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Ancestral beauty secret brings life to hair

The power of oils dates back to ancient times when they were commonly used in beauty rituals by Egyptians and Greeks. In the East, Indians used them for massages and the Chinese and Japanese extracted subtle fragrances from them for relaxation.
For centuries, oils have been known for their aromatic, medicinal and beautifying properties. Rich in lipids and vitamins, oils are used to hydrate and soften hair by forming a protective film that prevents water contained in the surface of the fiber from evaporating, thereby preserving moisture levels.
Today, plant oils are widely used in beauty salons and spas for their other intrinsic qualities to purify, regenerate and revitalize. Oils have indeed found their place in the cosmetics market as the new beauty trend now more than ever before.
For centuries, Oriental women have been mixing precious oils to get the best blend for keeping their skin and hair beautiful. Inspired by these Eastern traditions, L’Oréal Professionnel brings this ancestral beauty secret to life with a hair care product that carries its exclusive signature from Rue Royal, Paris. With powerful nutritive and protective agents, an in-demand beauty solution is now finding its way into today’s modern beauty salons with Mythic Oil.
Mythic Oil offers sublime hair care from the very first drop. Oils perceived as greasy, heavy, and sticky are now a thing in the past. Having long-lasting, smooth and shiny hair, even in high-humidity countries like the Philippines,’ is now made possible with this reinvention from L’Oréal Professionnel. You can now have a multi-sensorial experience that provides deep nourishment, intense shine and long-lasting anti-frizz protection.
Its delicate floral and fruity fragrance is also the key signature of the nourishing oil. Immediately absorbed by the hair for a lightweight feel and finish, Mythic Oil is enhanced by a combination of two oils with exceptional properties: avocado oil, known for its extraordinary nourishing properties and unique lightness, and grapeseed oil, highly concentrated in essential fatty acids and linoleic acid, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world.
As a versatile beauty solution, Mythic Oil can provide nearly everything the hair needs — softness, shine, strength and nutrition. Mythic Oil can be used in four ways: before shampooing to keep hair’s moisture, before blow-drying to protect and detangle the hair, while styling to seal your look with intense shine and even throughout the day to keep it nourished and frizz free.
Over time, the natural oils in each hair strand start to dissipate leaving the ends dry and coarse, while oils at the roots can build-up and weigh hair down. This is where the Mythic Oil in-salon rituals come in, featuring powerful oil concentrates to clarify, deeply nourish and protect color, returning hair to a balanced state. Luxurious massage techniques are used to improve product penetration and promote ultimate relaxation.
The Mythic Oil Range includes the Mythic Oil Shampoo. Inspired by the tradition of Indian oil bathing, this is the hairdresser’s secret for nourished hair with discipline and shine. Infused with fairly traded argan oil and myrrh extract,  the shampoo’s creates a luscious foam that gently cleanses and helps tame unruly and thick hair.
The Mythic Oil Rich Masque Thick Hair, infused with fairly traded argan oil and myrrh extract, is a rich buttery masque that disciplines unruly, thick hair with an instant, deep nutrition. Volume is controlled. The luxurious formula visibly improves hair’s manageability and shine.
Mythic Nourishing Oil instantly nourishes the hair for radiant shine and manageability. Infused with avocado and grape seed oils, this luxurious oil enhances any hair type. Depending on hair type, dispense one to two pumps into your hand, apply to dry or damp hair and style as usual.

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