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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Lies and more lies

Thursday, 31 July 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

There Butch Abad and Noynoy went again — trying to again fool the people with their push for a supplemental budget, the amount about which they still are clueless.
Abad, in a report yesterday, was quoted as saying that government is still trying to finalize the amount of the supplemental budget it needs for projects previously funded by the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which acts were ruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (SC).
The talk going around is that the supplemental budget would be anywhere from P200 to 300 billion, which would in effect give the Palace close to a P3 trillion budget, if not more, the highest and most expensive government budget by far.
But wait a second. Did not Abad during the DAP arguments in the SC claim that Noynoy and he already had put a stop to the DAP since it was no longer needed, having served its purpose?
Recall that the DAP which was not so named in 2011, was supposed to be an economic stimulus program, which was then pegged in 2011 at some P73 billion, ballooning to anywhere from P175 billion to some P350 billion and it was only discovered recently that out of some P144 million in DAP projects, there is a discrepancy of some P90 billion which Abad could not explain, apart from which, the list of projects Abad gave the Senate last week even had unfinished and diverted projects, having again juggled the funds for other projects.
So why come up with a supplemental budget when Abad himself told the high court that the DAP program has been stopped, since the Stimulus program was no longer needed?
Yet another big lie from Abad and Noynoy it was and before the high court too.
Why then is there a need for Noynoy and Abad to seek a supplemental budget when there is already a huge budget of P2.65 trillion? Just what projects go into the P2.65 trillion budget, for Noynoy and Abad to seek some P300 billion for projects?
If, on a P144 billion DAP scheme, there is that big discrepancy of P90 billion for which Abad cannot account, think of a even bigger discrepancy that awaits the people with a P3 trillion budget!
Quite frankly, going by the Philippine partisan politics, the 2015 national budget, along with the supplemental budget, is an election budget.
Already, Dinky Soliman’s CCT budget has been increased again to some P65 billion, part of which will no doubt be used for the 2016 polls.
If one thinks that this isn’t going to happen, just hark back to the 2013 elections where Dinky was found out to have used the CCT program to get the voters to cast their vote for an administration candidate. This was admitted by a presidential electoral ally then running for a congressional seat in  Camarines Sur, Aga Mulach.
Besides Dinky Soliman’s ways of deliberately misusing the budget have  been proven, even in the past, under the Arroyo administration, where she gave out a check for Nora Aunor for her campaign services —and the amount was not peanuts at all.
That’s only Dinky. There certainly were and are others in the Noynoy administration who used up the government funds for election purposes.
Now, even government funds, under the 2014 budget, have been used to strengthen the presidential bid of Noynoy’s anointed, flooding him with cash as giveaways to Local Government Executives — of course all for the vote in 2016.
But even with the supplemental budget of some P250 to 300 billion, added to the proposed P2.65 trillion budget, there is certain to also be lump sum appropriations, hidden funds and unprogrammed funds which will again give Noynoy and Abad their presidential pork.
They won’t go into a line item budget, that is for sure, and his puppet Congress will again pass the 2015 budget without question.
After all, there is always something in the budget to replace the pork of the members of the puppet Congress.

Living in a delusional world of his own

Wednesday, 30 July 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

He may have gotten a standing ovation and 83 canned applauses (Check his speech. Every paragraph states “applause”) from his puppet Congress for his penultimate State of the Nation Address (Sona), believing that he has the full support of the public, but if he does believe the members of Congress and his Cabinet members’ support for him, such is not public support. 

Just outside the Batasan, in the streets, were more protesters than there were congressmen, their spouses, Cabinet members and other invited guests at the Batasan, which only proves that even the so-called representatives of the people — including the members of the Senate puppet — are not in tune with their constituents.
Their ears certainly are not on the ground, and neither are Noynoy’s ears, as his Sona speech certainly showed him to be living in another world, becoming much too delusional, as his speech was peppered with falsity which he seems to believe is the truth.
Despite his having toned down his confrontational stance, he couldn’t stop himself from again blasting away at his critics, whom he charged as delusional and living in a different world, something that applies more to him than to his critics.
He called the criticisms leveled against him as the orchestra of negativism in the news.
“These noisy individuals willfully close off their minds and choose to live in their own world and reality. As the transformation of society becomes even more apparent, these people are acting just how we expect them to: their attacks on us are becoming more frequent, more venomous and more intense. As the benefits of reform become clearer, it becomes more and more difficult for them to succeed in fooling the people, which is why they are sowing doubt and uncertainty. They have become desperate.”
Yet it is Noynoy who is desperate and who lives in an unreal world of his own, which explains his propaganda machine being an orchestra of spins and lies.
And he has to be asked, as he asked his critics: Why is he so angry at his critics when they contradict his lies with facts?
But he claimed, examining his critics’ alleged motivations: “If we are able to fix our systems, they lose the opportunity to subvert these systems for their own gain. It is only natural that they oppose us. On the other hand, for those who have no other goal than to overthrow government, they can only recruit members when a great number of people are suffering and losing faith in the system. This is why, with a reformed system that has ended the people’s suffering, the number of potential recruits has dwindled, which explains why their group is getting smaller and smaller. It is only natural that they oppose us. The noisiest and loudest of those who oppose us are not in favor of the transformation of our country, precisely because they manipulated and benefited from the old and broken systems.”
Truly, Noynoy has become dangerously delusional and desperate for him to view his critics as being oppositors of the so-called transformation of the country; as the manipulators and the beneficiaries of from the “old and broken” systems.
Really? Just who benefits from his administration today, if not his KKK (Kaklase, Kaibigan at Kabarilan) plus a fourth K, (Kapamilya) all of whom are under his protection and his brand of selective justice.
Just who have been charged and who have been protected? His foes have been charged with plunder and graft, but none of his allies has been charged with the same crime.
Noynoy really should see a psychiatrist. How can critics be against reforms and transformation when these are the very things that the critics want to happen but have not been happening under his promise of reform and transformation, precisely because he and his administration have taken to the old ways of patronage politics, of thievery, of unconstitutionality and illegality and yes, even of engaging in fraudulent elections just to make his senatorial bets win through the automated electoral fraud under a 60-30-10 pattern nationwide, in favor of his senatorial bets.
How can he claim to having transformed and reformed the system when he has turned the Senate and the House of Representatives into his puppet Congress and even usurps their power of the purse, which these puppets gladly abdicate in his favor?
How can he even have the nerve to claim that he is a reformist and a transformational leader of the nation when he not only co-authors and implements the Disbursement Acceleration Program, through which his illegal and unconstitutional and illegal acts flowed.
He is a reformist and a transformational president? What a joke. Noynoy is one president who refuses to be accountable to the people whom he calls his boss. And he also refuses for any of his Cabinet members to be accountable to the people.
It is Noynoy who is delusional. His critics live in the real world. He doesn’t.

Senate rebirth? Phooey

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

With the opening of session in Congress yesterday, Senate President Franklin Drilon wants a “rebirth” of the Senate after the pork controversy which caused the detention of only three of the opposition senators, while the allies of Noynoy were all spared from being charged.
Drilon, in his opening spiel said that the Senate remains a constitutional body that must be respected even as he acknowledged that the pork barrel issue had stained the image of the Senate, adding that senators must defend the institution from “groundless and reckless assaults against its very dignity and integrity.”
“We owe it to this chamber to combat falsehoods concocted by cowardly minds who spread their lies through proxy voices and pens; to speak up for the Senate even when it may seem to be more politically convenient and safer for us to be silent, to just wait for the tempest to pass,” he said.
Drilon and his senators must know that respect cannot be demanded, but must be earned, and thus far, there is nothing the Senate, through its senators, has done to earn the respect of the people.
Drilon also appealed to the senators to defend the Senate from the “groundless and reckless assaults against its very dignity and integrity,” as senators must “combat falsehoods concocted by cowardly minds who spread their lies through proxy voices and pens” and for them to speak up for the Senate in its defense.
What are the groundless and reckless attacks against the Senate’s dignity and integrity and even “falsehoods concocted by cowardly minds?
Drilon and his senators should look at themselves in the mirror to realize just who have been giving out falsehoods during the Senate hearing on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), if not Drilon himself who not only was lawyering for the Cabinet secretaries, especially for Budget Chief Florencio “Butch” Abad, aided by Noynoy’s other senator-puppets?
Remember his, and Abad’s claim of the DAP-like impoundment program engaged in by past presidents, naming Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada, this, despite the fact that they certainly knew that the past impoundment program was nothing like Noynoy’s DAP, apart from the fact that Estrada never even used that impoundment program or the Reserve Control Allotment (RCA). Who lies in the Senate? Who else, if not the senator-allies who are too cowardly to ask the hard questions to the Cabinet secretaries, especially Abad?
They did not do their job as fiscalizers, and even went to the extent of praising and protecting the Cabinet secretaries, without even bothering to check on the discrepancies in the DAP figures. Only Sen. Nancy Binay had the guts to ask the right and and hard questions.
What integrity was shown by the Senates’ senator-allies? What independence did they prove by their cowardly act of not asking the hard questions? Just what was it that they asked of Abad? To give them the figures and the complete list? If that was all they wanted, all they needed to do was to have Abad submit the documents without holding the hearing and having Abad and company attend it.
But these frigging puppets of Noynoy and the administration in the Senate only wanted to have the Palace use the Senate as its forum, to deodorize the stink caused by the DAP.
And Drilon asks the senators to combat the claimed falsehoods? What with all of them not wanting to have the truth come out and even defended their many falsehoods?
It is not only the pork scandal that has tainted the Senate. It was also the DAP, and the senators’ acceptance from the Palace of additional pork from DAP funds, with staunch Noynoy allies, Drilon and Chiz Escudero getting double of that which was given to each senator — and all for the Senate to convict the then impeached Chief Justice of the Philippines.
Now it even comes out that Drilon got P720 million in DAP funded projects. No wonder he lawyered for Abad.
Hell, Drilon didn’t even fight for the Senate’s right to suspend the senators — and all because he even pushed the suspension of the three senators for 90 days and kept detained.
Ad he seeks respect for the institution he does not fight for?
How, when its members — the majority of whom are all puppets, do not serve the interest of the people, but the interests of the Palace, and of course, of themselves.






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