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Army always open to peaceful conflict resolution with NPA

The Philippine Army (PA) is always open to settle the ongoing conflict with the New People’s Army (NPA) peacefully.
This was stressed by PA spokesperson Lt. Col. Louie Villanueva after President Rodrigo Duterte earlier said he would pursue efforts for peace with the enemies of the states including communist rebels despite his decision to terminate talks with them last year.
“The PA, we are the forces on the ground, the interest to reach a settlement of this issue is always there. In the first place, it’s always us who are in the verge of conflict, we are the ones who are always affected by this conflict and if this will push through, it will be a good development,” he added.
But Villanueva said that the NPAs should show sincerity and fully comply with the ceasefire once it is in place.
Duterte, on Nov. 23 signed Proclamation 30, ordering the termination of all peace negotiations and meetings with the rebel group.
The termination was an off-shoot of the rebel atrocity and other acts of violence against civilians, and security forces. 

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