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VIU, a leading Asian digital content provider popular for its online distribution of K-drama and K-pop shows, recently announced its full support for Globe Telecom’s anti-illegal site advocacy, #PlayItRight.
VIU country manager in the Philippines Arianne Kader-Cu said Korean drama has a huge viewer base in the country with an estimated 22.5 million Filipinos who watch online.  
“The soul of K-drama and K-pop are the Korean idols, who depend on the revenue of their projects to remain popular. We are supporting Globe #PlayItRight to protect and champion the rights of actors, staff and even the viewers of Korean content through #VIUItRight,” Kader-Cu revealed.
Globe senior vice president for Content Nikko Acosta expressed the company’s gratitude to VIU for its support for the company’s advocacy.
“Globe, with the help of its content partners like VIU, wants to send a strong message to the public to consume digital content the right way.  The support given by VIU strengthens our aim in promoting good content by using the right avenues to watch, stream or play Korean content,” Acosta said.
Kader-Cu added that #VIUItRight also encourages its millions of Korean fans to support #PlayitRight to ensure that their actors and actresses’ superstardom stays alive in the industry. “Fans are the major stakeholders in the careers of Korean acts. They are the deciding factor in whether an actor, a drama, or an idol becomes a hit. They can literally make or break careers, and their participation in accessing online content through the right channels would go a long way towards helping their favorite actors and idols achieve their dreams of stardom,” she said.
From the first Annyeonghaseyo in Bright Girl — the first Korean drama series that aired on Philippine television — in 2003 to dancing and singing to the music of popular Korean idols like Big Bang, BTS, Girls Generation and Twice, the Philippines has come a long way in its appreciation of Korean-made content.
The love affair of Filipinos with Korean content has intensified through the years with Pinoys, teens to the fortysomething, consuming everything Korean — series, films and music. Pinoy fans camp out to buy concert tickets of their favorite K-Pop bands since tickets are usually sold out on the first day. With such clamor, the Philippines has become one of the top markets for Korean content consumption.
#PlayItRight through #VIUItRight encourages Filipinos to help their Korean idols accomplish their dreams by watching content legally and rightfully.

An easier way to move money

Thursday, 22 March 2018 00:00 Published in Life Style

MoneyGram, GCash ink deal for OFWs

By Jan Milo Severo, Contributor

Skilled and professional, Filipinos may be found all over the globe working hard for their families back home. Tagged as the "bagong bayani," overseas Filipino workers contribute a large amount of remittances that helps sustain the country's domestic consumption and growth annually.
With Internet connections bridging families together, sending remittances is now easier to do using  their smartphones. MoneyGram and Mynt's mobile wallet and micropayment GCash inked a deal earlier this month in a move that promises to further improve financial inclusion in the Philippines.
Through the new united system, thousands of GCash users can now receive money from over 200 countries and territories on their mobile wallet and use the funds instantly for purchasing goods and services online.
The collaboration between GCash and MoneyGram is a powerful strategy that aligns with MoneyGram's goal to offer consumers more digital money transfer options. The MoneyGram services are especially beneficial for OFWs and their families, providing a convenient way to send remittances from all over the world.
The partnership with GCash eliminates the need for family members receiving this money to go to a MoneyGram location. They can directly receive any amount on their mobile wallet. What's more, the money they receive is readily available for purchase of goods and services online.
One million active users of GCash directly benefit as it provides a convenient solution for users who live in remote areas and those who don't have easy access to the financial system. MoneyGram's services allow them to receive money directly to their mobile wallet and use it immediately to pay for goods and services. They can buy load, pay bills, scan-to-pay using QR codes at the mall and much more.
"Aside from convenience, MoneyGram ensures that there is no additional charge to use the service, although a standard charge applies for the transfer of money out of a user's GCash wallet," Yogesh Sangle, head of Asia Pacific, Middle East and South Asia, said.
With the new partnership, MoneyGram further reinforces its promise by providing customers access to their remittances, anytime, anywhere. All they need is a simple touch of a button on their GCash app.
After completing the KYC process via GCash app, a customer can receive money directly on the mobile wallet. This is additional, convenient channel for the customers in the Philippines to receive money their way.
"Apart from sending money in person, customers can transfer funds to their families and friends online (from the US, the UK, Germany, France and Spain). In most of destinations with significant Filipino communities, they can also use an ATM or self-service kiosk to perform a transaction (such as 7-Eleven stores in Australia). MoneyGram also provides the added value of compliance, having invested in a world-class compliance platform and the services of talented experts to strengthen the integrity of their services and enhance the security of customer transactions," Sangle added.
For their part, Anthony Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of Mynt said they are excited about the strategic partnership. "Now, GCash customers can enjoy the convenience of receiving money from their families abroad directly into their GCash mobile wallet. With these funds they can buy load, pay bills, scan-to-pay using QR codes at the mall and much more. Plus, customers can enjoy exclusive incentives the more funds they receive in their GCash wallet."
To celebrate the new partnership, MoneyGram and GCash have launched a promotion that will run for three months starting March 1 . New users will receive P200 for their first transaction with the new MoneyGram service powered by the GCash app.

At 76 years old, Precy Erguiza's ultimate wish is to be able to share her beach photos on social media.
"My niece knows how to use Facebook — she dances, swims, takes photos while she is at the beach and shares them right away," said Nanay Precy, who originally hails from Surigao del Sur. "I don't know how to do that. I'd like to learn."
Nanay Precy and 23 other senior citizens from Brgy 672 in Paco, Manila, are now closer to this dream after attending the first session of the Smart Millenniors program facilitated by Smart Communications in their barangay recently.
"Millenniors" is a play on the words Millennials, who are known to be tech savvy, and seniors. The goal of the program is to teach technology to the elderly, specifically about smartphones, mobile data and social media.
Assisted by senior high students and Computer Science students from Adamson University, the new batch of Smart Millenniors learned about the basics of smartphones and mobile data. They were also able to setup their Facebook accounts and were assisted by student-volunteers in taking their selfies.
One of Nanay Precy's classmates, Bernardo "Boying" Corpuz, said smartphones will be useful for him because he has children working abroad.
"I have a sibling in Guam, and their family is already based there," said Tatay Boying, 76, a jeepney driver. "I am happy that I was taught about the basics of smartphones, and that I can now message my relatives abroad."  
Among the participants was the chair of Brgy 672, Domingo Amaro, who was a senior himself. "Like many of my fellow seniors here in the barangay, I also do not know much about smartphones," said the 64-year-old Amaro. "My grandchildren are the ones who know more about technology, and they teach me. Now that I already know a few things, with my grandkids' help, I will get better at this, too."
For one of the student volunteers, Grade 11 student Danica Tumlos, joining the Smart Millenniors session taught her and her classmates about the values of patience and empathy.
"This is the first outreach program of our student council and we had a great time. It feels good to be able to help out and share our knowledge," said 17-year-old Tumlos, who is also student council chair. "I learned that to be able to teach well, one must see from the point of view of the learner, too."
Tumlos and 15 other senior high students helped the participants in the Smart Millenniors session through the different parts of the lecture. "Technology helps improve communication. With many of our seniors having children and grandchildren working abroad, they can use these technologies to easily connect with their loved ones overseas."
"We hope that after we taught them about the basic functions of smartphones, it will be easier for them to keep up with future Millenniors sessions," she added.
"As the Smart Millenniors program reaches more seniors, we are further spreading the word that technology is for both young and old," said Smart Public Affairs head Ramon Isberto. "With the world going digital, we are working to make smartphones and mobile data accessible to all."
"With the Smart Millenniors program, Smart is reiterating its commitment to bring digital learning to everyone, regardless of age," said Stephanie Orlino, Smart Community Partnerships senior manager. "We look forward to partnering with more communities for this initiative."


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