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Switching to LED loosens up your tight budget

By Jan Milo Severo, Contributor

The light bulb was one of the greatest of inventions of all time. IAnd now that there is a new kind of lighting in the market that lessens energy consumption, it is the proper time to switch to LEDs.
FeiloSylvania, a leading lighting solutions company with global headquarters based in Budapest, Hungary and manufacturing locations based in China, is now in the Philippines.
A globally-trusted leader in lighting solutions, FeiloSylvania has been awarded by several industry bodies for its innovation and top-notch quality. In 2016, it received the highly-coveted Red Dot Award for Lighting Design, a testament to the superb quality and aesthetic design of its products.
“FeiloSylvania is excited to formally launch its products here in the Philippines,” Vince Adorable, country manager of Feilo Sylvania Philippines, said. “We believe that the Philippines is an exciting market to be in especially now that we are seeing phenomenal growth in the country’s real estate and construction industries.”
Very beneficial to residential home and business unit owners as they are now given more choices to do lighting upgrades, light-emitting diodes (LED) lamps and luminaires have been proven to consume at least 50 percent less energy than older types of lighting fixtures.
In addition, LED can operate longer than older types of lamps. They typically last twice as long as fluorescent lamps and eight times as long compared to incandescent bulbs. For owners of businesses and homes in the Philippines, what this means is the potential to save more money in terms of operational costs, without sacrificing quality.
This also means that using high-quality LED lights can give you brighter light at a fraction of the cost. With the lower power requirements, LED are still able to produce great illumination, with brightness that can rival or even exceed the best that older fixture types can offer.
Furthermore, the quality of light produced by LEDs remain the same throughout their lifetime, compared with other lighting fixtures where flickering and dimming commonly take place near end-life.
These qualities help ensure that LEDs remain operational at optimal capacity from first day to last, decreasing the costs associated with maintenance and the need for fixture replacements, among others. To get the most out of your LEDs, it’s best to invest in quality lighting solutions. And when it comes to quality, one name that stands out from the rest is Sylvania.

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