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The business of ‘number two’


By Ma. Glaiza Lee, Contributor

When nature calls, a toilet’s got to do what a toilet’s got to do.
But it doesn’t mean a toilet bowl has to be as unsavory as the human business.
Reality check: Whether we call it the throne, the can or the commode, a toilet can get stinky and dirty if it rarely gets the cleaning it deserves. Bathrooms can be steamy and very damp, which, unfortunately, can be a good environment for bacteria, germs, mold, mildew and other nasty things. When unchecked and uncleaned, the unpleasant smell and unavoidable dirt in the toilet can create major problems in the bathroom.
Truth is, not everyone enjoys cleaning the bathroom, much less scrubbing the commode. Heck, no one even wants to talk about cleaning the toilet. This particular area gets too much traffic, with people doing the business of number one — splashing and not aiming right — and number two — natural bodily process that can leave residue and build up over time.
But with new technology and modern products entering this particular business, we can flush our worries down the drain. LIXIL, a global leader in the housing and building industry, spans its unique product portfolio with the introduction of INAX Satis S, the the world’s most compact, fully-automated, tank-less smart toilet system.
For the past 50 years, INAX, the Japanese technology expert, has been inventing, innovating and reinventing smart toilet systems, producing modern technologies and developing the advanced sanitary ware products that enhance living spaces. Originally founded in Japan in 1924 as a ceramic tile and sanitary ware manufacturer, INAX (the name came from its founder Chozaburo Ina) has evolved into a global leader in the manufacture of tiles, building materials, and sanitary fixtures and is well-known as a pioneer of the world’s first advanced toilet seat and automatic faucet.
INAX has been developing new sanitary technologies and products, including Automage, the self- powered automatic faucet; the Hyperkilami antimicrobial technology which makes toilets highly resistant to scratches and stains, and PROGUARD technology which coats toilets with maximum protection against hard water stains and spots.
INAX revolutionizes sanitary ware technology with Aqua Ceramic, which ensures stubborn stains can easily be removed even with water alone, aiming to deliver 100 years of pristine clean and shine, and the Triple Vortex Flushing System with three powerful jets of water for superior bowl cleansing.
For their newest product, Satis S, INAX introduces its Plasmacluster Technology with ions that kill bacteria across the surface of the bowl and eliminates odors, and Airshield Deodorizer with air current prevents the odors from escaping the bowl while it removes odors completely.
The new toilet fixture has hands-free convenience with its fully automated system, having a remote control to adjust bidet water pressure, choose between front and rear cleansing, or even opt to use dryer. It has automatic seat and cover with a built-in sensor to open and close its lid whenever it detects the presence of a user, as well as automatic flushing action when the user steps away from the toilet.
When Satis was first introduced in the market in 2001, the smart toilet has been named a Good Design Gold Award and recognized as “The World’s Most Compact Shower Toilet that offers Maximum Satisfaction.”
Focused on consumer-oriented innovation and health considerations, INAX Skilled and creative design team builds innovative forms that incorporate function and usability, with designs inspired by Japan’s affinity for onsen (hot spring). The company continues to evolve and pursue advanced materials, technologies and amenities to improve people’s lives, exploring creative yet simple applications of sophisticated technologies
and finding new ways to interact with water.
With a smart toilet, you’ll surely get full satisfaction when you engage in the business of number two.



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