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Former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima last Friday entered a “not guilty” plea to his perjury charges over his alleged omission of properties in his Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) for eight years.
The former PNP chief entered his “not guilty” plea before the Sandiganbayan Second Division for eight counts of perjury, as defined and penalized under Article 183 of the Revised Penal Code.
The Office of the Ombudsman has accused Purisima of deliberately failing to declare real properties and firearms in his SALN for years 2006 to 2009 and from 2011 to 2014.
Such properties consist of a property of his wife, Maria Ramona Lydia Purisima, covered under Certificate of Land Ownership (CLOA) no. CA-25916, in his SALN for 2006 and 2007.
Two more properties of Mrs. Purisima with CLOA no. VOS-28452 and a property acquired through a deed of donation dated May 12, 2008 and Purisima’s own property under CLOA no. VOS-28012 were all also allegedly omitted in the succeeding SALNs.
The former PNP Chief also purportedly failed to include an HPRFL BMSTR 223 firearm and an STI 40 pistol in his SALN for 2011.
The list also included a CZ 9MM SPO1 Shadow firearm and an HPRFL UDMC 556 in the SALN for 2012 and 2013, respectively. 

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No MRT operation during Holy Week break

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi reiterated on Friday that the Department of Energy (DoE) must ensure resiliency and energy service immediately after an emergency situation such as an earthquake.
At a press conference held Friday at the DoE office in Bonifacio Global City, Cusi cited that as the country prepares for “The Big One” or a magnitude 7.2 earthquake, the DoE and the whole energy sector must enhance resiliency and plan ahead.
He noted that the magnitude 6.5 earthquake that hit Visayas last year had shown the vulnerability of the country’s energy systems to earthquakes.
This incident had affected the electricity supply in Leyte, Samar, and Bohol, according to Cusi.
“In an event like this, the department’s task is to ensure that energy services are restored at the soonest possible time. We need all available tools and technologies to enhance our resiliency planning and implementation,” Cusi emphasized. 

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Transport group head shot dead in Malabon

The Northern Police District (NPD) yesterday ordered the Malabon City police to dig deeper into the killing of a president of a jeepney drivers’ association who was shot dead by one of three men Friday night.
NPD director Chief Supt. Amando Clifton Empiso told reporters that he immediately instructed the city police to get into the bottom of the murder of Jerry Adolfo, 52, president of Sangandaan-Panghulo-Polo Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association and a Caloocan City resident.
Case officer PO2 Aaron Blanco said the victim died on the spot from a single bullet wound in the head.
Initial reports showed that Adolfo was driving a passenger jeepney (PVC-484) and was traversing along M.H. del Pilar St., Barangay Tinajeros around 7:57 p.m. when one of the three men, who posed as passengers, sat behind the victim.
Upon reaching in front of SME Child Development Center, one of them pulled out an unknown caliber of firearm and shot him once in the head at close range.
Other passengers, who witnessed the murder, hurriedly alighted from the vehicle while the perpetrators fled toward Kaingin Alley and made good their escape.
Responding cops recovered an empty shell from a still unverified caliber at the crime scene, reports said.
Police learned from one of the members of the transport group that Adolfo was the third president of their association killed in the past couple of years. 

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5 new Customs execs assume posts

Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña has appointed four new district collectors as part of the major reshuffle in the bureau.
Carmelita “Mimel” Talusan, former district collector of Port of Subic, formally assumed as the new district collector of Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Friday. She replaced former collector lawyer Vincent Philip Maronilla.
Lawyers Ma. Liza Sebastian of the Revenue Collection Monitoring Group and Lyceo Martinez of Compliance Monitoring Unit were also appointed as district collector of Port of Surigao and Port of Zamboanga, respectively.
They replaced the former Surigao collector Lilibeth Mangsal and Zamboanga collector lawyer Jesus Balmores. Mangsal is the new acting deputy collector for operations of Port of Cebu.
The bureau chief said the former collectors were relieved after failing to meet the February target collection.
Lapena earlier issued a strict directive to intensify collection performance and ordered the relief of district collectors who will not reach the February target.
A total of 14 of the 17 collection districts have exceeded the target which resulted in a collection of P43.674 billion against the P41.709 billion target last month, or a surplus of P1.965 billion.
Meanwhile, former NAIA Deputy Collector for Passenger Services Arsenia Ilagan has officially assumed as district collector of Port of Legazpi, replacing former collector lawyer Ma. Lourdes Mangaoang.
Mangaoang is now the NAIA Deputy collector for Passenger Services.
“Her (Mangaoang) assumption in NAIA as deputy collector is not due to poor performance in revenue collection but for her to take a bigger responsibility,” Lapeña said in a statement.
Mangaoang’s reassignment to NAIA Passenger Service is expected to boost the revenue collection of the port.
The Customs chief also swore into office Director Jessie Cardona of the Anti-Terrorism Council Program Management Center as head of the bureau’s Account Management Office.
“He is one of my trusted men in the public service and I know he will resolve the issues in the Account Management Office in no time,” Lapena said. 

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House body okays funding for nutrition program

The House of Representatives’ appropriations committee has approved the funding provisions of a measure institutionalizing the Barangay Integrated Development Approach for Nutrition Improvement (BIDANI) program, its chairman said on Friday.
Davao City Rep. Karlo Nograles said the unnumbered substitute bill aims to encourage cooperation and participation of academic institutions and local government units (LGUs) in promoting the country’s nutritional well-being, especially through the rural poor.
Nograles highlighted that the “often-shelved” measure has prospered during the Duterte administration.
“As a former local chief executive, President Duterte knows very well the disadvantages that poor people from the countryside have to endure on a daily basis. This includes malnutrition. The BIDANI program will help even the playing field in this regard,” Nograles said.
Under the bill, the BIDANI program will be established as a nutrition-in-development research program involving state universities and colleges (SUCs). It will be focused on helping the national government improve the nutrition and general well-being of the poor.
He said the panel amended the budgetary provision of the measure, which now states that the amount necessary for the implementation of the BIDANI linkage program shall be included in the budget of participating SUCs in the annual General Appropriations Act.
He noted that the participating community colleges in the BIDANI linkage program would source their funding from their respective LGUs.
“Participating SUCs/community colleges may also get funds, donations and other forms of financial support from foreign and local individuals, institutions, and governments for the purpose of the program,” he added.
The measure aims to develop among SUCs an effective action-research network program that will improve the nutrition and general well-being of the rural poor, thereby assisting in the development of local communities.
The BIDANI program is also meant to enhance the productivity and employability of the rural poor by improving rural poor families’ nutrition and life status. 

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Navotas mayor refutes reports of sinking vessel with score of people killed

There was no truth on reports that spread all over the city about more than a dozen of individuals who got killed after a fishing vessel tilted and sank in coastal area, Navotas Mayor John Rey Tiangco said on Friday.

What really had occurred was a minor incident that took place along the river in Barangay Tanza when a huge barge which was scheduled for repair in a shipyard crashed into two fishing bancas when the cable attached to the vessel loosened up while being pulled into a dry dock.
“Habang isinasampa yung vessel, nalagot yung kable kaya umatras yung vessel at habang umaatras, tinamaan pa yung dalawang bangka,” Tiangco told the Camanava Press Corps.
One of the fishermen, identified only as certain Rudy was able to jump to the river when he noticed that the barge was about to crash into his boat. He suffered minor bruises and contusion in the back and side of his body while two fishing boats docked in the area were totally damaged.
The huge barge also hit the concrete dike in the area causing undetermined amount of damage while the owner of the shipyard, the R & LT Shipyard and Realty Development Corp, said they will shoulder all the expenses, including the hospital bill of the injured fisherman and the damage to public and private properties.
In other development, Tiangco announced that the local government had hosted the nation-wide celebration of the 15th National Buntis Day and crowned the city’s Reynang Buntis 2018.
Tiangco has urged pregnant women to take advantage of the services offered at the Navotas City Hospital and barangay health centers.
“Good health is an investment to a good future. Monthly check-ups, appropriate nutrition, healthy lifestyle are simple steps that you can do to ensure the well-being of your children,” he said.
Expecting mothers present at the event were also given medical consultations, laboratory assessments such as blood typing and blood sugar test, and ultrasound scanning.
The city government said Armie Marcelino from the Barangay North Bay Boulevard North was crowned the first-ever Reynang Buntis 2018 while Barangay Sipac-Almacen’s Arleend Perez and Barangay Navotas East’s Shirley de los Reyes won first and second runners-up, respectively.
Winners received cribs and foldable mattresses, diapers, cash prizes and trophies, while hospital packages, baby clothes, baby bags and baby starter kits were given to all candidates.

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Over 2K PUVs apprehended in anti-smoke belching drive

The Inter-Agency Council on Traffic (I-ACT) has apprehended more than 2,000 dilapidated and smoke belching public utility vehicles (PUVs) in line with its ongoing “Tanggal Bulok Tanggal Usok” (TBTU) campaign.
A total of 2,321 PUVs had been apprehended for violating road and traffic guidelines since the TBTU drive started from January to March 13.
The I-ACT has issued a total of 502 subpoena orders to PUV drivers due to smoke belching and 1,668 citation tickets for defective parts and other similar violations.
More than a hundred colorum and illegally franchise PUVs were impounded during the TBTU initiative.
A total of 25,381 passengers availed of the “free rides” that were deployed in areas where the TBTU operations are being conducted.
I-ACT has expanded its operations to nearby provinces of Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, and Rizal-as vehicular congestion in these areas has contributed to the gridlocks in the metropolis.
Under the TBTU campaign, the council inspects the PUVs’ body (appearance), engine, lights, brakes, tires, horn, battery, and smoke emission to check their roadworthiness. Failure to pass the roadworthiness test will result in the suspension of the PUV franchises and impounding of the units.
Meanwhile, the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) will suspend its operations from Holy Wednesday, March 28, 2018 until Easter Sunday, April 1, for maintenance activities of the rail system.
In a media advisory on Friday, the MRT-3 management said that the railway system will have its normal operations on Holy Tuesday with its resumption on Monday after the five day suspension.
The Department of Transportation has earlier said that it aims to increase the number of running trains in MRT-3 to 15 by April once the railway management concludes the maintenance work.
The railway system has reached 11 running trains yesterday and has been running on ten trains since early this month.
The MRT-3 management attributed the improvement in the operations to the arrival of spare parts starting last month which resulted to the increase in the number of operational trains. 

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DoJ hit for junking raps vs drug dealers

Rise Up for Life and for Rights (RULR) has scored the Department of Justice (DoJ) for junking criminal charges against confessed drug dealers, fueling speculations the Duterte regime is going soft on drug lords.
RULR spokesman Fr. Gilbert Billena, O.Carm., said on the night of Thursday, March 15, 2018, while confessed drug lords were treated royally, the more than 3,000 fatalities in official police anti-drug operations and the 16,000 people whose killings were listed as only “deaths under investigation” were never charged, prosecuted and convicted.
“We, advocates of human rights and families of victims of drug-related killings, are shocked that while bodies of victims of recent drug-related killings continue to pile up on top of the thousand others during the implementation of Oplans Double Barrel and Double Barrel Reloaded, confessed drug lords and others implicated in big-time drug cases can now go scot-free,” Billena protested.
“We are even more angered when news came out that charges against Kerwin Espinosa and Peter Lim were dismissed ‘due to lack of evidence.’ Despite Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre’s recent statements maneuvering his department’s highly-criticized decision to drop the charges against the named personalities, he stands by the acceptability of the grounds cited in the decision. This only goes to show that ‘due process’ and meticulous decision-making can always be accorded to the likes of Espinosa but not for the street-level suspected drug offenders who get killed with impunity everyday,” the RULR leader maintained.
“We find it ridiculous and it is obvious that the administration, both the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the prosecution, are slow as a snail in prosecuting drug personalities who earn millions from the drug trade but are always too fast and overzealous in jailing and assassinating the poor. Moreover, they cut some slack on the police and other elements charged with murdering drug suspects. However, Duterte, Aguirre and the police are quick and always ready in dismissing our cry for justice and vilifying the families of the victims,” Billena added.
“We challenge Duterte and Aguirre to stop taunting us and make good on their daily pledge to genuinely address the drug menace in the country. They cannot solve the problem by abetting corruption at all levels of government, from the police to the DoJ and to Malacanang. Worse, they are not even doing anything to solve widespread poverty,” Billena said.

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Assessment of cyber security policy vis-a-vis nat’l ID scheme sought

Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III yesterday stressed the need for a “tight, effective and comprehensive cyber security policy” amid the Upper House’s passage on second reading of the bill seeking to establish a national ID system.
“It’s crucial for the effective implementation of a national ID system that we formulate a comprehensive cyber security policy that’s spread among the various state agencies tasked with defending and ensuring the integrity of government online information and our citizen’s private online data. If that data is compromised, then we will have problems with the ID system because sensitive information is stored online,” he said.
Pimentel called on the PNP, DND, DoJ, DICT, DoST and other relevant agencies to assess “first, what would be the national policy on cyber security and, second, do we have the tools and technology to ensure that such policy is carried out.”
Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Secretary Benjamin Diokno, meanwhile, expressed hope that the ID system would be passed into law before the Easter break or before this month ends.
“I’m hopeful that the bill will be passed into law as early as next week,” Diokno told a press conference.
For his part, Pimentel stressed that beyond the national ID scheme, there’s an urgent need to have a national cyber security plan in place.
“We’re also just not talking about protecting sensitive government data like our GSIS, SSS and PhilHeath databases or securing election results from domestic or foreign hackers. Let’s not forget that in March 2016, there was reported hacking of the Comelec’s voter database which prompted the agency to seek the assistance of the DoST and the National Privacy Commission,” he said.
“In addition to sensitive state data, an equally-important aspect of the cyber policy is government having the capability to assist the private sector in cyber concerns when asked to,” he added.
Pimentel noted that electronic commerce or e-commerce reached $1.491 billion in revenues last 2018. An estimated 30 million Filipinos engaged in at least one commercial transaction over the Internet last year.
“In short, if a private citizen approaches the NBI or PNP and seeks some form of cyber assistance, whether it’s cyber stalking, posting inappropriate photos or failed personal commercial transactions online, these agencies should be able to provide it,” he said.
Pimentel noted that apart from the NBI, which has its Cyber Crime Unit, the DICT has a similar unit which in fact released its Cyber Security Plan in 2017.
“Capability-building and cooperation among government agencies should ensure that we have a stable and reliable cyber policy on hand. A national ID system or a robust e-commerce sector, for that matter, would be useless if we do not have the means to protect sensitive data,” Pimentel stressed.

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Roque: Yes, I want to run for senator but I have no money

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque yesterday admitted he wants to run for senator but has no financial machinery to raise some P500 million for the 2019 mid-term elections campaign.
“Do I want to run? Yes, I do. But the reality is, 14 months from now, you need 500 million (pesos). That’s minimum,” Roque said in a Mindavote Live interview in Davao City.
He said he is thankful to President Duterte for expressing support to his possible senatorial bid.
“I’m so thankful to our President. But the real problem is I have no money,” he said, adding 14 months are not enough for him to raise funds for TV ads that are crucial to a candidate’s winnability.
“I have no illusions. I know I was born a normal person. I know that possibly I would need more time if I want to raise that money. Anyway, there is still another chance,” Roque said.
He further said he is disappointed with the country’s “political system” wherein rich candidates are allowed to spend so much money that would assure their victory in the polls.
“Candidates should not be allowed to spend so much in an election because it would mean that only rich candidates or those who are supported by individuals investing in politics can run in election,” the former party-list representative said.
He added election campaigns should focus on the candidates’ ability to answer all questions “so that we can get the best to lead our country.”
For now, Roque said he wants to concentrate on his task as spokesman for the President.
Roque, an international law expert, is also the concurrent presidential adviser on human rights. 

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