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Ninez Cacho-Olivares

They are garbage

Tuesday, 02 September 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

Former Sen. Joker Arroyo scored the manner the blue ribbon committee under its chairman, Sen. TG Guingona, investigates while discarding all rules, particularly those governing the rights of witnesses.
But of course the rules are no longer being followed, Joker, because the blue ribbon committee has transformed itself into a Torquemada styled inquisition chamber — and all in aid of election, not to mention, in aid of full scale demonization of the perceived political foes of Noynoy.
Still, if the panel has discarded all rules, and make up new rules as it goes along, one must ask why the Senate president, the leader of the upper chamber, not only allows such execrable conduct from the chairman and his panel members but also allows rules to be ignored.
But the answer is pretty clear: Aside from being such a weak Senate leader, Drilon is also a major player in ensuring that the demonization of the political foes of Noynoy and the Liberal Party (LP) gets full play — and ensure that the opposition leaders, whether it is Vice President Jojo Binay, or the three opposition senators who are now detained.
Dirlon, through the disgraced blue ribbon panel, made sure that the three senators, all leaders of the opposition, would be tried and convicted by publicity. It is now coming out that the “hard evidence” of Leila and the Ombudsman, including Grace Tan’s SAROs audit won’t stand up in court.
Never once, during the Senate hearings on the pork barrel scam, did Drilon stop Guingona and his gang of Torquemadas, such as Senators Alan Peter Cayetano, Sonny Trillanes and Miriam Santiago from displaying their disgraceful conduct in accusing the three opposition senators of having amassed kickbacks from their special allotment release orders, or SAROs while portraying Benhur Luy and his gang of whistle-blowers as very credible witnesses, even elevating these self-admitted crooks to near sainthood.
Yet Guingona, Cayetano and yes, Drilon, are lawyers, and they certainly knew without doubt that in all of Luy’s testimonies in relation to the three senators and even their aides, they were all hearsay.
Worse, despite the fact that the Senate rules state that all resource persons and witnesses, must first submit their affidavits — which is a good rule, since once submitted, the story they tell can’t stray too much from what is stated in their affidavits — they allowed Luy and others to testify even without their affidavits, which is why, to this day, more and more affidavits, enlarging on the original affidavit, are cropping up — thanks to the coaching from Leila de Lima, Jose Justiniano and the National Bureau of Investigation — all of whom appear to be masters at manufacturing evidence.
In much the same way, the target today is the Vice President, whose survey ratings remain high. The idea of course is to bring down his ratings while bringing up the ratings of putative LP standard bearer, Mar Roxas, which can be done, courtesy of the yellow manipulated surveys.
Just look at how the demonic duo, Trillanes and Cayetano, treated former vice mayor Ernesto Mercado, despite the fact that he had admitted that he had made money on the alleged overpriced building in Makati — to the point of even saying that they could easily suggest to De Lima to put him under the witness protection program. And quick as a wink, there went De Lima, all ready to take in Mercado under the WPP (Witness Protection Program) — after which he would be evaluated as a witness.
Why put the cart before the horse?
The answer to that is that--as it was with Benhur Luy--with Mercado under the WPP, Leila’s manufacturing machine of NBI-DoJ coaches will then have Mercado come up with more affidavits — all manufactured of course.
Joker wants Drilon, being the Senate president, to revisit the conduct of investigations by the panel, since it is not the panel it used to be.
“The Senate should take a second look at how it conducts investigations, because people are losing their respect for the Senate, whose ratings are going down,” Arroyo was quoted as saying, adding that the system employed by the panel chief is biased and one-sided.
Joker is asking for the moon. Why would Drilon bother to change the unbecoming conduct of investigations, not only of the blue ribbon but also the other committees, such as the finance committee investigating the Disbursement Acceleration Program, where the allies all lawyered for Butch Abad, when Drilon is also in on the demonization of their political foes?
And not to forget the big breach in the blue ribbon probes, where even a committee on local governments, chaired by yet another Noynoy ally who is in the outs with Binay, suddenly serves as a subcommittee of the blue ribbon and actually chairs the blue ribbon hearing!
And worse, there was not even a quorum, yet the hearings went on.
There is hardly any respect left for the Senate, whether they admit it or not. These senators allies with Noynoy and the LPs have unmasked themselves before the people.
They are stinking garbage and the people know it.

Losing his marbles

Sunday, 31 August 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

Noynoy is being hit left and right, and knows he has lost even his once devoted yellows. But worse for him, he who thought he was the US’ darling in Asia, has been badly hit by the influential New York Times (NYT) editorial.
What’s even making it worst, is that his “miscommunicators” in the Palace claimed, of all things, that the NYT staff that wrote the editorial, were clueless about what Noynoy had been explaining on the Disbursement Acceleration Program.
Funny, but everybody — including the NYT and the international community knows exactly what Noynoy has been talking about all this time, such as his continuous threats to the Supreme Court (SC) with a charter change to clip its powers of judicial review, as well as his, and his Liberal Party (LP)’s, desire for political longevity. And he has been criticized left, right and center, mainly because of his stupidity.
Everyone and his uncle know that he wants the high court to bow to him and in a final ruling, eliminate that portion in the ruling saying that he and his architect, along with the other proponents and implementors have to prove good faith in the courts.
And that, Noynoy, has nothing to do with the presumption of innocence as everybody facing cases should always be presumed innocent until proven guilty by the courts.
But then again, Noynoy thinks this way because when it comes to his political foes, such as the three opposition senators, he and his allies mount their demonization program and declare them guilty.
But it is the questionable good faith that really riles him, knowing that he and his gang may very likely end up in jail.
And so he goes on with his harangues, directed at the SC, which will not likely alter its ruling on good faith — unless of course, it wants to lose the respect of the Filipino people — and even the world.
It is certain that Noynoy is plenty mad not only at his local critics, but more so at the NYT for its editorial, which merely echoes that which the Filipinos have been saying for weeks on end.
But as he cannot strike back at the NYT, considering its influence with the powers in Washington and the White House, he instead blasted former Vice President Noli de Castro, now a popular anchorman in a yellow TV channel. This he did during his sortie in Mindoro, the hometown of De Castro.
Noynoy publicly bashed Noli — the second time around for being critical of him and his administration, accusing De Castro of worsening the suffering of the people.
Noynoy certainly is losing his marbles, for how on earth could De Castro worsen the suffering of the people when he is not in power and position today?
Said Noynoy: “There is someone who is enthusiastic in coming up with negative comments when in fact he was a former leader of the country. Instead of helping ease the suffering of our people, this person is even making it worse,” Aquino said.
“And while we are now addressing problems handed down to us, this person who calls himself your Kabayan has not let up in the criticisms, ” Aquino added.
For crying out loud, Noynoy has been in the presidential seat for the past four years, and he still lays the blame on the previous administration, instead of facing the reality that it is his incompetence, vindictiveness and his do-nothing style of governance that have exacerbated the problems.
Since he has been in Malacañang for that length of time, surely Noynoy knows that a Vice President has little, if no say at all in the Malacañang scheme of things. It is always the president and his chosen Cabinet that make all the decisions. And more often than not, the Vice President who is from the opposition, is usually excluded, even if he is a member of the Cabinet.
If Noynoy still had his marbles, he would know that he is pretty stupid coming up with such remarks.
But what he does not seem to realize is the fact that he may have lost more votes for himself and his LP by blasting Noli, who is more popular with the masses through his radio show.
But then again, how can he realize this when he has lost all his marbles.

Same sentiment of Filipinos bared

Saturday, 30 August 2014 00:00 Published in Commentary

It is not only in the Philippines where Noynoy has been getting a blackeye over his second term plans and his charter change stand to clip the powers of the Supreme Court (SC).
It is also abroad where he is getting the same blackeye, with the influential New York Times coming up with its editorial titled “Political Mischief in the Philippines.”
The editorial said: President Aquino...“is now hinting at running for a second term in 2016, which would require a constitutional amendment. He has also suggested limiting the power of the Supreme Court, which, on July 1, declared parts of Mr. Aquino’s economic program illegal. That, too, would require adjusting the Constitution. These threats jeopardize Philippine democracy.
“Mr. Aquino wants more time to complete his reform programs, but there will always be unfinished business. The 1987 Constitution limits the president to a single six-year term.”
The same sentiment is probably shared in the European countries, yet Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma claimed that the NYT does not know what it is talking about.  Trouble is Coloma does not know what he is talking about.
In Noynoy’s latest interview, this time done with Bombo Radio, although he claimed that he is no masochist to want another term and used the most stupid claim that it was not he who had first opened up on the subject of a second term, saying it was an old woman in one of his provincial sorties who had asked him to continue as president as he still has so much that he can do, and should complete.
Apparently, he thinks he can fool Filipinos that a clamor for him to run again comes from this old woman who had asked him to have another run---assuming he didn’t make that up.
Quite frankly, when Noynoy comes up with such silly anecdotes and examples to enlarge on his explanations, he comes off looking stupid as these examples are downright stupid and make no sense at all.
It is a stupid reason for him to give, in justifying a second term on account of his not being able to finish his reforms, and that there is no guarantee  the reforms he has begun would be continued by whoever succeeds him, which is why, he reasons out, he must make sure that the next president will continue with his reforms.
As the NYT editorial put it, he wants  more time for him to complete his reform programs...(but) there will always be unfinished business.”
In his latest interview, Noynoy still gave out mixed messages, not quite putting an end to the issue of whether he will run for a second term, with him saying that he will still heed the command of his “bosses.”
But he was firm in saying repeatedly and to the point of nausea, that he wants charter change as there is a need to clip the powers of the SC that he said interferes too much in everything.
He again blasted the high court’s position that good faith must be proved administratively, civilly and criminally in courts, coming up with such stupid and illogical reasoning, such as saying that a law is valid for all time, then suddenly, the high court says the law is invalid, and that he and his aides, proponents and implementors are guilty until proven innocent.
This is sheer stupidity on his part. For one, any law that is not challenged before the SC can be implemented — until such time it is challenged on its constitutionally, which then makes that law void, should the SC declare it unconstitutional.
In truth, Noynoy said nothing of this sort when the SC ruled against the pork barrel which is no different from what the SC said against his unconstitutional acts committed  under his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), yet he made sure that his political foes in the Senate were quickly demonized then charged with plunder, with Noynoy even saying that he wants them convicted during his term.
He has already judged them guilty instead of presuming them innocent and never gave them the benefit of “goodfaith” that he now says should be granted to him and his aides.
So what is this? When it comes to him and his aides and allies, he damns the high court for doing away with the presumption of innocence and good faith, but junks this when it comes to his political foes?
And now he wants to punish the SC for coming up with a ruling that may eventually see him and his DAP accomplices in jail and convicted?
I have always said it. Noynoy and his Liberal Party officials are a threat to democracy.
It’s time, as the NYT says, “he should stop butting heads with the court and gracefully step down when his term is up.”






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