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‘Dictator Rody’ draws mixed Senate reactions

President Duterte’s admission on enforcing a dictatorial style of leadership drew mixed reaction from senators.

While there are those considered allies of the President dismissed as mere exaggeration his latest statements, Sen. Panfilo Lacson expressed belief that such pronouncements would only do harm to the Chief Executive.
This especially as there is a looming inquiry to be carried out by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague on his alleged crimes against humanity over deaths in his drug war.
“Those are words that won’t help his present issue with the ICC,” the senator said.
“He is, of course, exaggerating since we all know there is no dictatorship prevailing in the country,” Lacson said.
Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III practically gave his stamp of approval to the dictatorial style of leadership of President Duterte.
Pimentel, yesterday, even egged the President to “super strict,” to ensure that the country would make progress under his stewardship.
The Senate chief and president of Duterte’s political party, PDP-Laban, downplayed the Chief Executive’s recent statements where he admitted employing dictatorial style of governance.
“Style lang naman ‘yun (That was his style),” Pimentel said in a text message to reporters, adding that the President “can and should do that within his branch, the Executive branch.”
Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III also stood in approval of the President’s iron-fist approach in running the affairs of the government, if only he could instill discipline to those discipline to the public.
“Dapat nga siguro (ganun) dahil ang titigas ng ulo natin. Mga driver lang puro salbahe (Maybe it should be that way because we are stubborn. Most drivers are rude),” Sotto commented.
Sotto, despite his being a senator, drives daily his own car to and from the Senate and even during his out-of-town commitments.
He has been vocal against irresponsible and reckless motorists and has once said that Filipino drivers who do not follow traffic rules contribute to the worsening congestion on the country’s roads.
Lacson said the President must be referring to his style of leadership toward his subalterns in the Executive.
“In a way, if I were a leader of men as I was when I was still with the police service, it pays to adopt that leadership style, to the point of being a dictator when dealing with shenanigans in the government bureaucracy. But, it pays more when a leader adopts only one standard, not double or triple in exercising dictatorial leadership, lest it will never be effective,” Lacson said.
The President’s critic, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, asked what Duterte has achieved so far, in response to President’s claims that the kind of leadership he has been employing is for the good of the country.
“Bakit? Wala pa naman magandang nangyayari pagkatapos ng two years na dictatorial style nya (Why? Nothing good has changed after two years of his dictatorial style of leadership),” the senator claimed in a text message to reporters.
Duterte on Wednesday slammed those who have called him a dictator, fascist and puppet of the United States government.
“When did I become a puppet of the Americans?” he asked.
The President reiterated that he has no intentions of becoming a dictator, “but if you say dictator, I will be dictator because if I will not be a dictator, nothing will happen in this country.”
“I had to. Besides, you have chosen me as your President. Why won’t you follow me when my dreams are all for you?” Duterte said.

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  • joe

    Why not removed Trililing in the Senate, he is a useless Senator. He should be put back in jail. Wala namang nagagawa ang taong ito kundi paninira lang ng bansa natin. Kaming mga OFW's are proud to be a Filipino but this guy paninira lang ng bansa natin. I was watching his interview and according to him, his kids had been vaccinated with that dengvaxia. How true is it? He is a very big liar and one of the sources of fake news.

    joe Thursday, 15 February 2018 13:04 Comment Link

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