that she is out of power and executive position, she expects to be treated differently by a president who sees her as having tried to destroy him during her stint as Commission on Human Rights chair.
At this time, Police chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa has formed a team to investigate the people named in the matrix, and Rody’s Justice Secretary  Vitaliano Aguirre also said that many informants are now submitting evidence on de Lima’s alleged illegal activities.
Leila may brush all these probes on her and those named in the matrix as garbage and that she pities Rody as it will be him who will end up the loser.
Not likely at this time, that is for certain, given the fact that there are still  too many Filipinos who like what he has delivering by way of his controversial war on drugs and extrajudicial killings as well as the claimed “legitimate” killings by cops.






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