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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

What good faith?

Friday, 25 July 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

Noynoy is making things worse for himself as he continues to blast the Supreme Court, and even went to the extent of claiming that while the SC picks on him and the cross border transfers from the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) the Executive department has done, the high court itself engaged in such unconstitutional transfers.
Noynoy should realize that his continued lying to the people on his “good faith” claim can always be contradicted, and with solid proof, such as the answer of the high court to his constant harangues against the SC’s utilization of cross border funds.
Yesterday, the SC, in a resolution made it clear that it had turned down Malacañang’s offer to provide the tribunal P100 million of its pooled savings offer this year.
Recall that Noynoy, in his latest speech commemorating the 150th anniversary of Apolinario Mabini, claimed that the SC had requested from the Executive branch P100 million for the construction of the Malabon Hall of Justice, which would be taken from the funds of the Department of Justice (DoJ),
It turns out however, that Noynoy again came up with another lie, or another misleading explanation, to be polite.
Noynoy said that his Chief Justice, Lourdes Sereno, had requested fP100 million to be taken from the funds of the DoJ for the construction of the Hall of Justice. And this, he stressed, can be considered a cross-border transfer of funds act.
But it appears that which Sereno had asked for was merely an extension of the validity of the P100-million allocation up to the end of this year, which was denied by Butch Abad.
Then came the letter from Abad.
In its resolution, the SC said, Abad’s offer, after declining the request of Sereno was by informing the SC of the availability of a portion of the pooled savings to augment the Judiciary’s capital outlay in the fiscal year 2013 budget, asking what the “Court would like to do with the pooled savings that have been processed for release to the Judiciary.”
Sereno’s request was not for additional funds, but for merely a year’s extension — which is quite different from what was being claimed by Noynoy in his speech blasting the high court.
The SC then withdrew the request upon the recommendation of the Halls of Justice committee chairman, Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco.
In effect, there was no such cross border funds and no request for additional funding, yet Noynoy was trying to blacken the high court’s integrity and reputation by claiming that the high court, like the Executive, engaged in cross border transfers, and while the court ruled that this was unconstitutional on the part of Malacañang, it was not unconstitutional for the SC to engage in the same act.
See just how lies are being spun by Noynoy and his speechwriters?
What is more likely is that Noynoy’s appointed Chief Justice, known to make decisions on her own without consulting the rest of the body, made that request of an extension of the validity of the pooled savings to Malacañang. But as Justice Velasco, along with the other justices, called for the withdrawal of the request, this was withdrawn by the high court.
As the court stated in its resolution that the court “declines the offer contained in the January 10, 2014 letter of Secretary Florencio Abad to avail of a portion of the pooled savings.”
It is evident that Noynoy is desperate and uses all means to get the SC to reverse its decision on the DAP issue, to the point of making misleading statements, which can be termed as lies.
Noynoy is apparently deathly scared of being hauled to court and charged with plunder or at the very least malversation of public funds after he steps out of Malacañang, which is why he and his officials and allies, keep on insisting that they all acted in good faith.
Hell, even deliberately coming up with misleading statements is hardly a sign of good faith. Bullying the SC and its justices, and spinning lies to the public to evade accountability and court charges he faces after June 2016, isn’t going to do him, and his administration, any good.

Weak cases

Thursday, 24 July 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

The court cases against the three detained opposition senators are getting very interesting, as a lot of information that never was brought out during their trial and conviction by publicity, courtesy of the Senate yellow ribbon committee, are now slowly out in the open — which can make the senator-allies of Noynoy, Leila de Lima and even the Ombudsman appear to have filed cases of plunder against the three, not only without any strong evidence against them, but also that the government whistle-blowers may well be unmasked as the real plunderers of the pork scam.
The First Division of the Sandiganbayan issued subpoenas for the bank accounts of the whistle-blowers, led by Benhur Luy, who apparently has 19 bank accounts to his name. His mother, Gertrudes, has two, father Arthur Luy has three, Merlina Sunas, three and Marina Sula, three.
It boggles the mind that principal whistleblower Luy, who was merely an employee of Janet Lim-Napoles as her finance officer, would have 19 bank accounts. It stands to reason that if he, and his co-whistle-blowers weren’t dipping their hands into the legislators’ pork barrel and then point the finger at the legislators, they couldn’t have accumulated so much money to place it in 19 accounts. After all, just how much a year would an honest finance officer working in the employ of billionaire Napoles earn?
And yet these whistle-blowers are being treated like saints and patriots by De Lima and Conchita Carpio-Morales, as if they were not guilty at all in the pork scam, and endowing them with so much credibility they don’t deserve.
In much the same way, in these bail hearings, such as in the case of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, Tuesday morning, the prosecution clearly had no solid evidence to present, as the documents presented showing the supposed recipients of projects funded by Estrada’s pork barrel allocations, were being referred to as the “masterlist of beneficiaries or recipients” when it fact they were only “attendance sheets” as pointed out by Jinggoy’s lawyers.
“These are not lists of beneficiaries. These are attendance sheets. It should be referred to as what the title on the document shows,” lawyer Sabino Acut stressed. The court agreed.
What was clear was that the prosecution was trying to fool the court into believing that the attendance sheet was the list of Estrada’s list of beneficiaries. This means that the prosecution didn’t even have such evidence to prove thier charge.
Even in the bail hearing of Sen. Bong Revilla, with the prosecution presenting both the Commission on Audit (CoA) and Budget Department officials as witnesses, it was also clear that there was no evidence proving that he had gotten kickbaks from the special release allotment orders, yet there went the Ombudsman, accusing the three opposition senators of having obtained 50 percent in kickbacks based on their SAROs.
But how does Morales, along with her prosecutors, prove her kickback charges of 50 percent when she has no proof that they had obtained the amount of kickbacks of which she accuses them, especially when the CoA official herself admitted that the SAROs were not proof of their having gotten that amount of kickbacks?
So where is proof of the plunder?
But having been a Supreme Court Associate Justice, it is certain that Morales, along with Leila and Grace Pulido Tan, knows just what constitutes strong evidence and a strong case, and these, neither she nor her fellow accusers does not have.
Still, as the idea from the start is to destroy their reputations, keep them detained for a very long period and be out of the election running, all she and Leila and not to forget, Noynoy’s puppet Grace Pulido-Tan, had to do was to make the three senators look guilty, through trial by publicity, indict these three senators and their aides even when they knew from the start, that their cases against the three are much too weak to stand up in court.
However, as they are the certified lackeys of the vindictive Noynoy, they willingly did as they were ordered.
One wonders: Would Morales treat a plunder complaint against Noynoy after he steps down from Malacañang in the same exact way, or will she suddenly dismiss the complaint?
Oops, she might just suffer the same fate as Chief Justice Renato Corona if she doesn’t.

Noy, LP, after 2016

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

Noynoy’s proposal for people to start wearing the yellow ribbon to show support for him and his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) which has been ruled as illegal and unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (SC) has backfired on him and his yellows, as Filipinos took the opposite path and started showing up wearing black, red and even peach colors, all to prove that they do not support Noynoy and his DAP excuses at all.
The public has rallied behind the SC and its ruling, and has even denounced Noynoy, whose ratings have drastically fallen, so much so that he has taken to trying to portray himself as a caring and loving leader, which is pure BS.
Unfortunately for him, the public isn’t buying his new line because whatever credibility he still had with his yellows, appears to have been completely lost.
An impeachment complaint has been filed against Noynoy in the House of Representatives, even when the complainants know that the impeachment charges won’t get anywhere, since they do not have the numbers.
Still, congressmen are politicians, and they can sense that the political winds have shifted against Noynoy. They too, may get a backlash from the voters come 2016, especially if they continue to toe the Noynoy line and amend or abolish the SC’s Judiciary Development Fund (JDF).
What these Noynoy puppets do not seem to realize is that abolishing the JDF -- or even have the funds go to the National Treasury where the justices have to lobby and beg for their funds to provide the court personnel their allowances, for which the JDF has always been intended -- will be depriving these court employees their extra pay and if this move by the House allies of Noynoy against the JDF continues, definitely, not just the court employees but a large number of voters will ensure that they do not give their vote to these congressmen.
Elections are not too far away, and for the House allies and yes, even senator-allies, to go against the mood of the people can be a dangerous vote against them, if they continue to be the Noynoy toadies that they are today.
The thing is, these toadies must know that the Noynoy era is over — even two years before his term ends. Even the Liberal Party can’t hope to still be a political power after 2016, as it is clear that it has no strong presidential bet and the LP can’t even bank on Noynoy’s endorsement, since his endorsement power is virtually nil.
Of course, there is always that fraudulent automated PCOS-run polls to get the Noy-LP anointed bet to win, but if they do cheat again, as they did in 2010 and the 2013 senatorial elections, a reprise of the 1986 revolt will occur, that is for certain, because nobody but nobody, will believe such election results with the LP bet winning.
At this time, two years before the 2016 polls, Noynoy and his LPs have already incurred even more enemies. The people are against him, as are the Catholic bishops. Even many of the yellows who swore by him and his claimed honesty, transparency and incorruptibility, are no longer behind him, seeing him now as an insincere and hypocritical president, who refuses to have his puppet Congress pass the Freedom of Information bill because he fears the exposure of his and his LP’s corrupt dealings and one who is, moreover, much too vindictive to the point of dementia, while destroying reputations of his political foes, charging them and having them detained without bail. As for honesty, how honest can he still claim to be, considering that the DAP funds were used to pay the owners of Hacienda Luisita as compensation, even double that of what the SC had ordered. The owners of the hacienda, of course, are the Cojuangco-Aquinos.
Life has been hard for the Filipinos under the Noynoy-LP regime and Filipinos want to see the back of Noynoy.
But while the impeachment complaint may not even hit first base at the House of Representatives and that he and his LPs may not be charged and detained as Noynoy continues to sit in Malacañang, the second half of 2016 will in all probability see them all in jail.






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