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A night of Bach, the Beatles and possibilities that inspire

The Love and Luck: Bach vs Beatles benefit concert and the “Not About the Dog” exhibit that served as its opening act were equal parts entertaining and eye-opening. Staged by the Center for Possibilities Foundation, an NGO that works for the betterment of the lives of underprivileged children with special needs. The highlight of the concert and exhibit was brilliant, young and creative, 12-year-old Juno Santos, who is both a gifted painter and pianist. Juno also has Autism Spectrum disorder.
The exhibit was a glimpse into the workings of Juno’s unique mind. It was a series of 12 paintings of the same dog, in the same pose. The dog was a thread that tied the paintings together. It was Juno’s use of colors and patterns that made each work unique.
Juno is also an accomplished pianist, and this was on full display when he rendered a selection of advanced pieces that served as one of the concert’s highlights.
Juno is by no means the only achiever with Autism. According to the popular and established website wordsiseek.com, many prominent celebrities today such as Dan Aykroyd and Daryl Hannah have openly shared that they have been diagnosed with Autism.
While based on memoirs and historical documents, modern psychologists are of the firm belief that intellectual powerhouses such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein were all very likely on the Autism Spectrum. Who knows how many more on the autism spectrum can make great contributions to humanity given the chance?
And yet even today, children with special needs are still widely misunderstood, and the stigma associated with special needs is very real. “To change hearts and minds is the real objective of this activity,” shared Dolores Cheng, founder of the Center for Possibilities Foundation. “If we have changed the mind of just one person, then this activity has been a success,” she added.
The sad reality is that most children with special needs do not have access to the kind of intervention that has unleashed Juno’s full potential. Support systems for children with special needs in the country are grossly inadequate, more so for underprivileged children, most especially those in far -lung rural areas.
It is for this reason that Center for Possibilities has focused its efforts on building Special Education (SPED) centers for the poor in areas where access to such facilities would otherwise be impossible. With one operational center in Sagada, Mountain Province and one very much in the works in the most remote corner of Norzagaray Bulacan, The Center for Possibilities also has projects lined up in Sorsogon and Tacloban.
Love and Luck: Bach vs Beatles was a successful, well-attended event, the proceeds of which will contribute towards changing the lives not just of children with special needs, but those of their families and loved ones as well. If you missed Love and Luck: Bach vs Beatles, but would still like to contribute in some way to the many projects of Center for possibilities, go to http://centerforpossibilities.asia/.

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