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A mother’s pridE

Having a daughter who follow your footsteps is every mother’s pride. “I am very happy that being in the medical profession is her passion and I am proud of her,” says Dr. Wilma Lagpacan Nikbin of her only daughter, Dr. Shahideh, an entrepreneur and orthodontist.
Dr. Wilma, an obstetrician and gynecologist, married Dr. Fazel Nikbin, dental surgeon of Persian descent and they have three children.
“Shideh is my eldest, only daughter and my favorite,” admits Dr. Wilma. “She is the adventurer and goal-getter. Dr. Sheiss is the religious one and the family guy, and chef Shoaib is the easy-go-lucky one.”
Wilma was 25 when she gave birth to Shideh. “I was ready, physically and mentally. I prepared a good place with a good atmosphere and all of the things that a newborn needs,” says the 59-year-old Filipino doctor.
Growing up, the three siblings had to adjust to two different cultures: Filipino and Persian. Dr. Wilma says they got the best features of both nationalities.
“The three of them are truly a mix of the Philippines and Iran. They got the Filipino hair, the color of my skin, their dad’s height and their nose is a combination, so their noses are perfect,” Dr. Wilma beams.
But what she is truly proud of is the attitude towards family that the siblings got.
“I like their oneness as siblings. No matter what and where they are, they have the Filipino attitude of keeping strong family ties,” she adds. Also, the three were taught to be independent, courageous, kind and helpful to others.
“They grew up in an environment where they saw us helping others, so they are so sensitive to it and they also help others in their own unique ways,” she continues.
Dr. Wilma was afraid then that her children will be lost in their life direction and she might not be there to help them. She always wanted to be there for them when they needed her. She dreamed that her children would grow up having faith in God, respect for elders, confidence in themselves and love for their family.
As a doctor to women and mothers, Dr. Wilma is proud to say that her patients look at her as an ideal mother and ideal wife. She usually does counselling in addition to her medical treatments and prescription. She also sees this kind heart in Shideh.
“She helps the needy and is able to give work and opportunities to others, too. She is also active in the Rotary Club,” says Dr. Wilma of her 33-year-old daughter.
“Just being our eldest and our only daughter makes her special, but giving up some of the things she likes, giving her precious time to make us happy, make her even more special. She is such an understanding daughter and when she says ‘I want to do this,’ I already see it as done,” adds Dr. Wilma.
She further describes Dr. Shideh as “unique in a way of her thinking, optimistic, determined and very creative. She plans for everything and makes goals. She knows what she wants and she has the power to convince us of her plans and ideas.”
Of course, the older doctors are always at Shideh’s back. They have been supportive of her when she decided to pursue her profession in the Philippines. Dr. Shideh co-founded the Aramesh Persian Spa and Fashion Smile Dental Clinic. She also co-owns Pizza World.
Looking back, the only thing that Dr. Wilma wants to change is spending more time with the children when they were kids. She and her husband used to work so much for their future that they did not have enough time to spend with them during their childhood. But, Dr. Wilma feels it’s not too late. Now, they take every opportunity to be together and spend more time with each other.
This Mother’s Day, Dr. Wilma remembers when her children were in grade school and they would save some of their allowance, put them together and buy her nice gifts. Today, with her children all grown up, the only gift Dr. Wilma wants is for her children to continue pursuing their dreams. And when they become parents, too, that they will give their children the same patience and understanding and help them build up their dreams.                                                                       

— Contributed by Robbie Pangilinan

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