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Kymco user interface technology

“Kymco place’s rider in the center of everything with Noodoe”

Photos by Bam Olivares

KYMCO PHILIPPINES a 100% subsidiary of KYMCO Taiwan, one of the World’s leading manufacturer of Scooters and Maxi scooters finally launches the user interface system that places the scooter riders in the center of everything, Facebook updates, weather reports, news and even a radar that tracks your riding mates are part of the futuristic smart instrument panel on the new KYMCO Scooters and Maxi scooter such as KYMCO’s Flagship Model AK550 now made available to other Newly launched Models Like the Popular Old school Model KYMCO Like 150i ABS 4V engine E4, The Modern Retro Scooter People S 150 Fi ABS 16” 150cc 4V engine E4, The New Sporty Fi Maxi Scooter ABS XCITING 300I and of course the noodoe version of KYMCO’s 300 Fi ABS Maxi Touring Scooter XTown.
What’s more on the “noodoe” dashboard, It also allows you to edit the Dash Board based on your personal taste by placing your favorite photo, lets you to answer Calls via Blue tooth head set ,tracks missed calls and text messages, directs you to the nearest fuel stop and can be personalized with colors and vital information such as weather updates,
The smartphone Internet connectivity via Bluetooth and GPS make your Scooter online so that it can alert you to weather warnings, the latest news, social media updates and messages via SMS or WhatsApp. While some would suggest and think that this might be distracting, the user can actually program what basic features, views and information one would want to view and exclude others that one think is unimportant.
One of the most exciting features is the GPS locator that tracks and shows the exact distance and location where you’re riding buddies are.
It’s like a traffic radar viewer screen on fascinating display named as the “noodoe Cloud” which tracks other online scooter with the same feature. You can also use the noodoe to find your scooter when you’re lost at the carpark, or even view your scooter of its latest location on your last online or pairing this might be the answer for stolen scooter.
What is more interesting is KYMCO Philippines re-direction of its major Product line up a taxing and critical move that would further promote the growth of scooter to the next Maxi Level which is dubbed as “KYMCO EXPERIENCE”
These are the main focal point of every KYMCO Scooter and Maxi Scooter being introduced in the Philippine market since October of 2017.
Long Ride Comfort Features Like Back rest seat design on Touring Scooters, Good and better handling on all scooter models, Visor to ease the flow of air on riders face during usage and of course the great riding experience of eliminating shifting of gears.
Connectivity and Mobility…never experience low bat with the availability of USB charging port…connectivity with your favorite app with KYMCO noodoe ..Interact with KYMCO noodoe by personalizing its features and now never miss an important call or text messages while travelling and riding KYMCO Scooters.
Safer by having the most advanced and Full ABS system…never crash or eliminate the mishandling when one is in between the vertical road gaps with wider and thicker tire “a true KYMCO signature in every scooters”
Thrills and Excitement aggressive and sporty design , promotes individuality ,sports bike banking experience on Maxi and Sporty Scooters, high environmental impact due to advance emission system E4
These are the Basic Features that can be found with KYMCO’s Newest Model such as LIKE 150i 4V ABS, People S 150 4V ABS, Xciting 300i ABS , XTown 300Fi ABS noodoe Series, Xciting 400i ABS and AK 550 Fi ABS Now available in the Philippine Market starting 07.2018.

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