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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Bad quit script

Saturday, 12 July 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

If Noynoy and his propagandists think that, with Butch Abad offering to resign, and with Noynoy rejecting his resignation, the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) issue hounding them today will simply vanish, they really should have another big think.
The reaction to Abad’s quit offer, and Nonoy’s rejection has been extremely negative, ranging from an insincere offer to resign to Noynoy being the promoter of the big DAP cover-up.
Noynoy and his boys in Malacañang just don’t get it. Where before, with his credibility intact, Noynoy could just come up with such statements and his yellow public, especially the yellow media, would accept his statements as gospel truth,  the situation is no longer the same today, mainly because he has lost his credibility, besides which, the public now sees him as an integral part of the big corruption picture reigning in the Palace.
If Abad was truly sincere in resigning, he could easily have done so, even if Noynoy says he does not want Abad to resign.
But the style under the Noynoy presidency is for  Cabinet secretary under fire to come up with a public offer to resign, after which Noynoy rejects it, and all the aide says is that he serves at the pleasure of the President.
That’s all BS. Like I said, if one wants to resign, he can do so irrevocably.
There was, during the time of then President Ferdinand Marcos, one such official, Minister Corpus, who served as the Education secretary, if memory serves.
All he did was to write Marcos an irrevocable letter of resignation, did not wait for an answer, and just left — in a motorcycle, never to return to his post, and the Palace.
But not Abad, and all the other Cabinet secretaries of Noynoy whom the public has called for their resignations.
All they sayis that there was an offer to resign but that Noynoy had rejected their resignation, and they stay on because they serve at the pleasure of the President.
But in the case of best friend Abad, there went Noynoy, absolving him again, even saying that he had rejected Abad’s resignation saying: “Let me explain why. The notion in the current atmosphere is that DAP was bad for our people. Even our most vociferous critics grant the DAP has benefited our people,” he said.
“To accept his resignation is to assign to him a wrong. And I can’t accept the notion that doing right by our people is a wrong,” he added.
One has to question Noynoy’s explanation: Who says DAP was doing right by the people? Not even the World Bank report says the DAP was such a miraculous stimulus program where the Filipino people benefited immensely.
If what Noynoy claims is true, why then is there more poverty, and still no jobs for a great number of Filipinos? Why has the economic growth been dipping?
And just who says that the DAP and Abad, as well as Noynoy, were doing right for the people?
Apparently, only his official family, which upon Noynoy’s announcement that he had rejected Abad’s resignation, applauded lustily.
But of course, since they all know that no matter the many wrongs they commit, Noynoy will always protect them from the public calls for them to resign.
What Noynoy has done, by way of rejecting the resignation (if indeed there was an offer and not a scripted one) of Abad, is to send a clear message to the public that graft and corruption in his Executive Department will go on, with Noynoy, the protector of the corrupt, ensuring that the big corruption and cover up in the Palace will merrily go on its way.
Still, this is not the end of the issue. Abad is being summoned to appear before a Senate panel to next week to explain the DAP.
Abad was directed to submit to the body the complete list of the all the special allotment release orders (SAROs) that were disbursed under the DAP, including “projects and purpose and the amount of the releases.”
Said panel chairman Chiz Escudero:“You have been asking us which among our programs and projects were funded by the DAP… This is what we have been asking the DBM too since our last committee hearing: where is the list?” Escudero said in a statement, adding that he wants Abad to clarify reports that the total disbursed funds under the DAP amounted to P372 billion, which did not tally with the list provided by the Budget Department.
The question is, with the Senate being Noynoy’s puppet, will Abad get the exact treatment given to the three opposition senators, or will Abad be given the very special treatment by the allies of Noynoy?

The destructibility of Noynoy, aides

Friday, 11 July 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

The more Noynoy, through his spokesmen, clears and absolves his allies, especially himself and his brain trust, Butch Abad, the angrier the public gets.
There has always been an issue of selectivity in Noynoy and his administration bringing charges against his political foes while his allies are quickly being absolved of any wrongdoing. Yet Noynoy keeps on absolving them, which angers the public even more.
There has not been a single ally, from the day Noynoy started his presidency, who had been charged for any wrongdoing. Instead, all throughout his four years in Malacañang, any allegation leveled against his allies are quickly disposed of by Noynoy, through the simple expedient of quickly announcing their absolution, with nary an investigation, internal or otherwise.
And as Noynoy shields his allies, the senator allies, as well as the House of Representatives allies won’t bother to investigate any of these allegations of the Palace aides either and instead zoom in on the non-allies, especially their opposition colleagues.
Neither does Noynoy’s Justice secretary move to investigate the allies, and like Noynoy’s legislative allies, focus instead their investigation on the opposition legislators.
Nor does the Ombudsman bother to move against the allies of Noynoy, no matter the many plunder complaints lodged against them.
As for his Commission on Audit puppet, Grace Pulido-Tan, well, didn’t she make sure that in her special audit of the pork barrel of the legislators, the 82 bogus and questionable non-government organizations wouldn’t be identified, with her focus mainly on the Napoles NGOs, to spare the allies of Noynoy?
And even on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds, which were clearly misused, didn’t Tan refuse to audit these, saying that these would be seen in the regular audits, which would of course exempt her own misused DAP funds?
Pulido did not even bother to have the Palace DAP audited, nor give out notices of disallowance, even when she must have known that the funds disbursed were misused. But she too, along with another set of Noynoy puppets, Leila de Lima, and Conchita Carpio-Morales, are all into covering up, along with the Palace, the sins of Noynoy and Abad.
It is the height of arrogance for Noynoy, through Edwin Lacierda, to claim that 91 percent of the DAP funds were spent properly, leaving only the nine percent which was Noy and Abad’s bribe money to the senators and congressmen to impeach and convict the then Chief Justice, Renato Corona.
Yet even as Lacierda says that all the DAP funds, save for the nine percent, were properly spent, why then are they in the Palace, stonewalling the release of the DAP funds to prove that they were properly spent by Noynoy and his Cabinet?
Surely, if all the DAP funds were spent properly, then there is no reason for ignoring the mounting clamor of the people for the Palace to make public just where and to whom did the DAP funds go, since the claim is that there was nothing irregular in the disbursement of DAP funds.
There is also neither a reason for Noynoy and Abad not to be able to face the nation and precisely show the people just where the DAP funds went, and how it was spent by all those who had benefited from the DAP.
The duo have not been seen in public and have refused all interviews, claiming to be busy, yet it is already a pattern of Noynoy and Abad, to go missing whenever a crisis strikes them.
They can always claim not to have malversed the DAP funds, and many more funds that have yet to be unearthed. They cannot claim to be innocents in this plunder of the DAP funds. And nothing they say to absolve themselves and their allies will be believed by the people.
They have lost all credibility, all moral ascendancy, and they are now seen by the public as guilty which is why they have destroyed themselves.
Serves them right. Karma finally has caught up with them.

There’s always a time for them

Thursday, 10 July 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

Filing an impeachment complaint against Noynoy, as well as filing a plunder case against his Budget chief, Butch Abad, was definitely expected by the general public.
But the same general public, also expects that the impeachment complaint against Noynoy, no matter how valid, no matter how correct it is in form and substance, won’t get to first base in the House committee on justice, nor even get to second base in the voting of all the members of the House — if it ever gets past the committee level. As for the complaint going all the way to the puppet Senate, forget that too. Even a trial will not convict Noynoy, for the same reason: The Senate is clearly a puppet Senate of Noynoy.
The House, being a puppet of Noynoy, will not dare junk him for now — as there are still two years to go in Noynoy’s stay in Malacañang. Political realignments will come ust before the certificates of candidacies are to be filed at the Commission on Election.
Still, even if Noynoy is not impeached, he is what can be termed a political lameduck who moreover has lost whatever he and his yellow devotees believed was his moral ascendancy and that of what he claims is his honesty and integrity, which are nothing but hypocritical Palace propaganda . He is done for, and won’t be able to dramatically move things politically and economically in the last two years of his presidency. It would be better for him to resign as the public trust in him has been lost — and all due to his illegal disbursement of the now infamous Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).
But there are still the cases that will be filed against him after he steps down — that is certain.
Just as certain is that Butch Abad’s plunder complaint will not survive in the Ombudsman’s Office, since Conchita Carpio-Morales, the loyal Ombudsman of Noynoy, has been precisely appointed to that post as a guarantee for the protection of Noynoy, Abad and his allies today.
This then becomes an interesting situation. With the charges of plunder and serial malversation of DAP funds raised before the Ombudsman, does the public really expect Morales to go after Abad, and later, go after Noynoy?
Fat chance, given the fact that to this day, Morales has not even filed a complaint against an ally of Noynoy, despite the fact that she has the same Commission on Audit (CoA) report and the same digital files of Luy, which she says is strong evidence. Yet she hasn’t moved, motu propio, against the Noynoy allies.
Still, under a new administration that would come from the opposition forces of today, public pressure would be brought to bear upon the Palace officials and the Ombudsman to file cases against Noynoy, Abad and other Cabinet members. If she does not move against her yellow principals, Morales, more than anyone, knows just how easy it is to impeach a Chief Justice. All one has to do is to get the Anti-Money Laundering Council to come up with their bank account and deposits, have a brainless CoA commissioner to come up with an analysis that is shot to the bones, and make certain that whatever the amounts are, there, extrapolate the figures, to come up with $12 million.
But there is also the option of her resignation, which her predecessor, Merceditas Guitierrez, did, when Palace pressure was brought to bear on her to resign, or else face the impeachment court.
The truth is, with Noynoy and his Liberal Party bigwigs having applied their politics of vindictiveness for too long, have created too many political enemies just to serve their political ends, despite being aware of the fact that the way politics is played in this godforsaken country, the allies of today become the allies of whoever is in Malacañang, due to our politicians’ penchant in embracing their constant turncoatism. At the same time, those political foes whom the people in power today hurt will invariably get back at those who had hurt them, or destroyed their reputations, which strengthens that vicious cycle of political vindictiveness that has wrought so much damage to a nation and its justice system.
Noynoy can never be a unifier of the nation, as he has proven himself to be a very divisive and vindictive leader.
Some have called him an “evil genius.” Evil yes, genius, definitely not, because a political genius would have known better than to go after his political foes, while protecting his allies because he and his allies should have realized that the presidency and power are never forever.






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