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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Déjà vu

Monday, 02 February 2015 00:00 Published in Commentary

One gets an eerie feeling when one senses the merging of two crises: One from the distant past and another, of the present crises being faced by government.
The crises of distant past crisis and the present involved the police and Malacañang. The present one also involved the police and the Palace, albeit under different situations.
One occurred during Ferdinand Marcos’ time after a former senator, Ninoy Aquino, father of the present Malacañang tenant, was assassinated at the airport tarmac. The present occurs during Noynoy Aquino’s time, where 44 Special Action Forces (SAF) troopers were brutally massacred by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels, who are now passing the blame of the heinous murder of government troopers to the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).
But what combines the two crises that faced Marcos which Noynoy now faces is that the two presidents of their time created a probe panel, following public pressure to get to the bottom of the truth.
Both Marcos and Noynoy insisted on creating a fact-finding board made up of persons whom they thought would clear them of responsibility and accountability. For Marcos, it was for his absolution and his then Armed Forces Chief of Staff Fabian Ver. For Noynoy, it is for him and his suspended Philippine National Police general, Alan Purisima’s cover up.
Both denied they had anything to do with gruesome murders.
In the end, however, Marcos was forced to create a so-called independent commission known as the Agrava Commission.
Noynoy’s choice, like Marcos’, is the creation of a Board of Inquiry (BoI), made up of his generals, whom he is certain will save him from holding him responsible and accountable for his failure as a commander in chief, who led his men to slaughter in the hands of the MILF.
Marcos’ commission’s findings even when made by so-called independents, were found unacceptable by the people then.
It is likely that Noynoy’s BoI will not be accepted by the Filipino public, especially if Noynoy is cleared by his fact-finding panel.
Already, there have been calls for Noynoy to create a Truth Commission — even from his allies, but Malacañang isn’t budging from its plan for a BoI made up of his generals because he wants to be absolved from any responsibility and accountability.
Just two days ago, the Noynoy’s spokesman said that there is no need to form a Truth Commission on the Palace’s botched Mamasapano operation, insisting that which is needed is to form a “unified view” of the incident.
Said the incompetent Communications chief Sonny Coloma: “Maybe they (Senate) should study carefully if that will be a beneficial step because there is already a BoI. There is also an executive commission of the MILF.
“Even members of the International Monitoring Team and the (Coordinating Committee on Cessation of Hostilities) also have knowledge about those kinds of developments and they have offered their assistance and inputs,” Coloma stressed.
“They really should think hard about it so that we can form a unified view of the situation and the need to determine the whole truth and the real events,” he said, even as the MILF has already said that the MILF will be vindicated, as will Noynoy through his puppet probe members.
Obviously, Noynoy wants a cover up, through his BoI. But he should remember that the crisis became worse during Marcos’ time, so much so that Marcos was forced, in the then American “Nightline” program, to announce the holding of a snap election for president, that he would run as a candidate.
He did, and his then puppet parliament proclaimed him president-elect, which the people rejected, and then came the revolt that deposed him.
Noynoy can no longer run for the presidency, so that option of snap polls is out. But he can face a revolt against him and his administration, if he insists on having his BoI absolve him, as he absolves his KKK (kaibigan, kaklase at kabarilan), of responsibility and accountability. Such findings from a pro-Aquino panel would not be credible.
The anger then against Marcos and his regime was real.
Today’s anger at Noynoy and his regime is just as real, for sending 44 brave SAF troopers to their deaths.

Noy’s version of justice: Amnesty for MILF murderers

Sunday, 01 February 2015 00:00 Published in Commentary

Going against the grieving public’s sentiments, both the Philippine peace negotiators and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front negotiators, along with some international mediators, showing insulting insensitivity, held a press conference wherein MILF chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal gave two disturbing answers to questions, one of which was that he is certain that the investigation into the carnage will clear the MILF of any blame for the massacre, even calling the deaths of 18 of its rebels a massacre.
The other disturbing statement he made was that Murwan, the wanted terrorist with a $5-million bounty, was not killed in MILF territory but in the territory of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF). No doubt both the MILF and the Noynoy administration’s fact finding probes will clear the MILF and lay all blame on the BIFF.
This MILF insincerity is what the public questions, since the MILF has always been known to pass the blame to the BIFF rebels whenever firefights and so-called encounters and even massacres of the military and the police, where they die or get injured. This is not the first time either. Noynoy blamed the troopers then, He blames them again now.
Also, the police and military go along with the MILF, and always they lay the blame on the BIFF for the bombings which kill civilians, even when it is the MILF rebels they call “rouge MILF”  that are involved.
The authorities do this, all to “keep the peace talks going.”
Yet everyone knows by now that the MILF and the BIFF are in bed together, especially when it comes to killing our soldiers and police. Besides, there is doubt that the BIFF has the same kind of weapons that killed our brave SAF troopers. It is the MILF that has such deadly weapons, and as shown in video clips, the MILF even has a factory for making these deadly weapons, yet this Noynoy government plays the game of being clueless about this and even parrots what the MILF says. And they claim the MILF will be decommissioning its firearms? Who buys that?
What is likely to happen is that the Aquino government’s so-called fact finding team made up, not of an independent and credible body but his generals and his people, WILL BE told what the findings should be, which is of course, exonerating Noynoy and his executive secretary, Jojo Ochoa, as well as the MILF fighters and end up calling the massacre of 44 of our brave Special Action Forces (SAF) troopers a “misencounter,” thus clearing the MILF of any responsibility and liability.
Still, there is a chance that, given the angry mood of the Filipino public, a few MILF rebels or even Muslim civilians may be surrendered to the government, but such surrender wouldn’t really matter, since Philippine chief negotiator Miriam Ferrer, has confirmed that amnesty is on the table in the peace negotiations.
What? Amnesty for these Islamic murderers of our 44 troopers? Is this Noynoy’s version of giving justice for the massacred 44 SAF troopers, their wives, children, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters?
What a travesty of the sought justice for the 44 massacred SAF members — being slaughtered and granting amnesty to these Muslim murderers.
In any grant of amnesty, the crime is forgotten. It is as if the massacre never happened. Yet this is what is on the table for the peace panel’s discussions, as confirmed by the Philippine chief negotiator.
Nothing is being said about our troopers being massacred terming this as an “unfortunate incident” — only the grant of amnesty as well as the usual “moving forward” spiel for the sake of the bigger picture — peace in Mindanao, which can never be had because for every peace agreement made with the Muslims, there will always be a splinter group, just as the MILF was the splinter group of the Moro National Liberation Front, and the BIFF a splinter group of the MILF, even when they are together in killing off our police and military.
The peace negotiators tried to portray themselves as both being sincere by going on with the peace process and protocols of firearms decommissioning as if the massacre of our troopers was not of any importance in attaining the peace that will never come.
Such insensitivity. Such insult to the 44 slain troopers and the grieving Filipinos.

Insincerity, hypocrisy in full view

Saturday, 31 January 2015 00:00 Published in Commentary

One widow of a slain Special Action Forces trooper, in her eulogy and speaking for all the relatives of the 44 massacred SAF members, sought the help of Noynoy to give their slain relatives justice, yet all Noynoy did, in saying he would give them justice was to claim that the government will go after the two terrorists, Marwan, said to have been killed in a commando attack, along with Usman.
Not once did Noynoy mention the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels who had massacred and wounded more than 50 SAF members in Mamasapano, Maguindanao last Sunday.
As the widow said: Were the deaths of 44 troopers worth it by catching and killing the 44 troopers?
It was evident that it was not the capture or the killing of the two terrorists that would give them justice, but the capture and jailing, if not the killing of the MILF and other Muslim rebel groups that had massacred and wounded these troopers that would be the justice they seek.
Yet Noynoy, being so dense, so insensitive and so unsympathetic, with no empathy whatsoever, still refused to condemn the MILF for the massacre, saying again that peace must be had — obviously through the peace talks with these Moro murderers.
And there went the government peace panelists, in Malaysia, forging yet another “protocol” in the so-called decommissioning of guns by the MILF, which Prof. Miriam Ferrer even had the gall to claim that such would show the sincerity of the MILF.
Omigod. All that time Marwan was in the same MILF lair, protected by the MILF rebels, and they never even bothered to turn them over to the government. Instead, these Muslim rebels even killed 44 SAF members and wounded more, to get even. And yet this frigging government continues to sleep with the enemy and killers of our SAF troopers and calls them sincere in achieving peace?
And what a eulogy he gave the relatives of the massacred troopers. More than half of his speech was about him and his father, Ninoy Aquino, and how he felt, wanting to take vengeance but later, a priest told him to look at the bigger picture, which he is asking all to do. All being done to get sympathy for himself.
Bullsh*t. He still has revenge in his mind, as he continues to persecute those who go against him, and who he perceives are his political enemies.
But if he really felt that the way these widows, fathers, brothers, sons and daughters, felt, why was he so insensitive to even be late for the eulogy, for the eulogies to even be delayed — twice, because everybody had to wait for him to come?
And why did he not even have the time to honor the slain troopers during their arrival honors, preferring instead to go to a car plant’s inauguration?
As pointed out by many — and not just netizens — the Filipino people paid homage to his father when he was slain, even when they did not know him as many had forgotten Ninoy then. Why could he not have had the time to pay homage to the slain troopers during the arrival honors, and then be so delayed in attending the eulogy, if he felt the same way these grieving relatives felt about losing a loved one?
He refuses to blame the MILF and instead blames the SAF troopers who gave up their lives to do his bidding — and yet Noynoy is not man enough to own up to responsibility and face accountability, when everything points to his having been in full command of the situation.
He and his frigging peace adviser didn’t want to scupper the peace talks, and preferred to have these troopers die in battle, as they never bothered to order the reinforcements the troopers were seeking and asking for.
To quote the grieving widow: Are the two terrorists worth the lives of the 44 SAF troopers?
And if I may add: Is the peace pact and the BBL worth the lives of the 44 troopers?
There will still be no peace even if there is a BBL. This has been proven with Fidel Ramos’ peace agreement with the Moro National Liberation Front.
Ramos claimed that there was peace in Mindanao.
This is patently false. It was during Ramos’ time that MILF grew and prospered, in the same way that another Moro rebel group will prosper should the MILF be given its government, police and territories because the MIILF is insincere as Noynoy.
Both have proven their insincerity, hypocrisy and insensitivity.






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