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Laser-lighting your way to health and wellness

Advances in science and technology have reached the medical field and are revolutionizing how doctors are treating the ill and how health practitioners are promoting wellness among generally healthy individuals.

Generally speaking, for instance, intravenous medications deliver liquid substances directly into one's veins via a catheter. With modern medicine, however, doctors can administer laser light therapy through people's veins as both curative and preventive measures. This medical breakthrough can treat almost 80 percent of all health problems that we have from minor dermatological conditions to enhancing sports performance, managing pain, and handling more serious cases like chronic liver disease, various types of cancer and other coronary or degenerative illnesses.
While the intravenous laser therapy may sound like a concept straight out of a science-fiction film, it is actually an innovative technology that was founded by Dr. Michael Weber.
Dr. Weber is a certified biochemist and has been practicing medicine for more than two decades in Germany. He heads three medical centers for general and internal medicine, and serves as the editor-in-chief of the International Journal for Medical Laser Applications and president of the International Society for Medical Laser Applications.
After several years of research and development in the area of medical laser therapy, Dr. Weber established his own laser therapy technology company called Weber Medical in 2003. The following year, he received funding from the German government and the European Union and enabled him to develop the world's first multichannel laser system for external pain management and another multichannel device for invasive laser therapy that uses interstitial optical fibers in bringing more laser light into low-lying tissue layers.
Soon enough, laser therapy was gaining wider acceptance and gradually becoming more popular that people with severe medical conditions go to countries where such laser facilities are available. Fortunately, Weber Medical has partnered up with Heilen (German for "heal, to make whole, save") Medical Wellness, a new clinic in Manila that offers this integrative approach to medicine and sees it as a responsibility to make this viable alternative treatment more accessible to Filipinos.
Heilen also takes pride in being the only center in the country that offers laser light therapy and hopes that their facilities can complement current medical practices and protocols.
The whole procedure starts with a full body screening using the InBody machine, which measures the body's composition, muscle-fat ratio, visceral fat level, body mass index, among many others. The result is then forwarded to the doctor, who will explain the meaning of the figures. A longer consultation ensues to check on the patient's medical history, daily lifestyle, etc. to fully assess the patient's condition and determine the appropriate therapy for him/her.
The actual laser light therapy feels a bit strange at first because I can really see that the intravenous tube is connected to the Weber laser machine that is emitting laser light into my system. Dr. Ysabella Espino, who administered the intravenous laser therapy on me, explained that each laser color deals with specific health issues. At present, there are six available laser light colors. Red stimulates one's immune system. The blue light functions as an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging mechanism. Meanwhile, when the green light enters our bloodstream, it has the tendency to increase the mitochondria or the power center in our cells by 30 to 50 percent, thereby increasing our body's energy. The yellow light increases the body's vitamin D level, which helps in producing more serotonin or the "happy hormone." These four colors went through my veins for 10 minutes each, with an intensity level of 100% for maximum effect.
Dr. Espino said that I no longer need the two other colors because I don't have any other serious medical conditions.
The infrared light, which has a penetration depth of five to seven centimeters, is used externally (non-invasive) for pain management. The infrared light can be beamed at the body's acupuncture points, just like how traditional acupuncture should be-only without using any needles. The ultraviolet light fights parasitic elements and serves as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.
I am certainly no fan of needles so it was a good thing that I was somehow distracted during the procedure by having a short consultation with the center's nutritionist to talk about my dietary habits. At the same time, another test called the ANS (autonomic nervous system) analysis is being performed on me, where a small, wearable gadget is strapped onto my chest for seven minutes. The ANS is the body's control center that regulates our organs and organ systems. It is responsible for all the organs that lie beyond our conscious control.
I am very pleased with my results especially since I work in a high-stress environment. Both my sympathetic (tension or stress system) and parasympathetic (relaxation system) nervous systems are within the green level, which means that my body can cope well with the stress level that it encounters.
The whole process takes around two to three hours depending on the person's condition and concerns. I probably can't tell the immediate effect of the intravenous laser therapy or the difference that it made on my body prior to the procedure because it is more of a preventive measure for me rather than treating an ailment. However, I can certainly say that I was able to sleep better and more comfortably and I am feeling more relaxed, but not lethargic days after the therapy. Having said that, I am anticipating the full effect of the therapy to take place in the coming weeks.
Heilen's other services include hyberbaric oxygen therapy, shockwave therapy, photodynamic therapy, insulin potentiated therapy, hyperthermia, blood ozonization, orthmolecular medicine, and personalized nutrition programs. More services are going to be offered soon, as expansion plans are on the way.

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