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Run for lifestyle debit

Are debit cards reliable for general shopping purchases? A balikbayan raised this question while paying for supermarket items.

The answer is it is relatively safer since it allows you to make purchases in the absence of cash. Counter payments, apart from debit card credit card features, are rendered without ever needing change.

But which debit card should I get? If you lean so much on social network for business, then GCash or PayMaya should be worthwhile summer travel choices. Either card can be digitally loaded from a convenience store, depending on your day cash needs. Card is telco encrypted with a real time application that keeps track real time of every purchase you make. It sends you a message detailing specific card transactions, including where purchase was made and what time payment was debited. It is interest-free so transactions are generally free of miscellaneous charges, except for money transfers.
Unionbank’s EON card incorporates military grade imaging system for easy but encrypted account access. It is the first bank to actually allow other bank cards to network with EON card for actual digital payments.
GCash and PayMaya let you withdraw now from an ATM machines. This requires a higher digital application from the app to activate physical ATM cards for security reasons, avoiding bank security fraud and data information theft.
After that level, if you are low on cash while paying for shopping items, you can simply transfer funds to your account credit in seconds. It is convenient for family budgeting since you can easily send funds for common things like your children’s allowance without getting slapped with interest and fees. It teaches minors to be more cautious with their real time expenses.
GCash and PayMaya, if your business or household leans on prepaid mobile data subscription, have the capacity to send registered loads for unlimited packages for mobile data, calls, texting and streaming. Budget travelers can lean on debit cards pin coded to one’s mobile application. It means that should your debit card get stolen, you can simply auto-deactivate card from the application, no need for call center intervention.
Should you forget the debit card, GCash and PayMaya let you pay using QR Codes. It is a scanning technology that lets you pay from phone application. Debit cards can now be used to pay for electricity, water and SSS or even tax billings through mobile on-line transactions. Payments are accepted real time, without charges, from your active debit card accounts.
Debit cards do not have expiration dates. They remain active even without funding available. It is that convenient, but safety methods suggest changing your pin code frequently to deter code’s predictability with registered transactions.
Debit cards affiliated with banks can be loaded from overseas, but Unionbank says services to dollar payments (for travelers) is in the works for EON card.
GCash and PayMaya can be used for travel expenses, perfect for frequent travelers or OFWs seeking cheaper banking transaction options from broadband-driven LTE devices.

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