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Film for ‘third wheels’ opens today

Yassi Pressman and Sam Milby reunite in new romcom

Director and screenwriter Ivan Andrew Payawal says the idea for the movie came from realizing that most of his friends are single parents. Feeling much like a “third wheel,” with his friends’ priorities realigning, he thought of making a romantic-comedy film about this.

Lead stars Yassi Pressman and Sam Milby reunite in Ang Pambansang Third Wheel, produced by VIVA Films and The IdeaFirst Company.
“It’s a different kind of third wheel this time,” notes Sam, who in real life is just getting through a breakup. “I have done a lot of romcoms with third wheels, but this time it is ‘child first, relationship, second.’ This is a third wheel movie that has a different aspect. I am sure a lot of single parents will be able to relate. How to prioritize is the struggle here.”
The plot is similar to many romantic comedies in Hollywood where the female character is self-aware, independent, yet still quite vulnerable to that one man she falls for. But Yassi, a girl whose time has come, would no doubt render a performance that would make Trina, a receptionist-turned-copywriter in an advertising agency, distinctly lovable.
Trina is described further as a woman with a very active imagination who believes that every person is destined to meet someone that will keep her or him company in this life’s journey. Although already in her 30s, she swears she won’t fall for a guy until she’s sure that he meets her standards. She’s had her heart broken thrice, and has long accepted the awkward status of being a third wheel to her dating friends.
As Neo, Sam plays an art director who gets partnered with Trina in an advertising project. Something about him makes her break down the wall she’s built to protect her heart. Neo admits that he has loved three women, but his revelation about having an 8-year-old son devastates Trina. To make matters worse, the boy’s mother still makes her presence felt.
Now third-wheeling between Neo and his son, does Trina stand a chance of being Neo’s “Only One”?
Playing the role of Murphy, the attention-seeking son of Neo, is the energetic Alonzo Muhlach. Monica, Neo’s ex-wife, is played by Sam Pinto.
Ang Pambansang Third Wheel is getting positive reactions from netizens because of its storyline and the chemistry between the lead stars, who both starred in the movie Camp Sawi.
Sam says he admires Yassi because she is “not only gorgeous, but goofy.”
In explaining Yassi’s character, director Payawal said, “Gusto niya s’ya iyong priority pero dahil in-accept n’ya itong lalaki na ito sa buhay n’ya, kailangan n’yang mag-adjust.” 
Sam is coming off the success of Doble Kara, an afternoon soap on ABS-CBN that ran for more than year, while Yassi is currently enjoying her role as Alyanna in Ang Probinsyano, the no. 1 teleserye on Philippine Primetime TV.
Just recently, Pressman and Milby leveled up the public’s excitement as they were caught giving free hugs around the metro.
Ang Pambansang Third Wheel opens in cinemas nationwide today, March 7.


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