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Inspiring Filipinos

Sunday, 23 October 2016 00:00 Published in Life Style

Johnnie Walker recently launched the Keep Walking Philippines campaign and called on all Filipinos to keep walking towards their greatest ambition. Held in Anima, Green Sun in Makati City, the exclusive event gathered Manila’s tastemakers, VIPs and trade partners to celebrate Johnnie Walker’s legacy of inspiring personal progress.
Through Keep Walking Philippines, Johnnie Walker aims to inspire Filipinos by highlighting incredible, real stories of heroism that have a made a positive difference in the lives of others.
“Keep Walking Philippines recognizes the ambition that sparked the great journeys of ordinary individuals we now consider modern-day heroes,” said historian and campaign consultant Ambeth Ocampo. “Being a hero doesn’t always require grand gestures, but rather the ability to inspire and provoke others to dream and make the world better.”
All of us are ordinary individuals whose journey to personal progress began with ambition. Xyza Bacani, former overseas domestic worker turned into an internationally acclaimed photographer and New York University scholar despite financial limitations; Aisa and Raphael Mijeno of SALt created an alternative power source for local communities using salt water amidst the lack of resources; and Brillante Mendoza, the Cannes-winning filmmaker, continues to reinvent Philippine cinema though often criticized for his choice of subject matter. These achievers were recognized for becoming our inspirations to stretch the limits of our ambition.
After 200 years, John Walker’s legacy of ambition is still celebrated worldwide. The brand’s “Keep Walking” mantra has been adopted and embraced globally as a rallying cry for progress and continues to inspire people from all over the world.
Johnnie Walker calls on all Filipinos to keep walking toward their dreams. The Striding Man, the logo of a man who is moving forward, was redesigned with the colors of the Philippine flag to symbolize the Filipino’s journey to pursue their ambitions and to achieve greatness as individuals and as a nation.
“Johnnie Walker recognizes the ambition of every Filipino,” said Vanee Gosiengfiao, general manager of Diageo Philippines, distributor of Johnnie Walker. “The campaign brings us together as a nation and inspires all us to keep walking towards our ambitions, no matter how daring and bold they may be.”
To bring these stories of ambition forward, Johnnie Walker produced a three-part video series that will provide Filipinos with an in-depth look into the lives of Bacani, Mendoza and the Mijeno siblings. Theirs are but only three stories of countless Filipinos who have achieved success because they followed their ambition. The videos may be viewed at Johnnie Walker’s YouTube page.
 —Jan Milo Severo, Contributor

Bringing the Konga Shaker back

Sunday, 23 October 2016 00:00 Published in Life Style

Bringing it back from the brink of extinction, whiskey brand Monkey Shoulder has re-mastered the innovative Konga Shaker.
Konga Shaker was a must-have item in the 1930s, but long became relegated to the history books as more mainstream cocktail shakers increased in popularity. This gadget has rotating handles, which allows cocktails to be made using a rolling rather than shaking motion.

Manufactured in the original design, the Monkey Shoulder Konga Shaker retains its stainless steel cylinder, red plastic handles and subtle branding on the base. However, it also features some useful modern updates, particularly to the sieve, to simplify assembly and perfect the pour. The larger size also allows between three and four cocktails to be made at one time, significantly cutting down on customer waiting time.
The distinctive cocktail shakers are set to make an appearance at top venues around the world as the unconventional Scotch brand unveils a limited quantity produced exclusively for the bartending community.
“Whilst William Grant and Sons has been making whisky for generations, Monkey Shoulder aims to take away some of the preconceptions about whisky, making it accessible and enjoyable to all. Cocktail bars should always be fun, but even they are starting to take themselves a little seriously these days. The Konga Shaker is set to change that. It represents all that’s good about cocktail making — theatre, sociability and great tasting drinks — so it made perfect sense for us to bring it back. We created multiple prototypes to perfect the final product and can’t wait to see them back behind the bar once more,” said global brand ambassador Dean Callan.
Southeast Asia ambassador Jay Gray added, “We’ve been itching to launch the Konga Shaker in the region for awhile now. I’m stoked about the enthusiastic response we’ve gotten from the local bartending community, and can’t wait for consumers to get in on the fun by trying out some pretty great cocktails at select bars in the city.”                                            — Jan Milo Severo, Contributor

The Senate has started floor debates on a bill more than doubling the public school teacher’s yearly “chalk allowance” from P1,500 to P3,500.
Sponsored on the floor last Wednesday, October 19, was Senate bill 812, which raises to P3,500 annually what is officially known as the “teaching supplies allowance.”
Authored by Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto, the bill was referred to the Senate committee on civil service chaired by fellow minority Sen. Sonny Trillanes.
It was Trillanes and Recto who delivered the bill’s sponsorship speeches. Another similar measure was filed by Sen. Win Gatchalian.
In his co-sponsorship speech, Recto said, “like anything written on the blackboard, we can erase and change the amount of our teachers’ ‘chalk allowance.’”
The allowance is given to teachers at the start of the school year for the purchase of “chalk, pens, erasers, paper and other school supplies” they use in teaching.
Recto lamented the present allocation of P1,500 translates into a “measly P7 daily budget” based on a 202-day academic year.
Increasing the allowance, Recto pointed out, would allow teachers “to expand their shopping list, to include computer and Internet-use supplies, like USBs and even occasional ‘load’ for online research.”
“In this digital age, there are computer-related supplies the teacher uses, and these must be considered in computing the supplies they need,” Recto said.
Recto conceded that even the proposed P3,500 is not enough. “I agree that it won’t personally enrich the teachers but it will somehow enrich the way they teach.”
But what is important, he stressed, “is that the embargo in adjusting the chalk allowance is lifted by congressional initiative because if it will be left to the executive to set the rate, it will remain the same.”
Recto recalled that the current P1,500 rate was the result of the amendment to the national budget he and then Senate finance committee chairman Sen. Chiz Escudero made in 2014.
He said the chalk allowance “is an overlooked item in an era when we are easily dazzled by the billions of pesos for agencies in three-trillion-peso budgets.”
“It may be a mere speck in the budget but it cannot be dismissed as unimportant. Chalks and pens, papers and cartolinas are to teachers as what bullets and combat rations are to soldiers,” Recto stressed.
“In the war against illiteracy, these are the ammos our teachers use,” he said.
Recto added increasing the chalk allowance to P3,500 will cost P2.78 billion, based on the 2017 Department of Education (DepEd) teaching workforce of 797,119.
Because P1.195 billion is already in the 2017 budget, the additional fund needed is about P1.59 billion, he explained.
Under the Recto-Trillanes bill, P1,500 will be appropriated in the DepEd budget, and the P2,000 will be shouldered by Pagcor.
“You can call it a chip-for-chalk swap. I call such an arrangement a winning combination,” Recto said.
In calling on his colleagues to approve the measure, Recto said “as chalk writings are erasable, so are the rules that peg the amount for chalk allowance.”


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